Acoustical Fabrics Line Evolves to Meet New Needs

3/07/2006 12:16 PM Eastern

Acoustical Fabrics Line Evolves to Meet New Needs

Mar 7, 2006 5:16 PM

The Acoustone line of acoustic grille cloth has introduced a set of sophisticated new patterns and colors. New speaker and amplifier grille selections comprise the update. While keeping some of its best sellers and most dependable lines, Acoustone has exciting new products designed to answer the requirements of sound engineers, architects and designers.

Synthetic round threads allow sound to pass through the fabric with the least possible interruption or distortion. When used as part of a speaker or amplifier, perfect sound reproduction is achieved. This transparency to sound also optimizes the performance of a sound-absorbent material or any surface to which the fabric may be mounted. Acoustone grille cloths are flame-retardant and have a high degree of dimensional stability. They will not sag or stretch as a result of changes in the surrounding temperature or humidity. Fade resistant, mildew proof, and easily cleaned by vaccuum or washing, Acoustone fabrics are widely used indoors and outdoors.

Typical sites where Acoustone fabrics are used include churches, auditoriums, arenas, sound studios, and offices, as well as in-home applications such as home theater.

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