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In my house, a fun weekend for my 10-year-old daughter includes experimenting with serial and parallel current with her dad. 12/17/2012 11:37 AM Eastern

On the Circuit with Cynthia Wisehart

Dec 17, 2012 4:37 PM, By Cynthia Wisehart

In my house, a fun weekend for my 10-year-old daughter includes experimenting with serial and parallel current with her dad. When talk turns to atomic particles, she seems to be super interested in the details. Maybe. For sure, she’s super interested in her dad, andas with my engineering fatherit’s clear how to get his time. She’ll like getting that voltage meter for Christmas.

This line of thinking has come up for me for several reasons: In this issue we are honoring engineering through our look at some of the year’s most innovative products. The topic of foreign engineering students has been in the news as we go to press, and Apple has announced that they will spend $100 million to start up electronics manufacturing somewhere in America for a niche line of Macs. Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that it was not a matter of bringing electronics manufacturing back to the U.S., it was a matter of getting it started here. Rightthen let’s go. Get it started.

I’m, of course, heavily prejudiced; my dad is proud that his four daughters married engineersand one of his daughters became an engineer. I write about things engineers make; my other sister sells engineering. From my vantage point, America is full of engineers. But in truth, we need many more than we have, and especially, we need young ones. NewBay has started a partnership with Full Sail Universityone of the only schools in the country that trains AV engineers, so in the coming year we’d like to be part of the solution. That is among our New Years’ resolutions.

In the meantime, next month we embark on SVC’s 4th decade. Once again, as the year ends, I want to thank everyone who shared your work with us and will do so in the future. It’s impossible to do this job without the time and patience of everyone who takes time to truly dig down and educate journalists about engineering philosophy, or systems design. I know I speak for my managing editor, Jessaca Gutierrez, and our regular contributorsBennett Liles, John McJunkin, Patrick Barron, and Mark Johnsonwhen I say that we appreciate your work and the time you take to explain it. I also appreciate my colleagues on SVC, our guest columnists Bob McCarthy, Jonathan Brawn, Betsy Jaffe, and all who spoke up in the Open Mic column this year, as well as all my NewBay colleagues. We’re wishing you a peaceful and prosperous holiday and 2013.

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