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Australia’s largest telecom and media company, installed Lightware routers at its corporate headquarters in Sydney. 11/03/2015 8:00 AM Eastern


Lightware 25G-FR160x160

The Lightware 25G-FR160x160 frame handles up to 160 input and 160 output ports, one of the largest on the market. This frame manages signals on eight different layers, which means the signals are switched in three dimensions. The 25G frames are able to transmit video signals up to 4K resolution; support all 3D formats; handle forward and return audio; and transmit USB-KVM, Ethernet, bidirectional RS-232, IR, and CEC signals.

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecom and media company, installed two Lightware 25G Hybrid routers at its corporate headquarters in Sydney. The Lightware 25G routers offer system connectivity to two areas in the Sydney headquarters.

A Lightware 25G 160x160 router was installed in the Telstra Customer Insight Centre (CIC), a B2B area that gives visitors a look at the industry-centric insights, innovation, and leadership the company is known for. The CIC includes the Insight Ring, a 360-degree ring-shaped interactive screen that is so light and flexible it can be tilted and suspended off the floor. The ring responds to the customers’ presence and displays media relevant to their business. The 25G’s capacity easily handles the I/Os required to present bold imagery inside and outside the huge ring.

A Lightware 25G 80x80 router was installed in the 300-seat Telstra Auditorium, which has a single large screen. The router delivers several source formats to the screen for presentations and shows.

Telstra Ivision, the internal AV integration company who was the designer consultants, and as well as other key company players selected the Lightware 25G routers after in-depth consultations. They were chosen for their media layering capabilities, reliability and redundancy, and 25G technology. Most significantly, they’re able to supply Telstra’s current visual imaging needs as well as those in the future.

Lightware’s 25G Hybrid frames are scalable up to 160 inputs and 160 outputs and manage signals in eight distinct layers. The platforms offer breakaway switching, which, according to the company, has never been achieved before and effectively results in three-dimensional switching flexibility. At the heart of the platform are the various I/O boards, which connect sources and display devices together either locally or through various extender options.

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