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Picture This: Display at NSCA 2006  
By Jeff Sauer
For video and display system contractors, there's probably no bigger carrot dangling out there in the marketplace than digital signage. As overhyped as it might have been over the last few years (and perhaps still is...

Lakewood Church Chooses Gepco for Video and Audio Cable Installation 

Installation Profile:
HGTV's Dream Home 2005
By Linda Seid Frembess
For the past nine years, Home & Garden Television (HGTV) has designed and built a fully furnished home (dubbed the Dream Home) for the sole purpose of giving it away to one fortunate viewer. As this annual...

Fiber vs. Copper  
By Bennett Liles
Is there actually a conflict between conveyance media? Listening to the traditional rhetoric, one might think that there is a war going on...

Security Watch:
Out with the Old
By Steve Filippini
I recently bought a new laptop to replace the old one I've been lugging around for the last few years. After the purchase, ...

Daystar TV Tunes Into Gepco to Meet Audio/Video Cable Needs 

AV's Custom Cable Infrastructures Save Systems Contractors Time and Money announced its decision to extend its product line to include custom-built, pre-assembled cable infrastructures. “Systems contractors today want to streamline their installation process and eliminate complex signal distribution fieldwork as much as possible,” says company president, Jim Woodier. “By hiring AVCable to develop pre-assembled 'plug-and-play' cabling networks, our clients are able to realize significant savings in terms of time and labor and reduced errors in the field.” ...

The IP opportunity 
By Tom Corbett
IP connectivity is the next big feature of the newer audio and video products. Trade shows are abuzz with words like "IP" and "network capable." ...

Ready for more complexity? 

Focusing on video displays as just one element of a complete, networked data management and display environment presents opportunities for smart integrators. ...

The Buzz:
Install of the Month
By Trevor Boyer
FedExForum Memphis, Tenn. Grizzly Cable Pull No team in the National Basketball Association enjoyed as much improvement in the 2003-2004 season as the...

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