InfoComm Pick Hits 2006

InfoComm Pick Hits 2006

Jul 1, 2006 12:00 PM,
Staff Report

Innovative products at InfoComm 2006 receive recognition.

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During InfoComm 2006, Sound & Video Contractor's judges patrolled the show floor at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., looking for new products deserving of Pick Hit awards.

What makes a product Pick Hit-worthy? Well, first, it has to be new, and real. That means the product hasn't been shown at any previous InfoComm shows; it's shown on the show floor at InfoComm 2006 as a real product (not as a technology demo); and it's set to ship in 2006. But more importantly, the product must be technologically innovative, allowing systems contractors to achieve more for their clients — often at lower price points than ever before. Also, Pick Hits often offer new ways to make system integrators' jobs easier.

Thanks to our judges for their participation: Jack Kontney, industry consultant and contributing editor; Jeff Sauer, contributing editor; Mark Johnson, senior contributing editor for audio; Bill Schuermann, senior project consultant for HFP Acoustical, Houston; Michael Goldman, editor; and Trevor Boyer, video technology editor. Without further ado, here are our Pick Hit award winners for InfoComm 2006.


3M Digital Media System 700

For tight spaces, or to simply prevent a speaker from walking through a projector's light path, 3M's new Digital Media System 700 offers a serious short-throw distance. Achieving this through optics and HQV image-wrapping technology rather than curved mirrors, the 700 can project a 50in. diagonal image at a projection distance of just 19.4in.

AMX VisualArchitect

VisualArchitect is designed to reduce the time to complete single master jobs, says AMX. VisualArchitect is a design platform that combines a sales vehicle, a system design tool, a visual programming environment, and an installation guide in a single software application. It's based on a drag-and-drop interface — the designer drops icons of manufacturers' products into a work area to create a single- or multi-room system that runs on an AMX master controller.

Aviom Pro64

Aviom is preparing to unleash the next wave in low-latency, bidirectional audio networking. Pro64 uses the Aviom A-Net protocol over Cat-5e cables to address audio-specific issues like system latency and clock jitter beyond the limits of Ethernet streaming. Powered by new, audio-specific custom chips, Pro64 will comprise a suite of products designed to operate in a true network, allowing 64 channels to stream in both directions, any of which can be accessed from any node in the network at any time.

Barco FLM HD18

Both Christie Digital and Barco debuted new video-centric 1920

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