Focus On AV in Education: New Products

By Laura Dixon 5/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Focus On AV in Education: New Products

May 1, 2007 12:00 PM

By Laura Dixon

TT-02u presentation tool


Elmo USA's new TT-02u presentation tool enables K-12 instructors to incorporate exciting visual technology and classroom presentations into their daily lesson plans. The affordable tool offers a level of interactivity and spontaneity that static OHP transparencies or one-dimensional, pre-planned laptop and desktop computer lessons simply do not. Elmo's TT-02u 42.4X zoom with autofocus feature captures crisp and detailed images. It also has a simple control panel for easy operation, removable stage, versatile input/output connections, and the ability to capture live images.

Phantom Mic Rider DSP


The Sabine Phantom Mic Rider is available for gooseneck, podium, or handheld microphones. Features of the phantom-powered DSP include the proprietary FBX Feedback Exterminator algorithm; automatic gain control; and proximity effect control, which reduces excess bass sound as the user gets closer to the mic and maintains flat frequency response at all distances from the mic. Installation and setup are fast and easy, and once installed, the adaptive functions of the Phantom take care of feedback, gain, and clarity. The controls (hidden beneath the security cover) allow simple adjustments to customize the Phantom for any situation.

Telepresenter M3 Series 2 multimedia capture appliance


The NCast Telepresenter M3 Series 2 multi-media capture appliance offers graphics resolution of 1920×1200 (WUXGA) for both input and output and HD capture resolution from 720p to 1080i. The appliance also offers the ability to upload pre-composed templates, allowing customers to better manage the creation of presentation layouts; the implementation of a scheduler based upon Google Calendar allowing customers to start and stop an unlimited number of telepresenters around the world; and enhanced FTP push-and-announce utilities.

SC28 system controller


The new SC28 system controller from QSC features preset tunings designed to optimize the performance of QSC loudspeakers. The easy-to-use, two-input, eight-output DSP device offers user-adjustable EQ and delay to facilitate quick and easy system setup. The SC28's audio quality is rooted in 48kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion technology with 32-bit, floating-point DSP offering wide dynamic range and low distortion. Balanced, line-level, analog XLR connectors are provided at all inputs and outputs, while all DSP tunings incorporate InfiniteImpulse Response (IIR) as well as Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filtering.

PA-2 dual-channel power amplifier card


Biamp's new PA-2 dual-channel power amplifier card provides integrators with a cost-effective, turnkey solution for power amplification in any Audia-powered system. Ideal for small- to medium-size venues, PA-2 cards enable any AudiaFlex to directly power 4Ω, 6Ω, or 8Ω speakers, eliminating the need for extra separate amplifiers, which saves power and rack real estate and reduces overall project time and cost. The cards can be configured from 5W to 30W dual-channel and from 10W to 60W mono-bridged. An upgraded AudiaFlex can support up to 12 PA-2 cards with a total power output of 120W, providing ample power without compromising processing power dedicated to other DSP functions.

SmartMount SR flatpanel TV carts

Peerless Industries

Peerless Industries' new SmartMount SR flatpanel TV carts for 32in. to 60in. flatpanel screens weighing up to 150lbs. are equipped with 4in. non-marking casters to deliver optimal flatpanel screen mobility and versatility in education facilities. Two casters lock in place to provide stability when the cart is not in motion. Metal or tinted-glass shelves offer space for AV components weighing up to 50lbs. each. Three cable management ports located on the back of the cart enable easy routing of cords and cables. These features also make the SR carts an excellent option for digital signage applications in hallways or lobbies.

MVX VGA A matrix switchers

Extron Electronics

New Extron Electronics MVX series matrix switchers are available in I/O sizes of 12×12, 16×8, and 16×16. With wideband performance and convenient 15-pin HD connectors, the matrix switchers are ideal for applications such as conference rooms, classrooms, computer training labs, mobile and emergency operations centers, rental/staging, and videoconferencing facilities. The switchers provide 300MHz (-3dB) RGB video bandwidth fully loaded, and they are housed in compact, rackmountable enclosures. Advanced audio features include input gain and attenuation control and output volume control.

DV-D01U 1RU DVD player


The Tascam DV-D01U 1RU DVD player features HDMI high-definition output; bidirectional RS-232 control; component, S-Video, and optical outputs; playback of both NTSC and PAL discs (region codes apply); and HDCP compliance. The player supports a wide range of discs, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Video CD, Super Video CD, and DVD-Audio. Audio is available through optical digital and analog RCA connectors. Digital outputs can pass Dolby Digital and DTS surround streams for later decoding. It includes a wireless remote and a powered loading tray. The player also features multiple playback modes, including slow motion and frame-by-frame playback, power on play, aspect adjustment, selectable-scan mode, tray-lock, FVPP, and progressive scan.

LEX2 graphics system


The Chyron LEX2 graphics system replaces the company's LEX, LX, and HX200 systems, providing advanced features and scalability to HD. It can be configured with up to two channels and two optional clip players, and the Chyron Lyric Pro 7 advanced creation and playout software application, driven by Chyron InterFuse technology. The cost-effective single- or dual-channel system comes equipped with an integrated video mixer and an optional audio mixer, optional 3D DVE, and a second video input. The LEX2 features seamless creation to playout, realtime 2D/3D animation, and automatic aspect ratio conversion. The system supports fast-paced live coverage in a range of settings, from networks to university stations.

Engineered Sound wired mics


The Audio-Technica Engineered Sound wired microphone line offers more than 50 new models for a comprehensive assortment of gooseneck, hanging, boundary, lavalier, and handheld microphones. UniGuard protection has been added to every model to provide complete immunity to RFI. The updated ES microphones are also fully RoHS-compliant. Other new features include the innovative PivotPoint rotating connector on ES961 and ES961RC boundary microphones, superior off-axis rejection for improved gain before feedback, and an 80Hz UniSteep filter for removal of unwanted low frequencies without affecting vocal quality.

Carbon XA2 and Carbon XA4 modular amplifiers


AMX Carbon XA2 and Carbon XA4 modular amplifiers extend the number of speakers supported by each Matrix audio zone by as many as 12 additional speaker pairs. The 4-channel Carbon XA2 amplifier supports two speaker pairs, while the 8-channel Carbon XA4 amplifier supports four speaker pairs. Both products provide 60W of sound per channel and support 8 and 4 speakers. Like all of the products in the Matrix line, both Carbon amplifiers include AMX's advanced Speaker Wire Technology for simple, plug-and-play installation.

TLP-XD2000U LCD projector


The Toshiba TLP-XD2000U LCD projector is designed for mobile professionals, educators, corporate trainers, and small- to medium-size businesses, as well as consumers for digital home entertainment. The 6.2lb. unit features 3LCD technology for excellent color reproduction and an impressive 2000 ANSI lumens for a bright display in any setting. With a native XGA 1024×768 resolution and a 600:1 contrast ratio, the projector offers superior image quality for fine spreadsheet detail and crisp, clear, larger-than-life images for digital home entertainment such as video gaming and televised sports. Other enhancements include one-touch auto setup on a fully loaded presentation remote and a blackboard function that allows wall-color adjustment when projecting on a non-screen surface.

RC-8IR media/room controller

Kramer Electronics

Kramer Electronics' new RC-8IR universal media/room controller is the first model in a new Kramer RC series of media/room controllers for training rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, and presentation environments. The all-in-one remote control panel for AV and AV-related equipment in presentation environments features Ethernet-based programming and communication capabilities. The 8×15 wallplate is capable of executing 15 commands from each of its eight backlit buttons and outfitted with eight communication ports — two IR, one Ethernet, two relay contact closure, two RS-232 (bidirectional), and one RS-485 (bidirectional) — delivering up to 120 commands.

Belden Brilliance BNC and RCA connectors


The Belden Brilliance family of AV products for the professional broadcast and entertainment industries now includes BNC and RCA connectors available in both straight and right-angle versions. The connectors feature solid, one-piece construction, plated in either nickel or gold, with gold-plated center pins. They have two independent compression points to seal and hold the connector onto the miniature coaxial cable and ensure electrical contact. Both connectors offer a cable retention force of greater than 40lbs.

VBrick/Clearvue & SVE content solution

VBrick Systems

VBrick Systems and Clearvue & SVE, a business unit of Discovery Education, will provide pre-loaded Clearvue & SVE content for VBrick's EtherneTV digital video system. The turnkey solution accelerates K-12 digital video system deployments, simplifies administration, and provides schools with a library of engaging videos that foster active learning. Teachers are able to show informative videos to the classroom at the click of a button. Users can expand the EtherneTV video system to stream live content, record classroom lectures, and deliver webcasts.

hai1000 encoder/decoder system

HaiVision Systems

The HaiVision Systems hai1000 multistream H.264 encoder/decoder system features all-digital input and output options for use in telepresence, medical communication, and distance education applications. The new option boards for the hai1000 system include an SDI input module supporting embedded AES/EBU or separate analog audio, a similar SDI output module, and an HDMI video output module with both digital and analog audio support. The codec enables audio and video from multiple cameras and displays to be transmitted over the Internet. The new hai1000 platform is based on H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) compression technology and supports high-definition 720p output at 60fps.

StagePas 500 portable PA system


The Yamaha StagePas 500 portable PA system features two two-way loudspeakers and a 10-channel stereo-powered mixer. Each speaker contains a 10in. woofer and 1in. compression driver, driven by an efficient 250W (×2) Class D amplifier. The mixer features balanced XLR connectors, mic/line switches, balanced 1/4in. jacks, two-band channel EQ, and switchable 24-bit digital reverb. The first two channels feature a compressor/limiter switch that controls dynamics on those inputs. The easy-to-use 10-input, portable stereo PA is perfect for schools, churches, and corporate multi-media presentations. Stereo-out, monitor connections, and RCA connectors with separate level control for a tape recorder or a CD are located on the front panel.

VSA-31 AV switch

Hall Research

The Hall Research VSA-31 AV switch integrates AV switching, projector control, video transmission over UTP, and audio amplification in one package. It is composed of a transmitter configured as a four-gang wallplate and a small receiver. The transmitter provides individual buttons for selecting among two PCs or a TV (S-Video or composite) source. It sends the selected input signal to a receiver via two Cat-5 cables up to 750ft. away. The system features a built-in stereo audio amplifier with volume control to drive 4 or 8 speakers directly. The switch also issues control commands to projectors or LCDs for power on/off and source selection. The VSA-31 supports resolutions up to 1600×1200 and features automatic long-cable compensation for any length of UTP cable to 750ft. No power supply is needed for the wallplate because power is supplied via the Cat-5 cables from the remote unit.

PMD560 compact digital recorder

D&M Professional

D&M Professional's PMD560 compact digital recorder provides users working in recording environments including education, corporate, and houses of worship with easy one-touch digital recording capability to cost-effective CompactFlash media cards or Microdrives. Uncompressed WAV files can be recorded at 44.1kHz or 48kHz, and high-quality MP3 files can be recorded in mono (at 64kbps) or in stereo (at 128kbps). Using a standard 1GB CompactFlash card, the PMD560 can record more than 1.5 hours of stereo uncompressed audio, more than three hours of mono uncompressed audio, more than 17 hours of stereo MP3, or more than 35 hours of mono MP3 audio.


MPS-100 presentation system


The Crestron MPS-100 presentation system integrates a multimedia switcher, audio processor and amplifier, and control system into an easy-to-install 2RU rackmount package. The system provides switching of two video inputs and three RGBHV sources. Each video input can be configured as composite, S-Video, or component supporting HD video sources up to 1080i. The DB15HD inputs support RGBHV signals up to WUXGA (1920×1200 pixels). Two outputs are provided, each independently switchable to support dual displays or a single audience display plus preview. One output uses conventional BNC and DB15HD connectors comprising separate composite, YC, YPbPr, and RGBHV signals. The second output offers a choice of QuickMedia or CH Cat-5 balanced video.

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