Conferencing / Collaboration

SP Controls Doceri Collaborative Solution

8/20/2016 11:36 PM Eastern

SP Controls has introduced the Doceri Collaborative Solution, an integrated package that allows meeting participants to share and annotate content while easily controlling monitors and other AV equipment in the room. At the system’s heart is the Doceri, an interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder for iPad. Doceri provides tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control. Distribution and real-time annotation of content are available to and by users of iPads or computers; content is shown both on the individual devices and a centralized monitor or projection system.  Doceri Collaborative Solution takes this control further with the ability to remotely manage AV equipment in the room from the Doceri device. HDMI sources, media devices, audio volume, and projector/monitor controls are all available on the iPad via Doceri.

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