Intelligent Entertainment

What began as simply a large structured wiring project broadened into a complex lifestyle and entertainment system as IntelliLiving's client recognized the convenience and enjoyment that an integrate 7/16/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Intelligent Entertainment

Jul 16, 2007 12:00 PM

The following information is courtesy of the 2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers' Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit or call (800) 669-5329.

2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Winner
Designers' Awards: Best Intergrated Home
Gold Technical Design, Level I ($50,000-$150,000)


What began as simply a large structured wiring project broadened into a complex lifestyle and entertainment system as IntelliLiving's client recognized the convenience and enjoyment that an integrated system would bring to their 12,000-square-foot home. This active married couple and their five children needed convenience (touchscreens, lighting, multi-zone/source audio, media server), communication (wireless network, intercom), and “cool” (theater, hidden plasma). The client agreed that the use of high-quality components, which we’d successfully integrated on other projects, would ensure a smooth installation.

Three AMX touchpanels and four AMX controllers, supported by a robust wired/wireless network control the subsystems. Wireless touchpanels in the great room and home theater provide control of their respective local systems, and feature duplicate controls for audio, lighting, and security. A touchpanel at the master bed controls the local plasma, master suite audio, lighting, security, and camera subsystems. A NetLinx controller at each entertainment system controls local components, and a controller in the equipment closet interfaces with the security and lighting systems. The touchpanels were designed to be consistent, intuitive, and provide maximum feedback. Power states, dimmer states, media server browsing, XM channel info, security zone states, even the waterfall status is available from any touchpanel. Shortcuts to local dimmers, scenes, and favorite channels are featured on the home page of each panel.

The original design included structured wiring, two audio zones, and a dedicated home theater. Once the client committed to the control system, the challenge was using existing cabling to establish the control network. The client also requested an intercom system, which was not included in the pre-wire phase.

The Ethernet connectivity of the AMX and media devices was exploited and a solid IP environment was configured to support the communication network. Changes to the original equipment specifications were made to include more components supporting two-way communication, and thus feedback. The size of the home required several site surveys to locate the Lutron Electronics RadioRA repeaters and WAP’s where they would guarantee reliable operation.

A commercial paging solution was chosen using spare Cat-5e in each room to support a hands-free intercom system integrated with the telephones and the front door speaker. A custom punch-down distributes the front door signal, intercom, and three POTS lines to seven zones and 12 telephones.

A substantial reformation of the design and equipment specification took place halfway through construction. Considerable research went into choosing equipment that would integrate well, harmonize with the home’s interior, and meet the client’s expectations, without exceeding the revised budget.

The five most used functions of the system include the lighting control, video systems, outdoor music system, intercom, and system integration. The lighting control provides status at a glance, instant control, and scene selection from any touchpanel or master control—indispensable conveniences in a house of this size. Control of the pool lights and waterfall are also a nice amenity. In addition to the dedicated high-end theater and the great room’s hidden plasma as part of the home's video system, one of 16 televisions is never more than a few steps away. LCDs are everywhere: under the kitchen cabinet, the grilling patio, exercise room, and both his and her master bathrooms. An abundance of hidden speakers and the substantial rock speaker system around the pool are used regularly. Selecting tracks from the media server or an XM station is convenient and reliable using the touchpanels. Five children plus 12,000 square feet equals serious intercom use. Calling between any of seven zones from any telephone is a daily time saver. The final most used function, the integrated system, includes seven keypads that operate the 22 zones, two partition security, and fire system. The second partition protects the guest quarters and can be armed independently of the main house. Zone status is also displayed on the touchpanels.

Equipment list

  • 1 3Com OfficeConnect cable/DSL router
  • 1 3Com Baseline Switch 2226 Plus 24-port 10/100 Ethernet switch
  • 3 3Com OfficeConnect 5-port 10/100 Ethernet switches
  • 1 Ademco Vista-128BP burglary/fire panel
  • 1 Ademco 4100 SM serial interface
  • 1 Ademco 4219 expansion module
  • 7 Ademco 6160 Alpha security keypads
  • 3 AMX NI-2000 NetLinx integrated controllers
  • 1 AMX NI-700 NetLinx integrated controller
  • 2 AMX MVP-8400 Modero wireless touchpanels
  • 1 AMX NXT-CV7 Modero tabletop touchpanel
  • 4 AMX NXA-WAP200G 802.11g wireless access points
  • 1 AT&T EP5962 two-line cordless phone
  • 6 AT&T 972 two-line telephones
  • 2 Boston Acoustics Micro110x satellite bookshelf speakers
  • 1 Boston Acoustics LCAi220 in-wall amplifier
  • 4 Boston Acoustics DSi265 in-ceiling speakers
  • 2 Boston Acoustics DSi450 in-wall speakers
  • 6 Boston Acoustics DSi455 in-ceiling speakers
  • 3 Boston Acoustics DSi455T2 single-point in-ceiling speakers
  • 2 Boston Acoustics DSi465T2 in-ceiling surround speakers
  • 4 Boston Acoustics DSi465 in-ceiling speakers
  • 2 Boston Acoustics VRi555 in-ceiling speakers
  • 2 Boston Acoustics DSi255 in-ceiling speakers
  • 2 Boston Acoustics VR-M60 reference loudspeakers
  • 1 Boston Acoustics VR-MC reference center-channel speaker
  • 1 Boston Acoustics PV900 powered subwoofer
  • 2 Boston Acoustics CR57 bookshelf speakers
  • 4 Boston Acoustics Voyager 4 outdoor speakers
  • 1 Channel Plus DA520A 20db RF bi-directional amplifier
  • 1 Channel Vision RF distribution system
  • 1 Chief Manufacturing MWR-6241B single-arm mount
  • 1 Chief Manufacturing FSD-4100 under-cabinet LCD mount
  • 1 Chief Manufacturing FWD-110S dual-arm LCD mount
  • 1 Chief Manufacturing RPA projector mount solution
  • 1 Fujitsu P42HHA40US 42in. plasma
  • 1 Fujitsu P50XHA40US 50in. plasma
  • 1 InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 DLP projector
  • 2 Integra DTM 5.3 stereo receivers
  • 1 Integra DPC 7.5 DVD changer
  • 1 Integra DPS 6.5 THX DVD player
  • 1 Integra ADM 2.1 stereo power amplifier
  • 1 Integra NAS 2.3 NetTune audio server
  • 1 Integra DTR 4.5 A/V receiver
  • 1 Integra DPS 5.5 DVD player
  • 1 Leviton Cat-5e 24-port patch panel
  • 3 Lutron Electronics RadioRA switches
  • 34 Lutron Electronics RadioRa 600W dimmers
  • 26 Lutron Electronics RadioRA accessory dimmers
  • 5 Lutron Electronics RadioRA 1000W dimmers
  • 3 Lutron Electronics RadioRA 5-button master controls
  • 1 Lutron Electronics RadioRA Chronos
  • 4 Lutron Electronics RadioRA repeaters
  • 2 Lutron Electronics RadioRA car visor controls
  • 1 Lutron Electronics RadioRA entry master control
  • 1 Middle Atlantic 15 space wall rack
  • 1 Mitsubishi WD-52725 52in. Medallion DLP
  • 5 Motorola HD DVR cable boxes
  • 1 Motorola cable modem
  • 1 NAD T163 pre-amplifier
  • 1 NAD T973 7-channel power amplifier
  • 1 NetMedia MM70 RF modulator
  • 2 Niles Audio SS-4 speaker selectors
  • 2 Niles Audio AVDA-3 AV distribution amplifiers
  • 9 Niles Audio VCS-100R volume controls
  • 4 Niles Audio WVC100 outdoor volume controls
  • 1 Onkyo TX-8211 stereo receiver
  • 4 Panamax M8DBS-EX surge protectors
  • 5 Panamax M2 surge protectors
  • 1 Panamax PRO-AC remote power kit
  • 1 Panamax MAX5500 AC regenerator
  • 1 Polk Audio XRT12 XM reference tuner
  • 1 Proficient Audio Systems AW500TT single-point outdoor speaker
  • 2 RCA 25414RE3 four-line telephones
  • 1 Speco CVC-627W day/night camera
  • 6 Stereostone Classic Stone outdoor speakers
  • 14 System Sensor 2W-B smoke detectors
  • 1 Toshiba 23HL84 23in. LCD
  • 1 Valcom 1072A-ST door speaker
  • 1 Valcom V-2900 door-answering system
  • 1 Valcom 2006AHF 6-zone page controller
  • 7 Valcom V-762 paging speakers with Talkback
  • 5 Valcom V-763 paging speakers
  • 1 Vutec 103in. SilverStar projection screen
  • 1 Vutec recessed ArtScreen system
  • 1 Vutec custom art transfer

    Time and Expertise Worksheet
    Task Hours
    Client Interviews 9
    Electronic Design and Engineering: 38
    Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 22
    Project Management: 36
    Pre-wire/Rough-in: 114
    Trim-out: 38
    Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 4
    Programming: 56
    Final Installation and Calibration: 126
    Client Instruction: 6
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 4
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 8
    Project Management by Others: 6
    Other time: builder's interior designs, drawings done on paper: 0
    Total Hours to Complete: 467

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