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Bosch DICENTIS Conference System

8/21/2016 5:56 PM Eastern

Bosch has expanded its network-based DICENTIS Conference System line with four new product offerings: the DICENTIS discussion Basic, the DICENTIS discussion Voting, the DICENTIS discussion Language and the DICENTIS discussion Extended. These wired devices are in addition to the two already available DICENTIS Wireless devices. The four new models share the same form factor but have different interfaces and feature sets. Equipped with advanced Bosch audio technology, cable redundancy and data encryption, these conferencing solutions continue the Bosch tradition of acoustic excellence, system reliability and security. A diverse range of conference needs and functions are now supported between the various members of the newly expanded family, including discussion, voting, language selection, identification, dual use and multimedia. The use of open-standard OMNEO network IP technology ensures the DICENTIS Conference System guarantees a flexible, scalable and future proof investment.

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