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The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: The Grove Community Church, Riverside, Calif.

Jul 1, 2008 12:00 PM, Staff Report

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Grove Community Church JBL Professional loudspeakers, QSC PLX2, PowerLight Series amplifiers

Because The Grove Community Church in Riverside, Calif., hosts a wide range of events—from weekend services with a large band and vocal team to full Broadway-style musicals to large holiday events—its AV system had to be robust. CCI Solutions specified a range of JBL Professional loudspeakers along with QSC PLX2 and PowerLight Series amplifiers to ensure the message could be heard.

Beginning modestly in 1925 out of a large tent in Riverside, Calif., The Grove Community Church has evolved into one of the largest houses of worship in the area, changing locations several times to accommodate its growing congregation. Today, a new 36-acre campus in the Orangecrest neighborhood of Riverside hosts several buildings — the most predominant of which is its main sanctuary, which holds 1,700 people.

The Grove Community Church has long been known for its contemporary worship format, featuring a blend of modern Christian rock songs and traditional hymns. The church is equally distinguished for its wide range of events — such as weekend services with a large band and vocal team; full Broadway-style musicals with orchestras; and holiday events that include large bands, a pit orchestra, and dramas that incorporate wireless technology and several video cues. With this in mind, the church sought an elaborate AV system for its new worship space.

“As a church, we were looking for a system that was flexible, reliable, and covered the different programs that happened on a regular basis in our facility,” says Rob McInteer, technical director at The Grove Community Church. “Our other main requirement was to achieve high intelligibility from the audio system, yet still retain a high level of musicality and feel in the house system. It is very important to make sure that everyone who steps on stage is understood clearly.”

Enter CCI Solutions, an Olympia, Wash.-based, award-winning systems design and integration firm. For more than 30 years, CCI Solutions has offered acoustical and audiovisual consulting, products, technical systems, and expertise for a variety of applications — including houses of worship and public and corporate facilities.

According to CCI Senior Systems Consultant Mark Pearson, the church had several specific requirements of the new system. “The church wanted a system built around a left/right mono configuration. To answer that requirement and more, we developed an LCR matrixed, multiple-cluster loudspeaker system to provide a certain level of flexibility that would allow them to rearrange the system according to the needs of an individual event,” he says. “Because of the church's contemporary worship style, the system also needed to pack a heavy punch. While the main worship space is not meant to be a concert house, they do occasionally host concerts with well-known Christian artists, so having a rider-friendly system for these artists was also a priority.”

Additionally, the church wanted excellent clarity from its loudspeaker system. To that end, CCI used JBL Professional PD5000 Series loudspeakers. The two main clusters (left and right) each contain six PD5322 three-way, full-range loudspeakers and eight PD5122 low-frequency loudspeakers. An additional four custom 15in. low-frequency loudspeakers are located in each cluster. Four JBL AM6200 loudspeakers provide down fill, along with six JBL ASB6128 subwoofers. Additional PD5322 loudspeakers are used for delays.

“We know what to expect from the PD Series loudspeakers, so the controllability made them an easy choice for this project,” Pearson says.

QSC PLX2 and PowerLight Series amplifiers power the system. Front-of-house equipment includes a Yamaha PM5D console, TC Electronic effects racks, and a Lexicon effects rack. “The TC Electronic and Lexicon outboard gear gives the church a little more flexibility with the effects,” Pearson says.

Digital-signal processing for the entire complex is done using a BSS Soundweb London processor with a CobraNet backbone to be able to route audio between the worship center, the chapel, and the high-school building.

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