Broadcast Facility Upgrade Products

Products for the broadcast facility integration market. 4/09/2013 11:55 AM Eastern

Broadcast Facility Upgrade Products

Apr 9, 2013 3:55 PM

AKG C1000 S Microphone

AKG released its updated C1000 S multipurpose condenser microphone during Winter NAMM 2013. The high-performance small-diaphragm microphone is ideally suited for recording and live sound applications for drum overheads, pianos, and acoustic instruments. The condenser has a sturdy metal chassis and specialized mic clip to keep the units securely attached to stands. The C1000 S’s gold capsule and XLR plugs make it humidity-proof for all environments. Rather than relying on an expensive 9V block battery, the C1000 S now runs on two AA batteries at 120 hours and offers two gain settings, three frequency settings, and two polar patters: cardioid and hypercardioid.

Allen & Heath XB-10 Broadcast Mixer

Based on the larger XB-14, the Allen & Heath XB-10 has three mic/line and three stereo inputs and equipped with a similar range of features specifically designed for broadcasters, including a telephone communication channel, mic channel on switch sensing, stereo channel start/cue outputs for CD deck transport control, and automatic muting of speaker outputs. A separate monitor mix can be created for operator and guest or presenter, and the operator can communicate off-air to the studio or telephone callers using the Talk’feature. XB-10 also features a built-in full duplex USB soundcard, which has several routing options for recording and broadcast applications. The plug ‘n play USB connection can be used for such tasks as VOIP telephone calls, recording program material, or playing jingles.

Contemporary Research ATSC+SDI Tuner

Contemporary Research ATSC+SDI HDTV tuner directly outputs HD-SDI instead of using an HDMI/SDI adapter. The SDI stream can include 708/608 captioning data, and can be switched to provide stereo AES or AC-3 audio. The HD-SDI video outputs at a fixed resolution using an internal scaler for analog and digital channels. In addition to the SDI, AV is sent simultaneously from component and composite video outputs, as well as digital coax/optical and stereo audio ports. Based on the new 232-ATSC+1 platform, the ATSC+SDI is controllable via Ethernet, an onboard Web page, USB, RS-232, and IR control. Programming can be received using cable, off-air, analog, QAM, and ATSC standards. An optional A/B RF switch can automatically switch between cable and off-air feeds, supporting a channel list for both inputs. A new digital tuning section enables better response for marginal channels. The compact HDTV tuners can be mounted two across within a single rack space.

Peerless-AV PeerAir Pico Broadcaster

Peerless-AV unveiled PeerAir Pico Broadcaster, a wireless broadcasting system that can distribute HD content to an unlimited number of digital TVs within a 350-foot radius, surpassing the 150ft. signal reach and four-screen multicasting limit of Wi-Fi-based solutions. The new PeerAir Pico Broadcaster achieves this range and scalability by using vacant over-the-air broadcast frequencies known as white space channels instead of Wi-Fi, dramatically simplifying the process of deploying digital signage in a large multi-screen environment. The PeerAir Pico Broadcaster is an FCC-approved personal broadcast system that streams content over the UHF 500-700MHz frequency to any open local white space channel left unused when the U.S. converted from analog to digital television in 2009. The laptop-sized transmitter receives content from a computer or select media players with IP transport capabilities, then broadcasts the signal at HD-quality resolutions up to 720p or 1080i to any digital TV within the designated range that is equipped with an ATSC tuner and over-the-air antenna.

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