Aurora Multimedia Introduces Digital Audio Kiosk Control Kit

The Aurora Multimedia NX DAP digital audio player integrates seamlessly with the WACI NX series of IP-based controllers to simplify the integration of multimedia kiosks 4/19/2007 11:53 AM Eastern

Aurora Multimedia Introduces Digital Audio Kiosk Control Kit

Apr 19, 2007 3:53 PM

Aurora Multimedia has begun shipping the NX DAP—a digital audio player that snaps into the company’s WACI NX series of IP-based controllers. The digital audio player integrates seamlessly with the control system, simplifying the integration of multimedia kiosks. The NX DAP offers high-quality audio, superb reliability, and built-in interactivity with buttons, touchscreens, and motion sensors.

“Integrators have been begging for solutions to the common shortfalls of computerized kiosk management,” says Andy Fliss, VP of sales and marketing for Aurora. “Our answer is to eliminate the computer from the system.” Aurora’s new NX DAP allows audio narration, music, and voice prompts to be stored and triggered directly within the control system. Audio files can begin playback automatically, or they can be triggered by user interactions or time of day. For example, motion sensors could be placed throughout an exhibit to trigger playback of specific audio files based on a visitor’s position. Whatever the scenario, the WACI solution allows it to be done with a single local controller with integrated playback device, and no computer is necessary.

The NX DAP has the ability to play locally stored MP3, WAV, or WMA audio files. Playback is up to 20 bits and delivered simultaneously to left and right analog and digital (SPDF) outputs. The NX-DAP also provides line-level volume control. Local file storage is on the WACI controller as files and/or playlists, and holds up to 4GB on CompactFlash. Audio files can be changed over the network via standard FTP. Control features include shuffle, playlists, and action triggers during track playback.

Aurora continues to develop line extensions and accessories for the WACI NX. Since the WACI (Web Accessible Control Interface) control system was first launched in 2002 Aurora has seen an exponential increase in interest in the product line. With dramatically increased frequency, design-build firms are specifying WACI NX control in their proposals.

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