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Tools for Corporate Video Asset Management, Part 2

Oct 9, 2008 10:20 AM, By Jessaca Gutierrez

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Tools for Corporate Video Asset Management, Part 1

Consumer consumption of video content had to come first before the corporate world could grasp what it could mean for the professional market. As the consumer content creation and consumption market has exploded, it has driven the pro side to action. Manufacturers are toying and tooling products on the pro side to address video needs there. Content creation isn’t new to the pro side by any means, considering Presenter for ForeThought released version 1.0 of PowerPoint in 1987. This created what was just the beginning of the professional presentation media. From there, business content creation has morphed into videoconferencing, webcasting, and other internal and external video products. What is new, however, is the development of a professional infrastructure to handle the mass. Corporations are beginning to brainstorm what their video infrastructure and workflow needs are, which is no easy task when no two corporations may have the same need, leading to many custom solutions.

“The market of video in the professional/business environment is still in its early stages,” says streaming media developer Vividas’ CEO Iain Molland. “The demand and opportunity for professional video is still evolving and developing. Furthermore, the drivers for the ultimate market are commercial, and the commercial models are still being worked out. I would say the major change from over a year ago is that the market has some direction, and general business following is being established. Still, there is no precise model being adopted, but generally, businesses are developing businesses around advertising, sponsorship, pay-per-view, or a combination of all three. As these models take shape and gather momentum, the market will continue to develop, and more importantly, the advertising, sponsorship revenues, and business revenues will continue to fund the market.”

At Norris Design, a planning and architecture firm that was started in Denver and now has offices in Chicago; Frisco, Colo.; Phoenix; and Tucson, Ariz., client presentation has played a central role in the company’s business. Norris Design’s content ranges from print media to PowerPoint presentations, and now even video. Within the last two years, the company has grown its video media. “Over the last 10 years, video has been utilized on an as-needed basis when specific projects require a relevant video application. Within the last 2 years, we have recognized that video and motion graphics will play a larger role in the type of presentation and documentation work we will be doing in the future,” says Sean Malone, principal at Norris Design. “With the expansion of our company to other cities and states, we have also found that recording company meetings and internal presentations for the other offices has been a way to maintain a cultural connection across the company.”

Norris began its video career, the company shot with a Hi8 camera and used a high-end workstation for editing, but as it number of video projects increased and better resolution was needed, the company started shooting on a Canon GL1 MiniDV camera. “Around two years ago, we started developing animation graphics using [Autodesk] 3ds Max and Adobe Premier and After Effects,” he says. “The quality and effectiveness of the resulting work resulted in an increased demand for these services. Recognizing that we could differentiate our firm from the competition with these new capabilities, we committed more resources and infrastructure to our efforts. We now have a Canon HX A1 for video recording, four 3D animators, and a dedicated motion graphics/video editing member on our staff. They all work off custom-built quad-core workstations with an 80 processor render farm.”

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