Strother Bullins on Gibson Les Paul LP6 Reference Monitors

By Strother Bullins | Jul 30, 2015

The unveiling of Gibson’s Les Paul Reference Monitor Series at last year’s 137th AES Convention allowed us a first look at the Les Paul guitar’s aesthetics overlaid on a studio monitor. Based on...

Bob McCarthy on The Audio Transmission Pipeline

By Bob McCarthy | Jul 15, 2015

The goal of audio transmission is straightforward: move the waveform from sender to receiver as fast and faithfully as possible. Our challenge is to minimize unsolicited modification of the...

Strother Bullins on JBL 3 Series LSR308 and M-Audio BX8

By Strother Bullins | Jun 26, 2015

JBL 3 SERIES LSR308 ACTIVE STUDIO MONITORSIn January 2013, JBL Professional unveiled its large reference studio monitor—the M2—to intrigued pro audio types at the Winter NAMM Show. In private...

Strother Bullins on Mackie PROFXV2 Series Mixers

By Strother Bullins | Jun 09, 2015

Mackie’s ProFX analog mixer series has proven to be an ideal solution for many applications: small clubs and venues, houses of worship (HOWs), and portable PA-reliant, self-mixing musicians and...

Digital Signposts: Data in Context

By Vern Freedlander | Jun 04, 2015

 Big data’s importance in corporate decision-making is growing dramatically, but making sense out of the tsunami of numbers is becoming increasingly challenging. Companies are drowning in data, but...


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