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Digital Extras for PRO AV Magazine 12/07/2007 6:04 AM Eastern

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Digital Extras for PRO AV Magazine

September 2008

Check out the complete equipment lists for the Entertainment Install That's a Wrap
as well as complete equipment lists and slideshows for the winners of the PRO AV Spotlight Awards!

Previously in DIGITAL EXTRAS

June 2008

View the complete equipment lists for:
Museum Install A Stitch in Time and Hospitality Install Friends in Low Places.

May 2008

View the complete equipment lists for:
Entertainment Install Casino Royale and Corporate Install They Shoot, They Score.

April 2008

View the complete equipment lists for:
Corporate Install Idea Factory and Retail Install Harley Owners Get Their Disneyland.

March 2008

From Educational Install Teamwork Reigns:
Here is a complete list of equipment Hoffman Video Systems installed in the Galen Center's main arena.

February 2008

From Residental Install All Aboard: Visit the company Web sites and see a full list of the equipment used on the Endless Summer II installation.

From Education Install: Even Better Than the Real Thing: Visit the manufacturer's Web sites and see a full list of the equipment used at Xavier University.

January 2008

From PRO AV Intelligence Greening Lessons: Find a LEED school near you, learn more about green programs for schools and colleges, and read the January 2007 PRO AV cover story, Pro AV Goes Green.

From Government Install By the People: Check out additional photos from the City of DeLand's new city hall as well as the full equipment list, and links to all the companies.

From Entertainment Install In the Final Frame: Get a full list of the equipment used in AllFam Bowling and Entertainment Center, as well as links to the companies.

From 10 Wireless Microphone Problems:
Learn about the science of radio waves, refer to a chart showing how the type of cable you use can cause signal loss at 200 MHz and 800 MHz, and get links to online scanner and frequency finders.

From What's Next A Peek at Pico Projectors: Find links to the Web sites for companies currently developing pico projectors.

December 2007

From Rental and Staging Install Into Thin Air:
Please visit the company Web sites to view more information about digital projectors, companies and products mentioned in the article.

From Education Install Professional Quality:
Green is all the rage these days, and Ball State University ensured that its newest building was state-of-the-art eco-friendly. Find out how the AV equipment fits into that plan in Environmental Impact. Plus, links to the companies in this story.

From The Great Divide:
Are you also experienced difficulties with manufacturer's tech support? Check out Mark Mayfield's blog posting on the AV-IT convergence, and share your stories with your colleagues.

From Security in a Wiretapped World:
More information about AV security risks and solutions

Check out additional ViMiC system diagrams for Virtual Jam Session. Plus get links to more information on virtual jam sessions, including the researchers' AES presentation.

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