Three Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss CEDIA Expo

Registration for CEDIA Expo 2014 opened earlier this month, and with that announcement perhaps you are debating whether or not to go. 6/17/2014 1:30 PM Eastern

Three Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss CEDIA Expo

Jun 17, 2014 5:30 PM


Registration for CEDIA Expo 2014 opened earlier this month, and with that announcement perhaps you are debating whether or not to go. Schedules are crazy, you’re not sure if you can take off for a few days. Whatever the roadblock is we’ve heard it and we can tell you why you cannot afford to miss CEDIA Expo.

The Products:

We’ll start with the obvious, the products. The top industry manufacturers are launching products at CEDIA Expo! Sure you could read a blog about that new projector our the outdoor speaker set, but you’re missing out on the opportunity to see the product in person. Not only that, you can ask questions and get answers straight from the source. Getting this kind of face-time with manufacturers is almost unheard of in the typical day-in-the-life of a home technology professional, unless they come to CEDIA Expo.

Not only can you connect with those manufacturers you already carry, you can discover new companies and products. We have an entire area of the show floor dedicated to companies that are brand new to the industry and therefore probably brand new to you. New solutions and new trends. If you’re not on the show floor you could be missing out on an entire year’s worth of products and trends that your company needs to know about in order to stay cutting edge.

The Networking:

You may belong to a local group where you meet and discuss business – where you trade business cards and network. Those groups are great and totally necessary. But CEDIA Expo provides you a place where you can network with people who speak your language, people who understand your business success and struggles. Believe it or not there are people who attend CEDIA Expo solely to mingle with their peers and there are plenty of events for you to get your networking on.



· WELCOME RECEPTION - Sept 10, 2014 06:30 PM

· Expo AFTER HOURS PARTY - Sept 11, 2014 06:30 PM



This is just the start of the party list. Don’t underestimate investing in your professional network. These are the people who share your unique career. They can be important contacts when you need someone to tell you how to work with the new HDMI specification or how they were able to implement recurring revenue. Expand your network at CEDIA Expo, there is no better opportunity than this!


The Training:

CEDIA Training at CEDIA Expo 2014 is bringing new and veteran instructors, advanced courses, and basic training to help improve your knowledge on the ever-changing industry. More than 100 courses will be offered that cover home automation, home theater, audio video, systems integration and networking. There is no other time during the year that this many training courses covering such a variety of topics will be offered. There truly is a course for every skill set and inertest. In addition, attendees will have instant access to home technology product training courses complimentary. You’ll want to start planning your training schedule now before those hot courses start selling out.

Products, networking, training, don’t miss an opportunity to better yourself, and better your business at CEDIA Expo. Visit to start planning today! Early bird pricing (40 percent off) expires on July 18.

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