Electrosonic to Display New Products at InfoComm

Electrosonic has announced two new products to debut at the upcoming InfoComm exhibition: a high-resolution input card for VN-Quantum and VN-Matrix. 5/25/2006 4:00 AM Eastern

Electrosonic to Display New Products at InfoComm

May 25, 2006 8:00 AM


Electrosonic has announced two new products to debut at the upcoming InfoComm exhibition: VN-Matrix and a high-resolution input card for VN-Quantum.

Electrosonic is expanding its range of input options for the VN-Quantum range and demonstrating the capabilities of the new high-resolution input card for the VN-Quantum. This new development enables the display of high-definition video content and realtime high-resolution graphics images. Each card provides two independent channels and a number of cards can be combined to allow the display of many sources.

VN-Quantum is a powerful processor for integrating multiple video and computer graphic images onto a display wall. Ideal for the centralized monitoring of high-value assets such as networks, plant, utility and transport infrastructure, or surveillance of public areas, VN-Quantum organizes and presents image data on high-resolution displays to create a highly effective visual decision-support tool.


Electrosonic will also be showcasing the VN-Matrix, a powerful, realtime image encoder/decoder, which is suitable for demanding imaging applications where the cost of replicating image generation equipment is impractical or expensive.

VN-Matrix encodes video or graphics sources at resolutions up to HD or UXGA, streams this over an IP network, and decodes the signal back to the original picture. Bidirectional audio may accompany the video. VN-Matrix offers image delivery performance (high resolution and low latency) not attainable with video streaming or computer desktop capture systems. Realtime encoding removes the need for time-consuming intermediate processes to prepare content for network transmission.

In response to market demand, Electrosonic has recently included the capability to record and playback any complex visual display without loss of quality.

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