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Top 10 Interesting Christmas Movies for the Home Theater 
By Jason Bovberg
If you're like me, you love to fill your holidays with interesting movies....

5 Tips for a Successful Black Friday 
By Jason Bovberg
It’s that time of year for bargain consumers of all kinds—but particularly for consumers of electronics. ...

Why 3D Home Theater Will (and Should) Fail 
By Jason Bovberg
Just like the 3D boom of the 1980s, excitement has quickly turned to boredom, due mostly to overexposure and a frustrating mishandling of the technology. ...

10 Fantastic Blu-ray Demo Scenes 
By Jason Bovberg
A selection of some of the best Blu-ray demo material....

5 Strategies for Blu-ray Collecting and DVD Retiring 
By Jason Bovberg
A sensible strategy for both collecting new-format media and retiring the old-school media....

Five Ways to Make Your Home Theater Better Than the Rest 
By Jason Bovberg
Now that I’ve been enjoying my theater for more than a year, here are five aspects about it that I’m most proud of....

The Price of Blu-ray Perfection 
By Jason Bovberg
We’ve come to a point at which high-definition video is offering something of a “cinephile’s dilemma.” ...

Get Your Career into Gear with CEDIA University Boot Camp 

If you already have basic knowledge of home theater setup, CEDIA’s Home Theater Boot Camp in Indianapolis is a great opportunity for you to master the skills required to complete a home theater project...

Home Theater as Revival House 
By Jason Bovberg
With the rise of home theater, revival houses have almost completely lost their appeal and reason for existence. ...

Top 10 Blu-ray Demos 
By Jason Bovberg
Like many people new to high-definition home theater, you’re eager to show off your new system to its fullest potential. ...

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