Panasonic TH-47LF5U LCD Display

9/21/2012 11:20 AM Eastern

Panasonic TH-47LF5U LCD Display

Sep 21, 2012 3:20 PM

The TH-47LF5U is a 47in. 1080p LCD display from Panasonic with a wide viewing angle (178 degrees) thanks to its IPS panel. The LF5 series features 500-cd/m2 brightness and 9-millisecond response. If the input signal is not detected for some reason, another input with a signal is automatically selected for reliable operation. The display will not remain in a “no-signal” condition, making it well-suited for signage use. The TH-47LF5U also has an .73in. bezel, allowing the displays to be used in multi-screen videowalls. In eco mode, the light sensor detects the ambient light level and controls the brightness of the backlight accordingly. Availability: Now Price: $1,005

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