Driving Digital Signage with Social Media

One of the greatest challenges facing any network operator is how to keep content current and relevant. 12/27/2011 8:19 AM Eastern

Driving Digital Signage with Social Media

Dec 27, 2011 1:19 PM, By Vern Freedlander, Vice President, Production, X2O Media

One of the greatest challenges facing any network operator is how to keep content current and relevant. In many network installations, leveraging social media as a key content source can provide a valuable solution. Digital signage systems that can fully leverage social media feeds and present them in a compelling manner open up an extraordinary number of content and viewer relationship possibilities.

Social media provides a real-time indicator of audience opinions ranging from reactions to news and events to topical feedback. Content generated from social media is often used in digital signage applications to drive viewer engagement by encouraging audiences to respond to specific questions, share tips and to foster participation in contests. This unique content feed ensures that audiences are always in the loop with the latest news and helps ensure that the network is consistently delivering timely information that in turn makes the network more watchable.

Retailers are starting to appreciate the value of social media as a captivating digital signage tool that generates buzz around new products and special offers. By interacting with the signage screen, consumers feel more engaged and are more likely to relate their experience to others. In corporate communications, social media is being used more and more to share content with staff or with specific teams. For managers who need to know the pulse of employees, social media provides a great opportunity to gauge feedback.

Beyond tweets and posts are the analytics behind the messages. Networks that can dissect the content and reveal trends and key indicators provide additional value to both viewers and network operators. However the key to successfully deploying social media content comes down to screen presentation. Simply listing posts isn’t very visually exciting. However if the content is well designed and laid out, takes advantage of animation, or if an interactive process is introduced, the presentation becomes much more dynamic and is highly watchable.

Vern Freedlander is vice president of production services for Montréal-based X2O Media, a full-service provider of technology, network management and content services for professional digital signage applications. With more than 20 years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Freedlander oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. He can be reached at

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