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Revolabs Executive Elite

4/28/2017 9:23 PM Eastern
Revolabs Executive Elite

Revolabs developed the Executive Elite as a wireless rack-mounted microphone system for audio and video conferencing. Any combination of Revolabs tabletop, wearable, and gooseneck microphones can be used with the 4- or 8-channel system versions and there are adapters for using handheld, headset, or lavalier mics. The system frequency response is optimized for speech and up to 44 microphones connected. The processor and RF antennas can be separated for expanded installation options while RF Armor technology prevents interference from other electronics. The remote antenna receiver and base DSP units are connected by Cat-5e/Cat-6 and support PoE. Mic signals are perfectly secure with 256-bit AES encryption and automatic rekeying every few minutes for the most sensitive applications. The system is capable of local, remote, and cloud-based management. Revolabs was an early adopter of digital audio over the network (audio, video bridging (AVB), time-sensitive networking (TSN)).

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