Wideband Solutions Introduces Simphonix Si-400

WideBand Solutions, a provider of audio conferencing equipment, introduces Simphonix Si-400 for the continually merging AV, IT, and business telephony markets. 2/08/2007 8:28 AM Eastern

Wideband Solutions Introduces Simphonix Si-400

Feb 8, 2007 1:28 PM

WideBand Solutions, a provider of audio conferencing equipment, introduces Simphonix Si-400 for the continually merging AV, IT, and business telephony markets. Using the next generation of speech processing algorithms, the Simphonix Si-400 delivers unmatched performance without the complexity of other systems. Additionally, the Simphonix Si-400 functions as a standalone solution or can be easily integrated into a larger, existing system.

WideBand Solutions has incorporated technology from its best-selling WebCall WC301 product into the Simphonix Si-400, enabling hundreds of digital and VoIP telephones to turn easily into high-quality conferencing systems. WideBand Solutions was the first to introduce this technology to the industry back in 2004 and has now included it in the Simphonix line with an expanded list of manufacturers and systems that it is compatible with.

Simphonix Si-400 is designed with hardware and speech algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing—delivering clean, loud, and clear audio. It features acoustic echo cancellation (AEC); noise reduction; auto-mixing with voice activity detection (VAD); digital, VoIP, and analog phone lines; cross point automatic gain control (AGC); web management; and voice reinforcement.

“The Simphonix Si-400 offers two key elements: It integrates to the next generation of telephony and provides new features for today’s videoconferencing systems,” says Lonny Bowers, president of WideBand Solutions. "In our experience, the performance of installed conferencing hardware is dependent on the skill level of the install technician. The Si-400 ensures the same performance results regardless of the skill level or experience of the installer."

Using newly developed AEC technology with a high tolerance to a variety of conditions, the algorithm deploys an adaptive non-linear processor that passes speech, eliminating many compromises found in competitive products. During doubletalk situations, the Simphonix Si-400 can operate at 20Hz-20KHz, without changing the frequency response. With up to 15dB of noise reduction available for each mic/line input, the system also employs cell phone noise reduction (CPNR) to reduce unwanted noise from callers in loud environments without digital artifacts or compromises to speech. It also permits amplified speech with a mouse click for voice reinforcement, without compromising the transmit quality.

Simphonix Si-400 has the ability to connect to today’s digital and VoIP phones, while an analog connection can also be used simultaneously. For a variety of applications, phone and conferencing ports internally bridge for the added benefit of phone-add to a video or web conference.

Using a matrix to route audio and automatic gain control (AGC) at each cross point, Simphonix Si-400 maintains consistent levels for a variety of conferencing needs without having to tweak levels to accommodate for variations between internal, external and bridge calls. Deployments across a corporate campus or internationally can be centrally managed through a network connection for remote based web management.

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