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How Avnet Brought AV Control to its Conference Rooms

Extensive installation includes several creative control and signal distribution components 12/02/2015 10:31 AM Eastern


Extron TLP 1000MV TouchLink

This control touchpanel has a 10in. color touchscreen with 1024x600 resolution and 18-bit color depth and capable of full-motion video display for preview and monitoring using Extron twisted-pair technology. It’s compatible with all IP Link control processors. Power over Ethernet allows the touchpanel to receive power and control over a single Cat-5-type cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply.


Avnet is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, computer products, and embedded technology. When it was time to upgrade the AV systems at the corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Avnet turned to AVDB Group, with which it had a long history.

The Executive Conference Room received the most enhancements, including multiple high-resolution displays, image windowing, annotation capabilities, and an XTP System for AV signal switching and distribution. The XTP CrossPoint 3200 matrix switcher was selected due to its modular expansion capability up to 32x32 and flexibility to accommodate HDMI and VGA formats for local and remote connectivity of devices within the room. 

Each seat at the conference table is within easy reach of one of the 10 Extron HSA 402 tilt‑up surface enclosures that provide power and data connections. Architectural Adapter Plates, or AAPs, in the center of each enclosure’s faceplate offer additional connectivity for HDMI or USB devices. 

A Panasonic TH-103PF12U 103in. plasma display embedded in the front wall and a Samsung 700DX-2 70in. LCD flatpanel on the side wall offer enhanced viewing. An Extron MGP 464 DI multi-window graphics processor enables up to four images to appear on the 103in. display. The MGP 464 DI, XTP matrix switcher, and other AV components are rackmounted in a decommissioned rear projection room located behind the plasma display. 

To eliminate the need for a laptop at every meeting, AVDB installed two owner-furnished resident computers in the equipment room. The design includes a wireless keyboard and mouse to control the system from anywhere in the room. Extron HDMI twisted pair transmitters and receivers and USB extenders provide direct communication with the computers. The lectern also offers AV connectivity for portable devices through an Extron Cable Cubby 200 to a floor box.

The room includes multiple control options. A TLP 1000MV 10in. TouchLink touchpanel is mounted by the door and a TLP 1000TV tabletop model is positioned at the table. Outside of the room entries, 7in. TouchLink touchpanels indicate room status. Extron IPCP 505 and IPL T CR48 IP Link control processors enable automated adjustments to lighting levels, blinds, etc.

AVDB presented Avnet with an engraved iPad that enables remote AV control. An Apple TV allows presentation directly from this or any other company iPad without requiring advanced setup. The AV system can be controlled in any upgraded space, including small to large sessions in the various meeting rooms, visits to the training room, and all-hands events in the café. 

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