What's New: Audio Technology

The compact EAW NTL720 self-powered line-array loudspeaker system features a three-way design and numerous other EAW-patented and proprietary technologies. The entire enclosure face of each NTL720 mo 1/01/2008 7:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Audio Technology

Jan 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

EAW NTL720 self-powered line-array loudspeaker system


The compact EAW NTL720 self-powered line-array loudspeaker system features a three-way design and numerous other EAW-patented and proprietary technologies. The entire enclosure face of each NTL720 module is filled by a full-sized mid/high horn providing 110°×12° dispersion. This extreme horn size ensures broadband pattern control throughout the entire MF/HF pass-band. Six 1in. dome tweeters configured in two vertical columns (each with three tweeters) produce high frequencies. Dual 6in.-cone woofers handle the MF range with minimal space between the MF and HF components, enhancing coherency and improving overall off-axis response. The LF section features two 6in. LF drivers positioned in EAW's proprietary phase-aligned approach.
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New version 2 software for the Edirol M-16DX digital production console includes Cakewalk Sonar and Apple Logic modes that allow users out-of-the-box control of these powerful DAWs. Not only can users assign knobs on the console to the DAWs' equivalent software controllers, but the new software can also be used to control other software that has a MIDI learn facility, such as Propellerhead Software Reason, Ableton Live, and many soft synths. This enables any user to make full use of the 54 hardware knobs and numerous assignable buttons on the mixer surface.
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3DAA-HW Active Ambient in-ear microphones headphones from Sensaphonics


The hardwired 3DAA-HW Active Ambient from Sensaphonics is designed as a standalone system for drummers, keyboardists, and other stationary performers. It uses highly sensitive, precision-equalized microphones embedded in soft silicone earphones to pick up stage ambience with natural sound quality and accurate directional cues. This binaural ambient signal is sent to the compact 3D-HW body-pack mixer, where it is combined with the monitor feed from the console with zero latency. The microphones keep the ears fully sealed, allowing the performer to have normal conversations and hear audience response with the earphones still in place.
▪ Sensaphonics |


The Bosch Communications Systems IRIS-Net v1.4 software platform for amplifiers features three new hardware objects for control and configurations: Electro-Voice Dx38, Dynacord DSP244, and programmable wall stations (PWS). New DSP objects include a gain sharing automixer, FIR DSP blocks, improved graphic EQ blocks, DSP window text boxes, and DSP superblocks for creating and storing preconfigured DSP structures with parameters and settings. Additional software enhancements in this version include a new project generator tool for creating amplifier-based projects complete with device labeling, DSP settings, group configurations, and controls from basic user input.
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The digital audio signal generated by a digital mic is less susceptible to electrical noise than an analog signal. Texas Instruments' (TI) new I2S audio codecs — the 4-channel TLV320AIC34 and the stereo TLV320AIC33 and TLV320AIC3106 — can accept either a bitstream from a digital microphone or differential or single-ended inputs from a traditional analog microphone. The codecs also feature low power consumption and noise-filtering capabilities to maximize battery life, as well as support for an 8-kilosample-to-96-kilosample-per-second sampling rate and a signal-to-noise ratio of 102dB for digital-to-analog conversion and 92dB for analog-to-digital conversion.
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The Point Source Audio CO-5 low-profile microphone features affordable speech optimization for use in houses of worship. The omnidirectional, back-electret condenser, earworn microphone can handle 125dB of sound pressure, and it is available for purchase with a 3.5mm locking mini-connector for Sennheiser Evolution wireless body-packs; a Hirose 4-pin connector for most Audio-Technica body-packs; or the TA-4F, which fits most Shure wireless body-packs.
▪ Point Source Audio |


Artison's new RCC 300 in-wall subwoofer, a compact version of the company's RCC 600, is built for smaller rooms or installations requiring multiple subwoofers within a larger space. Reactance-canceling Configuration technology provides vibration-free bass from an enclosure that disappears in a customer's environment. The RCC 300 features the bass-performance equivalent of a 10in. floor-standing subwoofer, but its space requirements are small, allowing it to be mounted directly into a 2"×4" stud wall.
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