NuVision Helps Trump Corp Capture Attention

The Trump Corporation’s residential brokerage division showcases its properties on four custom 37in. NuVision Deep Black LCD televisions in its Central Park South storefront window 10/12/2007 11:24 AM Eastern

NuVision Helps Trump Corp Capture Attention

Oct 12, 2007 3:24 PM

Representing more than 100 of the finest luxury buildings in Manhattan, The Trump Corporation’s residential brokerage division now banks on multiple custom 37in. NuVision Deep Black LCD televisions. The four screens have been installed in its office’s storefront window on Central Park South to help showcase its properties to more than two million passersby each year. The installation was designed and recommended by Allan Markoff of NYSS Home Theater, a Middletown, N.Y.-based NuVision dealer.

“We are very pleased with the performance of this product since this was our first experience with NuVision, but that’s not the only reason we would go with NuVision again,” says Michael Martin, marketing director for Trump Sales & Leasing. “Their customer service was exceptional, even when having to deal with our unique needs for this project.”

In an ongoing project to update the estate brokerage’s storefront window, including video that showcases the interiors and exteriors of properties managed by The Trump Corporation and the Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp, Martin says that some new technical hurdles had to be overcome, and that NuVision helped overcome these obstacles.

First, the installation required that the NuVision screens be installed vertically instead of in the normal horizontal position. Also, unique software was to be used to provide the video source material. And last, for aesthetic purposes, NuVision had to create custom bezels for the four units specifically for this project in order to accommodate the new layout of the screens.

“There were no technical issues so far as performance, as the four NuVision units were properly calibrated right out of the box,” Martin says. “The off-axis viewing and black levels are excellent. But, because new software was being used to run the video to the screens, and the screens were being mounted vertically, we were concerned about the screen fill. Most TVs are not designed to accept video in the vertical position. One phone call to NuVision and less than five minutes later we had the TVs filling out their screens with the video content perfectly. NuVision knew exactly how to alter the screens’ performance to accept the video and reproduce it in the vertical install. I was very impressed by NuVision’s quick response and help. Also, the new logo and bezels are tasteful, and that’s important when being used in a professional application such as this.”

Secondly, Trump Corp. was looking for a sensible and economic solution for running the video content through the NuVision LCDs. When this requirement was brought to the attention of NuVision customer service, Martin says that not only did the units have the appropriate inputs and outputs they required, but NuVision also helped in determining the hardware and software for the project.

“We were looking for a simplified way of running the video, and NuVision helped us with the solution,” Martin says. “NuVision had experience with the Apple Mac mini and Keynote software, and so we tried it and it has been running perfectly on a 24-hour continuous loop since June, just after the install was complete.”

The 37in. NuVision encompasses the advancement of full-HD 1080p display technology. NuVision’s NiDO (NuVision Intelligent Digital Optimization) circuit delivers a film-like home theater experience as a NiDO optimized picture ensures crisp, clean edges and silky smooth motion that is virtually free from artifacts. NiDO’s advanced scaling algorithm brings all video formats to life in 1080p resolution—displaying them in full HD 1080p regardless of the original content resolution. NiDO’s edge detail, smooth motion, color optimization, and response enhancement are just some of the features that make NuVision full-HD 1080p displays stand apart from the competition.

The installation was performed by NuVision dealer NYSS Home Theater of Middletown, N.Y. “We’ve worked with the Trump Organization for years, but this was the first utilizing NuVision product,” says NYSS owner Allan Markoff. “With all of the custom work that had to be done to these TVs for this project, from aesthetics to performance parameters, NuVision was terrific making sure everything was done to spec and in an extremely timely fashion. NuVision representative John Pravel and NuVision’s Charlie Bornazian and Mike Aiken are big reasons this project is such a big success. It’s very important that a company back its product with great personnel, and NuVision certainly has done that.”

Markoff gained his initial notoriety as well as a significant place in history as the sound designer for the legendary Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. At the time, Markoff owned Middletown’s The Audio Center. In the 1970s, Markoff pioneered audio/video surveillance systems, and he now he has a premier audio/video and surveillance storefront.

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