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Coax Higher-fidelity Music from Your iPod with the NuForce Icon iDo 
By Jason Bovberg
In our eternal quest for convenience, we’ve largely abandoned the concept of high definition in our music. The NuForce Icon iDo device addresses that....

Considering a Universal Remote? Use Your iPhone! 
Reviewer: Jason Bovberg
Universal remote control accessories for smartphones are quite numerous in the market. ...

How to Avoid the “Soap Opera Effect” on Your HDTV … Or Do You Want to Avoid It? 
by Jason Bovberg
Have you heard of the “soap opera effect” of modern TVs? You’ve probably seen it in action....

Is Yours an Apple iPad Home or an Amazon Kindle Home? Neither? 
By Jason Bovberg
I remember the first time I toyed around with a tablet PC, about 8 years ago. I was at a Microsoft conference, checking out one of the first Rugged Tablets from Motion Computing....

Got an Apple iPad at Home? Get Ready for Windows 8! 
by Jason Bovberg
Surprising innovation from Microsoft changes the tablet-computing market...

Does Netflix Want Out of the Disc Business? Say It Ain't So! 
by Jason Bovberg
Netflix is banking on the gradual obsolescence of disc and on the inevitable rise of streaming technology....

Kicking and Screaming into a Tiny Future 
By Jason Bovberg
I feel like I was born at the wrong time. A larger time. ...

Is Video Streaming Killing Blu-ray? 
By Jason Bovberg
Will online streaming be the death of physical media?...

Will Blu-ray be the Last Physical Medium in Home Theater? 
By Jason Bovberg
For my entire adult life, physical media has ruled the home-entertainment realm....

Netflix: To Stream or Not to Stream—That Is the HD Dilemma 
by Jason Bovberg
For these reasons, over the past 10 years, I’ve become more of a movie buyer than a movie renter. ...

How Do You Make Your iPod Work for You in Your Connected Home? 
By Jason Bovberg
I got an iPod touch for Christmas. ...

Top 10 Interesting Christmas Movies for the Home Theater 
By Jason Bovberg
If you're like me, you love to fill your holidays with interesting movies....

5 Tips for a Successful Black Friday 
By Jason Bovberg
It’s that time of year for bargain consumers of all kinds—but particularly for consumers of electronics. ...

Why 3D Home Theater Will (and Should) Fail 
By Jason Bovberg
Just like the 3D boom of the 1980s, excitement has quickly turned to boredom, due mostly to overexposure and a frustrating mishandling of the technology. ...

10 Fantastic Blu-ray Demo Scenes 
By Jason Bovberg
A selection of some of the best Blu-ray demo material....

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