Focus On Corporate AV: New Products

EVI-HD1 robotic camera Sony Sony's first high-definition robotic camera, the EVI-HD1, is designed for videoconferencing, distance learning, houses of 2/01/2007 7:00 AM Eastern

Focus On Corporate AV: New Products

Feb 1, 2007 12:00 PM

EVI-HD1 robotic camera


Sony's first high-definition robotic camera, the EVI-HD1, is designed for videoconferencing, distance learning, houses of worship, and corporate training. The single chip-based, pan/tilt/zoom camera features multiformat capabilities to output both standard- and high-definition video so users can easily migrate from SD to HD. It uses a 1080i CMOS sensor to deliver HD resolution in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The camera can be used with compatible codecs and systems from other manufacturers, due to its ability to output standard-definition video (YC and composite), high-definition analog component (Y, Pub, Pr), or digital HD-SDI.

Solo Tabletop wireless microphone


Revolabs' Solo Tabletop wireless boundary microphone can be paired with the Solo Executive or Solo Desktop wireless microphone systems to provide additional flexibility in conference room layout and design. The new Solo Tabletop is compatible with either the Solo Executive 4- or 8-channel systems, or the standalone Solo Desktop system. Revolabs products contain MaxFlex technology, which allows any combination of up to 16 (24 in Europe) Solo Wearable and Tabletop microphones to be used in a single area. The mic also features a range of approximately 100ft., 128-bit digital encryption, and rechargeable batteries.

ETV 4.0 video management system

VBrick Systems

VBrick Systems' EtherneTV 4.0 (ETV 4.0) enables corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations to capture, manage, and distribute video to create environments that share information, monitor facilities, and broadcast training and announcements to anyone at any level — live or on demand. A key feature of the new ETV 4.0 is the ability to monitor, track, and report on user-specific data.

Twisted-pair AV Interface


Teq AV/IT's new twisted-pair (UTP/Cat-5) product line features transmitters, 1×4 distributing transmitters, receivers with a range of 500ft. and 1,000ft., and a repeater-receiver that allows transmission of AV signals up to 2,000ft. Teq AV/IT offers a number of ready-to-install kits, including the basic Qik-Install Kit that comes with a transmitter, a receiver, a VGA input cable, and a 50ft. Cat-5 cable. The new product line is the ideal solution for customers that are looking for an economical and quick-to-install interface for one or more projectors, plasma displays, or LCDs. Twisted-pair AV products allow an existing Cat-5 infrastructure to be used for AV signal transmission, saving time and installation and material cost.

Beacon LCD projector


Boxlight's Beacon LCD projector features a brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens, a resolution of 800×600 (true SVGA) or 1280×1084 (SXGA compressed), and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The projector is HDTV compatible, with multiple inputs and automatic keystone. A built-in ambient-light feature automatically detects the lighting in a room and adjusts accordingly (brighter or dimmer) to save lamp life. The 6lb. projector includes 15-pin VGA, composite, S-Video, component, and mini-jack audio inputs and RGB, USB, and RS-232 outputs.

P100 document camera


The HDTV-ready Elmo P100 document camera is designed to enhance corporate presentations by providing sharp, accurate color images and detailed close-ups that can be observed from many points of view. A 1.35-megapixel CMOS image sensor captures and displays objects in realtime, overcoming the stroboscopic effect caused when the zoom adjusts itself as the subject is moved or changed. The camera is designed for use with either 4:3 or high-definition 16:9 monitors. Presentations can be given using slides stored on an optional SD card to eliminate the need for a PC or other hardware.

XD435U-G DLP projector


Mitsubishi's XD435U-G DLP projector allows educators and business presenters to streamline presentation setup and present PC-free using the integrated USB memory port reader. Its compact 6.4lb. design also makes it a good choice for use on a multimedia cart. The native XGA projector operates at 2500 ANSI lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio for use in classrooms and conference rooms with ambient light, as well as in large meeting rooms. The integrated USB memory port can be used to set up an eye-catching display in a tradeshow booth.

Smart Board 4000i rear-projection interactive whiteboard …

Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies' new rear-projection Smart Board 4000i interactive whiteboard features a 3000-lumen SXGA DLP projector (1400×1050 resolution) with a short-throw lens and a contrast ratio of 2500:1, as well as a 66in. shadow-free screen, all housed in an all-in-one mobile multimedia cabinet. Integrated projector controls located at the front of the unit make start-up and operation simple and convenient.

TLP-XC2500U LCD projector


Toshiba's TLP-XC2500U LCD projector features 2500 ANSI lumens, XGA 1024×768 resolution, and 400:1 contrast ratio, as well as 3-megapixel resolution, 16X zoom, and a built-in LED light. The projector also incorporates an advanced document camera. Users including teachers, corporate trainers, mobile professionals, and small- to medium-sized businesses can simply extend the camera arm from the projector and position it to use photo samples, printed documents, blueprints, microscopic images, three-dimensional objects, or close-up views of demonstrations in their presentations. The 8.8lb. projector also incorporates a removable palm-sized control panel specially designed with a self-assigned password for theft prevention. Other features include a presentation remote allowing one-touch auto setup and digital zoom, and instant power shutdown capability.


Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics' new double-sided mobile LCD display can show two entirely different pictures or sets of visual data simultaneously on the front and back of the same screen. Other conventional double-sided LCDs can only show a reverse image of the same video data. The breakthrough LCD product makes use of Samsung's new double-gate, thin-film transistor (TFT) architecture. The new LCD has two gates that operate each pixel instead of one, so the screen on the front can display different images than the one on the back. One side of the panel operates in a transmissive mode, while the other operates in a reflective mode. By using a unique reflective design that uses the light trapped in the opposing screen's transmissive mode, the reflective mode does not rely solely on external light sources such as the sun.

Simple Information Lifecycle Manager (SILM) information manager


Sanbolic's Simple Information Lifecycle Manager (SILM) allows files or volumes to be migrated or copied from one volume to any other volume the server has access to. With Melio file system and LaScala volume manager, users can aggregate multiple storage arrays into a centrally managed pool of storage and provide multiple Windows workstations or servers concurrent read and write access to data over Fibre Channel or iSCSI connections. SILM's universal connectivity support allows users to deploy it in a mixed storage environment and simultaneously use it across direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, storage area network, and removable media, as well as different interfaces such as FC, SCSI, iSCSI, SATA, PATA, and solid-state disk.

VP-23N switcher

Kramer Electronics

The VP-23N switcher from Kramer Electronics switches 4×1 650MHz (-3dB) composite video, 4×1 385MHz S-Video (Y/C), and 4×1 350MHz (-3dB) computer graphics video, each with balanced stereo audio. The switcher features high-bandwidth 158MHz (-3dB) Cat-5 cable, microphone input level control, and audio level (gain) controls for each output. A talk-over button microphone input signal mutes the line audio output when a microphone detects sound. The device includes front-panel, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, and IR remote control, as well as front-panel lockout. It is designed for a wide variety of presentation and multimedia applications.

MM860 motorized wall mount

Peerless Mounts

Peerless Mounts' MM860 motorized wall mount provides for flexible viewing of flatpanel screens. Designed for commercial applications, the MM860 allows viewers to extend the screen up to 12in. from the wall, swivel left or right from 20 degrees to 32 degrees, or tilt 25 degrees down and 7 degrees up to avoid glare or reflections. The remote-controlled mount accommodates screens up to 60in. and 180lbs.

BrightSign digital signage controller


Roku's BrightSign digital sign and kiosk controller offers an economical turnkey solution for businesses to promote their messages on flatscreen and HD displays in locations including stores and tradeshows. Content can be created using off-the-shelf photo- or video-editing tools. Common tasks such as playing a looping video or slide show are accomplished by simply dragging and dropping files onto a Compact Flash card. In addition, Roku's BrightScript scripting language enables new interactive features for digital signs. The controller easily mounts to walls, shelves, or cabinets and connects to both standard VGA LCD monitors and high-end HD displays. Other connectivity options include component video, a USB keyboard, analog or USB speakers, a touchscreen, a custom button panel, an IR remote control, and Ethernet and serial ports.

Revoluto microphone station


Beyerdynamic's Revoluto microphone station is designed for use with the MCS-D 200 conferencing system to provide superior sound reproduction without the use of a gooseneck microphone. Using line array technology, the microphone capsules in the Revoluto create an omnidirectional pattern, allowing the speaker to move around without affecting the volume or sound quality. A multi-capsule design provides additional redundancy with no loss of pickup. In addition, the mic station's low-profile design provides a clear view of the speaker.

Swing-arm mount

Chief Manufacturing

Three swing-arm mounting solutions for flatpanel screens measuring 40in. to 65in. are available from Chief Manufacturing: the PDR dual-arm, the PNR dual-arm, and the PWR single-arm mounts. The Reaction mounts are ideal for digital signage applications and provide post-installation height adjustment. Chief's proprietary CableTrac system allows for quick and easy routing of cables through the mount arms. G-Force technology enables users to perform gravity-centered tilt and smooth adjustment without tools.

DVB102 distribution amplifier

Analog Way

Analog Way's DVB102 (Dual Versatile Booster) distribution amplifier comes with two buffered output channels for high-resolution computer signal driving. The amplifiers enable long-distance transmission of graphic card signals. Up to three DVBs can be mounted on an optional Analog Way rack shelf for improved integration. The distribution amplifier is ideal for use with large-screen projector, video projection, and conference room applications.

BizGuardian memory recovery

Breece Hill

Breece Hill's BizGuardian is a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and recovery appliance. The BizGuardian automatically scans the network to discover new desktops, notebooks, or servers, and then backs them up to disk without the need for manual intervention. Backup operations are automatically adjusted to ensure all computers are protected, and AES-encrypted tapes are created for safe offsite storage.

VPL-CX21 and VPL-CS21 3LCD projectors


Sony's VPL-CX21 and VPL-CS21 3LCD projectors offer 2100 ANSI lumens of brightness and XGA resolution and SVGA resolution, respectively. In addition to six preset projection modes that alter the contrast, brightness, and color, the models offer Advanced Intelligent Auto Setup and Auto Focus so that the projector will set itself up when the on button is pressed. Designed for mobile users in business or school environments, the lightweight projectors weigh just 4lbs.

Multipoint multipoint control unit (MCU)


LifeSize's Multipoint is a high-definition Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) designed to support multi-site conferencing for up to 24 simultaneous locations with 720p video quality and high-fidelity audio. The product's architect is designed to preserve the true high-definition quality for all sites when used with LifeSize video communications endpoints.


CP-X608 3LCD projector


Hitachi's CP-X608 3LCD projector brings a new level of functionality to presentations. First, the projector connects to a PC wirelessly, allowing presenters to use a control bar on the computer instead of a remote control to turn the projector on and off and adjust the volume. For additional flexibility, the CP-X608 can also accept inputs from HDD media players, USB storage devices, and SD cards. The projector has the ability to output data received by the control computer via LAN from an external memory device to provide presenters with a much wider range of material from which to choose. It also features compatibility with a variety of formats, including MPEG4, JPEG, BMP, and PNG, and Auto Slide Show and Endless Play functions. A multi-screen function can be employed for conferences — images from up to four computers can be shown on the screen simultaneously. Any of these can be selected for showing on the full screen.

The CP-X608 can be remotely controlled and maintained through a LAN network connection. The network functionality makes it easy to control multiple projectors in different rooms and to monitor for functions such as remaining lamp life. A brightness of 4000 ANSI lumens allows users to present material without having to darken the room. Features including Motion Adaptive Progressive Scan, 3:2 pulldown, and noise reduction allow the projector to project even moving pictures with high image quality. The 28dB Whisper mode provides a quiet environment for presentations, while four built-in 16W speakers provide dynamic, clear sound without having to connect to external speakers. An active iris and a 1000:1 contrast ratio provide high contrast during dark or bright scenes. The projector also features Whiteboard and Blackboard modes that tailor the brightness and color balance to the projection surface.

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