Focus on Digital Signage: New Products

A sampling of the latest digital signage tools -- from displays, to software, to turnkey digital signage systems 8/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Focus on Digital Signage: New Products

Aug 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Digital Signage Display

Digit Professional

The Digit Professional ProDVX Osprey MPC Panel PC features rugged metal housing and a touchscreen for use in digital signage, information kiosks, video systems, and industrial automation applications. The series is available in four display sizes: 12in., 15in., 17in., and 19in. The display also features NEMA 3/IP 55 dust- and waterproof display fronts and provides a convenient ultra-slim thickness of 2.2 to 2.4in. and a slender HDD bay design for easy service. Rich I/O ports provide excellent peripheral connectivity. Other features include a high bright TFT LCD and built-in audio speakers. The flexible series incorporates both Resistive and Surface Wave touch technology.

Graphics Display System


The ChyTV HD 100 video graphics information display system from Chyron features high-definition output with realtime data and clip playout in both landscape and portrait modes, ideal for any large digital signage application. The system enables users to produce high-quality 3D dynamic text and effects and 3D animated objects that can be easily changed on the fly in realtime. It uses the ChyTV Tools utility to manage content and projects and easily integrates with external devices including barcode scanners, motion and proximity detectors, and scent and lighting systems.

Web-based Content Management Software

Rise Vision

Rise Vision’s new Rise Display Network Version 1.3 web-based content management software enables interactive control of digital signage networks. Features of the new software include improved usability for non-technical users, enhanced customization, and streamlined performance. Because businesses, universities, and financial institutions report that the single most important business requirement of a digital signage network is ease of use by non-technical staff, Rise Vision offers users the option of downloading a 30-day evaluation copy to try the software before purchase. A customized user home page enables users to quickly and easily edit the most important bulletins and playlists while monitoring the health of their networks at a glance.

DVI Audio Extender


Gefen’s HDCP-compliant DVI Audio Extender extends DVI and digital/analog audio over Cat-5e cable up to 200ft. away from HDTV DVI or HDMI sources for zero signal loss. The extender’s sender unit connects to video sources such as computers, DVD players, or set-top boxes via cables supplied with the unit. The display/audio receiver plugs into the back of the extender’s receiver unit. Two Cat-5 cables connect the sender and the receiver units to each other. The extender supports resolutions up to 1080p, 2K, and 1920x1200, in addition to Digital 8.1 (DTS, Dolby Digital, etc.) and the DDWG standard for DVI-compliant monitors.

Wall Mount

Peerless Industries

Peerless Industries’ new addition to its SmartMount 600 series, the SF650 universal flat wall mount, targets popular 32in. to 50in. screen sizes for easier and more efficient low-profile installation in hallways, lobbies, and stadium concourses. The mount’s universal adapter brackets measure 1.68in. deep, providing space behind the screen for heat dissipation and allowing room for electrical cords to easily plug into the back of the screen. Large cutouts allow ample room for cord management and electrical outlet boxes, including outlet covers, to be located neatly within the wallplate. Because of the small size of the mount’s wallplate, installers are able to simply run cables to outlets either above or below the wallplate, keeping the cables hidden behind the screen.

HD Cables


The Gepco RGB250S series of miniature HDTV component video cables offers superior electrical specifications and ease of termination for use in video applications such as digital signage and multimedia, and for use with monitors and projectors. The cables feature subminiature, 25-gauge solid coaxial elements, providing 3GHz bandwidth; a low-loss, gas-injected dielectric; and solid-copper conductors for lower attenuation and simplified connector termination. The cable’s flexible and low-friction outer jacket is easy to strip and install.

Video Playback System

Roland Systems

The Roland Systems Edirol PR-1000HD realtime digital video playback system allows instantaneous recall of hundreds of HD and SD video clips and still images. Regardless of the original format, the system scales video from the DVI terminal as a variety of HD, SD, or RGB formats. The system supports RS-232, RS-422A, and touchscreen and MIDI control, allowing the user to combine digital video clips, digital audio, and still images into a synchronized presentation. HDV/DV inputs, multidrive DVD, and a 10/100/1000BaseT network simplify clip import and export. The unit contains an internal hard drive, two removable hard drives, USB, and FireWire ports for large storage capacity. This is ideal to maintain quality for LED wall, large-screen, and plasma applications.

Turnkey Digital Signage System


Sony’s complete turnkey solution for smaller- scale digital signage installations includes the NSP-1 network player, all shapes and sizes of electronic displays, and end-to-end system software solutions. The NSP-1 network player easily interfaces to Sony’s complete inventory of displays, from small LCDs or CRTs, to large plasmas or LCDs, or even to large-screen projectors. The network player allows multiple, concurrent layers and is capable of schedule-based playback of HTML, Flash, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, BMP, JPEG, scrolling text, and MP3 content from an internal HDD. All content comes through an IP network. A BZNP-D1LE software package can be added to manage up to 210 players at a time.

Digital Signage System

Digital Recall

Digital Recall’s free digital signage management, scheduling, and playback software supports file formats including Flash files, videos, and still images. Available for download from the company’s website, the software consists of a manager and a player and can play digital signage content locally, over a LAN, or over the Internet. The manager assembles assets, groups them in playlists (or “loops”), and schedules those loops to play at specific hours during the day. The player plays the loops out to one or more monitors. The manager and player can reside on the same computer or on different computers across a network or the Internet. Digital Recall will use customers’ logos and graphics to create custom content for a small fee, or users familiar with Flash can download a limited number of Flash movies to edit to create their own content.

Digital Signage Software


Harris’ new InfoCaster 3.0 and Network Manager 3.0 digital signage software provide new features facilitating the administration of large, complex presentation networks, such as making modifications on the fly and controlling localized players. The software applications address the issues of digital signage network management by helping to maximize a network user’s command-and-control capabilities. For instance, InfoCaster multihead output enables the cost-effective display of multiple, independent VGA/DVI signals from a single InfoCaster player. In addition, Network Manager 3.0 introduces localization features that allow InfoCaster operators to control specific devices with targeted messaging throughout a large-scale InfoCaster network featuring hundreds of playback devices.

Digital Signage Players


The 42Media Digital Display Controller (DDC) series players integrate Intel’s latest Core Solo and Core 2 Duo processors, along with 42Media’s patent-pending fanless design. The recently released second-generation players (DDC-HD1 and DDC-HD2) feature a convection cooling process that significantly reduces downtime commonly associated with CPU fan and power supply fan failure. The DDC players are built for peak performance in any environment. At only 2.5in. thick and less than 7lbs., the silent-running appliances are small enough to fit discreetly behind a typical flatscreen display and can also be mounted to a wall or dropped into a ceiling.

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