Associations Focus: Accenting Enrichment

NSCA focuses on member instruction, InfoComm announces a surge in certification, and CEDIA Expo offers a wealth of professional resources. 6/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Associations Focus: Accenting Enrichment

Jun 1, 2007 12:00 PM

NSCA focuses on member instruction, InfoComm announces a surge in certification, and CEDIA Expo offers a wealth of professional resources.




InfoComm is proud to announce that more than 6,500 AV professionals have earned the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential. This marks more than a 44-percent increase in CTS holders since January 2006.

“The AV industry recognizes that its future success is tied to providing quality products and integration services to customers," says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., executive director of InfoComm International. "Increasing reliance on InfoComm’s CTS program is indicative of the AV industry's strong commitment to training its workforce and providing exemplary customer service."

InfoComm's move to secure ANSI/IS0/IEC 17024 accreditation for the CTS program has also increased interest in the program. ANSI also officially accepted InfoComm's letter of intent to formally begin the application and review process that will ultimately lead to the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Accreditation of the CTS and CTS-I exams. Other ANSI accreditation applicants include Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA.

"InfoComm is committed to aligning with world-class organizations and corporations," Lemke says. "Having a certification program that is accredited with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 is a logical next step for the CTS program and supports the AV industry's phenomenal growth and credibility."

Moving toward ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Accreditation requires a change in testing procedures, including offering CTS and CTS-I tests at conveniently placed secure testing centers around the world. The CTS designation is for AV professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the science and technology used in communications including audio, video, display, and systems. Audiovisual industry technicians, engineers, designers, salespeople, customer service personnel, managers, and executives are among those eligible to take the general certification exam. Advanced certifications in design and installation, known as CTS-D and CTS-I, are also available. These require at least two years of industry experience and a higher skill level than the general CTS designation.

CTS testing will be available throughout this June's InfoComm show. A certification prep class will also be offered.

For more information about InfoComm International, visit

Associations Focus: Accenting Enrichment

Jun 1, 2007 12:00 PM

NSCA focuses on member instruction, InfoComm announces a surge in certification, and CEDIA Expo offers a wealth of professional resources.




Simplicity is key in today’s working life. It’s just human nature to wish for anything that will make your professional life easier. Luckily CEDIA has created just that—CEDIA Expo.

CEDIA Expo makes your life easier with one-stop shopping for everything you need to excel in the residential electronic systems industry. In fact, you’d have to read dozens of magazines, visit hundreds of manufacturers, and spend several weeks away from your business to get everything CEDIA Expo offers in just one intense week.

You get the most exhibitors (including many you can't find anywhere else), the most product introductions, a comprehensive education, opportunities for industry networking, and the most prestigious certification.

In 2006, Expo brought more than 28,000 attendees and more than 600 exhibitors together. The stage has been set as CEDIA prepares to host its 18th annual Expo at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver Sept. 5-9. This year’s Expo is expected to be better than ever. Registration officially opened June 1, 2007, and early-bird discounts end July 11 at midnight PST.

Not only will you spend a jam-packed week attending hundreds of CEDIA University course offerings, you will also visit hundreds of exhibitors, and take in priceless knowledge from the exceptional keynote speakers. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the special events CEDIA has arranged for you.


Make CEDIA Expo rock by participating in the CEDIA Rock or Ride Giveaway.

Visit all exhibitors’ booths listed on the game card received onsite. Collect all 10 stamps for a chance to win an autographed guitar by Ted Nugent and his Supergroup band and another guitar autographed by Credence Clearwater Revival, or a custom CEDIA Chopper 2600cc Carefree Custom edition. The final drawing will take place Sunday, Sept. 9 at 1:30 p.m.

Terms and conditions apply. All participants must comply with these terms and conditions to be eligible. Visit for the complete version of the terms and conditions.


The CEDIA Expo Golf Outing kicks off the week on Tuesday, Sept. 4 with a great opportunity to network with peers within the residential electronic systems industry. The outing, which takes place at one of Denver’s most scenic golf courses, offers a relaxing environment that integrates opportunities to conduct business. Voted among the “Best Places to Play in Colorado” by Golf Digest magazine, Arrowhead Golf Club features dramatic views and breathtaking elevation changes.

As always, many great prizes will be available along with food and drinks. The format for the outing is a scramble in which each golfer plays from the best drive. Come and see just how far you can hit the ball in the mile-high conditions. Registration opened on June 1, 2007, and space is limited to the first 144 registrants.


Don’t get stressed out at CEDIA Expo. Take advantage of the CEDIA Expo Massage Area located on the street level in the main concourse near the Rock or Ride Giveaway Area. Masseuses will be on hand to relax your muscles and rejuvenate your mind. Massages are completely free to all attendees. So loosen up this year at CEDIA Expo.

These are just three of the special events CEDIA has arranged. For more detailed information about these events, or for additional events, visit and download the 2007 registration brochure. Also, for additional information contact CEDIA at (800) 669-5329.

Still not convinced? See it for yourself. Visit to watch a video clip of the 2006 CEDIA Expo.

Registration is now officially open and early-bird discounts end July 11 at midnight PST.

Mark your calendar now. See you in Denver!

For more information on CEDIA, visit or call (800) 669-5329.

Associations Focus: Accenting Enrichment

Jun 1, 2007 12:00 PM

NSCA focuses on member instruction, InfoComm announces a surge in certification, and CEDIA Expo offers a wealth of professional resources.




The best thing about knowledge is that it can be shared, making everyone wiser. Those subscribing to this notion will be interested to learn that the NSCA Education Department is now accepting proposals for educational presentations to be given at next year's expo. Expo 2008 exhibits are scheduled for Feb. 21-23, 2008, with the conference being held Feb. 19-23, 2008.

Expected to draw approximately 10,000 attendees, Expo 2008 will feature a full slate of workshops and seminars dedicated to systems integration and convergence. Special focus will be given to advanced- and expert-level classes covering both technical and business matters.

All proposals from prospective workshop/seminar leaders must be received at NSCA headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by close of business on July 1, 2007. Proposals can be submitted online at Contact Chad Sowers at or (800) 446-6722 for more information


While on the topic of education, the NSCA Education Foundation announced that it has received $150,000 to fund student outreach, scholarships, and memberships in the 2007-2008 fiscal year. In addition, the foundation will provide financial assistance to industry professionals as well as develop and fund curriculum for industry programs.

The contributions come to the foundation based upon the cumulative results of an industry challenge by Shure and Atlas Sound that encouraged the rest of the industry to contribute $100,000 to the cause. Under the terms of the joint challenge, once this goal was met, Shure and Atlas would then raise the ante at a rate of $25,000 each in matching funds, bringing the total to $150,000.

"The program was an overwhelming success," says Shure U.S. vice president and general manager, Al Hershner. "We even met our goal three months ahead of schedule. Special thanks needs to go to our friends at Atlas Sound, who matched our 'matching' commitment, and to everyone else who contributed."


With all this talk of getting smarter, it's definitely worth noting that the Essentials of Systems Integration V.06 CD-ROM is now available to corporate members.

“The Essentials CD is a great resource,” says Jerry Hanson, executive vice president of Standard Electronics. “The employee review forms and HR documents have saved us the time and money it takes to research, design, and implement the forms. The CD more than pays for the cost of our NSCA membership.”

A valuable resource including more than 650 industry-standard forms and agreements widely used in human resources, legal, financial, and other matters, the disk lets you wisely dedicate more time to billable hours and less time to routine policy and paperwork. Corporate members can quickly customize an employee manual template to suit their own needs, write a world-class business plan, effortlessly draft a tuition reimbursement form, and more with the templates available on the CD-ROM.

Corporate members who have already renewed their membership for 2007 should have received a copy of the disk by mail. Others can renew today to obtain the disk before their renewal date or upgrade to a corporate membership to receive this benefit. Contact Jodi Montgomery at or (800) 446-6722 for more information.

For more information about NSCA, visit or call (800) 446-6722.

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