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Home Theater as Revival House 
By Jason Bovberg
With the rise of home theater, revival houses have almost completely lost their appeal and reason for existence. ...

Top 10 Blu-ray Demos 
By Jason Bovberg
Like many people new to high-definition home theater, you’re eager to show off your new system to its fullest potential. ...

3D Tech and AV 

Ever since the first patent was filed in the late 1890s, 3D technology has fascinated movie-goers with the promise of a truly 3D experience on film. ...

A 3D Home Theater? 
By Jason Bovberg
Why is 3D so difficult to achieve on our screens?...

'Tis the Xbox 360 Season 
By Jason Bovberg
It seems that every November, I experience a reawakening of my passion for all things Xbox 360. ...

Enhancing the Grain 
By Jason Bovberg
I was talking to a friend the other day about the steady rise of Blu-ray in the home video market. ...

Blu-Ray: It's Also About the Sound 
By Jason Bovberg
Blu-ray has really enhanced my appreciation for sound quality....

Real-world Projector Considerations 
By Jason Bovberg
For my recent home-theater build, I decided to take the plunge into the front-projection market. ...

Building a Home Theater Picture Gallery 

From start to finish, see this home theater....

Building a Home Theater, Part 6 
By Jason Bovberg
The theater is finished. ...

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