Cabana Control

The client, “Mr. K,” a world-traveler, envisioned a dream room reminiscent of the British Colonial game lodges with rich woods and stone that he had visited in Africa 4/16/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Cabana Control

Apr 16, 2007 12:00 PM

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The following information is courtesy of the 2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers' Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit or call (800) 669-5329.

2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Winner
Designers' Awards: Hidden Installation
Gold Technical Design

Genesis Audio & Video

The client, “Mr. K,” a world-traveler, envisioned a dream room reminiscent of the British Colonial game lodges with rich woods and stone that he had visited in Africa; or a room with the open-air feeling of a Princeville clubhouse with huge pocket doors that disappear to let in the outdoors, turning his cabana into a first-rate media room with the audio and video spilling out into the adjacent pool area. The result is one of the most outrageous cabanas ever built. This home now offers its occupants the perfect environment to relax by the pool with family barbecues and enjoy state-of-the-art entertainment.

The Genesis Audio & Video client is a huge sports fan. Hence the selection of not one, but three Runco plasma sets inside the breezy pool house. Here, he can watch a golf match on the 61in. Runco high-def plasma that’s flanked by two smaller 43in. displays in the 35'x22' space. The other describes how the room can look like a serious media room, yet is automated to revert back to a functional pool house.

This is definitely a multi-use room with a Crestron six-zone controller and two-way touchpanel. All operations work flawlessly. At the touch of a button, the windows are concealed with blackout shades, and the Solar Shading Systems VisionArt giclee “painting” recedes from the front of the largest plasma. Simultaneously, the smaller plasmas appear and disappear seamlessly via Chief lift mechanisms keeping with the framed-plasma look. The cabinet was designed so the smaller plasmas lift into position and appear to be framed within the woodwork. Lutron RadioRA enhances the lighting control.

As for the room’s sound, the Linn system includes high-performance speakers in a small package. The Genesis Audio & Video team needed a low-profile setup since they had limited space. Above the listening area is a curved ceiling dressed in complementary earth tone fabric. Using plaster or drywall would have presented acoustical anomalies. Other components include a Lexicon MC-8 and DVD player and Linn amplifiers. Additionally the ReQuest AudioReQuest music server, satellite, and DVD signals feed to the LCD televisions and speakers in the BBQ and pool area, with a Crestron in-wall touchpanel at the BBQ.


  • 1 Audioaccess MK/WR-SS stainless steel keypad cover
  • 2 AudioQuest two-meter digital cables
  • 1 AudioQuest speaker wire package
  • 3 AudioQuest RGB-1 cables
  • 1 Channel VisionSBK5503NF system amp
  • 2 Channel Vision DMK5582F cascadable multiswitchers
  • 2 Chief Manufacturing PUL-4228 motorized lifts
  • 1 Crestron CNAMP 12-channel amp
  • 1 Crestron CNW-PAD8 six-zone controller
  • 1 Crestron CT-1000 color touchpanel in black
  • 1 Crestron BB-1000 n/c back box
  • 1 Crestron C2N-DB12W 12-button keypad in black
  • 1 Crestron STX-AV2PAK-C17 2-way touchpanel and processor
  • 100 CWCI 1/2"x36" ToughGard fiberglass dampners
  • 4 Fabric Wallcraft custom absorbing fabric-wrapped panels
  • 1 Genesis Audio & Video IR package
  • 2 Inca 900400-SC3-MD motorized lifts and brackets
  • 1 Lexicon RT-10 DVD player
  • 1 Lexicon MC-8 surround sound preamp
  • 3 LG Electronics HD satellite receivers
  • 3 Linn Products Ekwal LCR speakers
  • 1 Linn Products Sizmik 12.45 subwoofer
  • 2 Linn Products Sekrit flushmount surrounds
  • 3 Linn Products 2250 2-channel power amplifier
  • 1 Lucasey mounting bracket
  • 8 Lutron RALV-600L RadioRA dimmer
  • 1 Lutron RAMC-5W 5-button controller
  • 1 Lutron RadioRA RF signal repeater
  • 1 Lutron RS-232 Crestron interface
  • 1 Middle Atlantic Products ERK rack, casters, fans, and shelves package
  • 1 Mitsubishi HS-U778 S-VHS VCR
  • 1 RCA satellite receiver
  • 1 ReQuest AudioRequest ARQ PRO 80GB music servers
  • 1 Richard Gray's Power Company 1200 power conditioner
  • 2 RockusticsRocky Jr. speakers
  • 1 Rockustics PunkSub
  • 1 Runco PL-61cx wall-mount bracket
  • 2 Runco PL-43HDX wall-mount brackets
  • 1 Runco PlasmaWall PL-61cx HDTV plasma
  • 2 Runco PlasmaWall PL-43HDX 43in. plasmas
  • 1 Sharp LC-15E1UB 15in. Aquos LCD flatpanel TV in black
  • 1 Solar Shading Systems VisionArt P60 for 61in. plasma, custom artwork by Talon Graphics
  • 2 Sonance Symphony 634T flush-mount speakers
  • 2 Sonance Symphony 624T flushmount speakers
  • 2 Sonance Symphony n/c brackets
  • 1 Sony satellite dish
  • 2 Tributaries Cable DCV-S 2M S-Video cable

    Time and Expertise Worksheet
    Task Hours
    Client Interviews 3
    Electronic Design and Engineering: 24
    Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 12
    Project Management: 40
    Pre-wire/Rough-in: 50
    Trim-out: 24
    Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 24
    Programming: 48
    Final Installation and Calibration: 72
    Client Instruction: 2
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 5
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 40
    Project Management by Others: 40
    Other time: builder's interior designs, drawings done on paper: 6
    Total Hours to Complete: 390

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