On the Circuit

In this issue we profile the 10 installations that we honored in SVC’s 2012 Pro AV Spotlight Awards. 7/19/2012 11:55 AM Eastern

On the Circuit

Jul 19, 2012 3:55 PM, By Cynthia Wisehart

In this issue we profile the 10 installations that we honored in SVC’s 2012 Pro AV Spotlight Awards. These awards are in their fifth year—they originated at Pro AV magazine, and came into the NewBay portfolio when we purchased the assets of Pro AV. The Spotlight Awards are great program to honor outstanding installations, and I appreciate all the help I received from Brad Grimes in transferring responsibility for it to SVC. The Pro AV Spotlight Awards are co-produced with InfoComm and we awarded them at the show last month.

I want to thank all the integrators and consultants who took the time to enter their installations. It was quite inspiring to see the work, creativity, and problem-solving going on in our industry. I was particularly struck that among so many of the entries, integrators and consultants are so actively aware of the underlying organizational goals of their clients. I was impressed by how valuable the pro AV viewpoint can be when it is applied to the core goals of an end user.

For example, in our corporate winner—Horizon Media Headquarters—the AV systems were elegantly and vitally embedded into the building and culture of Horizon Media. The company—the largest independent media company in the U.S.—has a very clear mission to create community and connection and Cerami & Associates’ AV systems were absolutely central to achieving the company’s goals on so many levels—how employees would relate to each other and to their clients, branding, workflow, morale, and energy efficiency. The winning healthcare entry from Human Circuit makes a stunning case for the emerging potential of AV in the surgical setting, daring to combine surgical grade displays with BYOD, VOD, and HTML-based control.

The other thing that stood out for me in some of the entries was the mix of technology. In the Rialto School District installation, AVI-SPL put Crestron and Cisco together in an innovative way. For The Marlin Hotel installation, Prestige Audio Visual International brought a respected residential Apple-based control system—Savant—into the commercial space for reasons that were core to the client’s brand and user experience. Some entries were appropriately conservative technically and delivered the best of professional-grade reliability where it was essential—as when dolphins and humans share a pool. Others deftly mitigated the potential messiness of BYOD, consumer elements, and cutting-edge control methods to advance AV where it needs to go: into daily interactions large and small.

The winning entries all had a driving human element and were ultimately about modern communication and how AV can change, facilitate, and transform it. With these systems, children learn in an environment they interact with by choice, emergency personnel make calmer and more humane decisions in the field, business people turn away from the PowerPoint and look their clients in the eye, shopping becomes playful and personal, and worship uplifts people into a state of community. In every case, the winning entries reflect something we saw in so many of the entries—the ability to go beyond AV and take on and understand retail, hospitality, medicine, business, education, or emergency response.

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