Audix Performance Series

4/28/2017 9:43 PM Eastern
Audix Performance Series

Audix Performance Series professional wireless system is designed around a uniquely simple two-step setup. When a hot key on the receiver is pressed, the system selects an available frequency from a grid of pre-coordinated internal frequencies; once the frequency is selected, the user holds the transmitter next to the Sync light on the receiver to lock. The Performance Series is available in two performance levels: the 40 Series diversity system with 32MHz of spectrum, and 60 Series dual channel diversity system with 64MHz. Dual channel systems are also available featuring an internal antenna combiner allowing the system to operate on just one set of common antennas and one power supply. Both series are packaged in durable metal housing; key operating features include AF and RF indicators, 21dB level control at the receiver and 12dB level control at the transmitter, soft mute keys with undetectable latency, and scan/ sync hot keys.

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