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Building a New Home Theater, Part 5 
By Jason Bovberg
I'm 10 days away from my first screening in this theater...

Building a Home Theater, Part 4 
By Jason Bovberg
After the flurry of last month's construction activity in the home theater, things have slowed down enough so that I can really start visualizing—and planning for—what will be a finished screening room...

Building a New Home Theater, Part 3 
By Jason Bovberg
My theater is about halfway done...

Building a New Home Theater, Part 2 
By Jason Bovberg
Past experience guides my current home theater install...

Building a New Home Theater 
By Jason Bovberg
Follow this basement home-theater makeover....

Upgrading from DVD to Blu-ray: The Movie Collector's Dilemma 
By Jason Bovberg
If you're like me, your movie collecting really began in earnest with the introduction of the DVD format...

Positioning the Xbox in the Center of Your Networked Home 
By Jason Bovberg
I've been playing a lot with my Xbox 360 lately, mostly because...

Real-world LCD vs. Plasma Comparison Shopping  
By Jason Bovberg
I recently helped a friend shop for a new flatpanel monitor for his living room. We spent many hours online and at various consumer-electronics stores, trying to determine which would better serve him—LCD or plasma. We got all kinds of opinions and tested all sorts of source material...

What Happened to the Music? 
By Jason Bovberg
We're still in the midst of the iPod revolution...

Blu-ray Is Worth Fighting For 
By Jason Bovberg
I’ve watched the next-generation DVD format war unfold with great interest. The conflict—which amounted to a couple years of hostile sniping and maneuvering—had many of us on the edge of our seats. ...

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