Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more 6/11/2009 7:32 AM Eastern

Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more


The new Room Combine 788 is the latest addition to the Symetrix Integrator Series of purpose-built, SymNet-based processors. The Room Combine 788 is designed to combine up to eight microphones and four background music sources in as many as eight different rooms. According to the company, the processor can be used in hotels, banquet halls, schools, conference venues, or other facilities where the dynamic allocation of space and resources is required. In addition to providing input processing, automatic mixing, and loudspeaker management, the Room Combine 788 permits assignment of microphones and background music into various spaces in predetermined combinations. Symetrix. 425-778-7728.

New at InfoComm '09

Aurora Multimedia's new WACI NX-22 and WACI NX-44 control processors are the company's first to offer integrated Bluetooth microphone capability for voice-lift applications, according to Aurora. Additional features include a built-in audio player with volume control for internal audio mixing management, VoIP, and intercom and paging systems. The NX-22 offers two serial, IR relay, and I/O ports, while the NX-44 includes four of each. Both IP control systems provide a native network that can operate via Ethernet connection. The Web Accessible Control Interface (WACI) serves as the "ambassador" between the Ethernet and intelligent electronics, the company says. Aurora Multimedia. 732-591-5800.


The Calypso Systems CB-5000 is a wall-mount touch controller for K-12 environments. The touch screen allows teachers to incorporate information from multiple AV tools into the classroom discussion and toggle between media inputs, the company says. Capable of remote monitoring and control, the networked controller enables administrators to operate devices from a central location, schedule automatic device shut-down in the event the devices are inadvertently left on, or issue e-mail alerts if devices are removed. Calypso Systems. 888-381-9646. www.calypso


TV One's newest analog video scaler, the 1T-VS-434 PC/HD Cross Converter, is designed to convert between a wide range of RGBHV and YPbPr resolutions and refresh rates, says the company. It automatically detects the input resolution, which can be in either RGBHV or YPbPr format, and it accommodates input and output resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p/60. The scaler can also take a 480i or 576i Component video signal and convert it to PC or HD resolutions. The output resolution and refresh rate are selected via push-buttons on an on-screen display.TV One. 800-721-4044.


Extron's new SSP 7.1 is a high-performance, five-input surround sound processor designed to provide up to eight channels of surround sound for corporate and commercial environments. It automatically detects and decodes audio content in various Dolby and DTS formats from DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and HDTV broadcasts. It also offers Dolby Pro Logic II/IIx and DTS Neo:6 processing to provide surround sound from two-channel stereo. The SSP 7.1 features coaxial and optical digital inputs, plus an analog balanced/unbalanced two-channel input. Designed for pro AV integration, the chassis is a compact, rack-mountable metal enclosure. The processor supplies RS-232 serial control as well as balanced line-level outputs. Extron Electronics. 714-491-1500.


RGB Spectrum expanded its Linx family of CrossXFormat routing switchers with the Linx 1700 16x16 switching solution for environments with DVI and analog RGB sources. The Linx 1700 incorporates the company's CrossXFormat architecture, internally converting analog RGB inputs, processing them through the switcher, and outputting them as DVI. Designed for facilities in transition from analog video to DVI, the Linx 1700 accepts any mix of RGB and DVI signals, according to the company. Configurations include eight or 16 inputs and eight or 16 outputs. Supported resolutions include 1920x1200, 1920x1080p, and 2048x1080p. RGB Spectrum. 510-814-7000.

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Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more

New at InfoComm '09

Magenta Research's Mondo DHD is a full matrix-switching platform for 1080p/60 and 1920x1200 digital video, audio, and duplex RS-232. Scalable and expandable, the solution is based on a configurable building-block chassis that can stand alone or be cascaded, the company says. Field-installable input/output modules and the integrated cascading features enable matrix dimensions from 16x16 to 96x80. A single 6RU chassis serves as a 32x32 switch, while input and output links to and from the switch are implemented via native digital video cables, UTP, and/or fiber over distances from a few feet to more than six miles. Magenta Research. 860-210-0546.


Datavideo's newest video switchers are the SE-3000 and SE-2000. The SE-3000 includes 8/16 HD-SDI inputs and one DVI-D input, paired with SD program and preview output, one DVI-D multiview output, HD-SDI program output and preview output, and Composite, Component, HD Component, and S-video outputs. It also has Tally, GPI, RS-232, and RS-422 I/Os. The SE-2000 is a compact SDI switcher with three HD-SDI inputs, one DVI-D input, and one selectable HD-SDI or DVI input with two HD-SDI Components, one HD Component, and one DVI-D output. The switcher also features RS-232 control and Tally I/Os, plus four balanced audio input channels with a four-channel audio mixer and meter. Datavideo Corp. 562-696-2324.

New at InfoComm '09

The new VP-728 ProScale from Kramer is a nine-input presentation scaler/switcher that incorporates IDT HQV video processing technology. The VP-728 is HDTV- and HDCP-compatible, offering 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HDTV output resolutions, in addition to other user-selectable predefined output resolutions and one user-definable setting. Using Kramer's FTB (Fade-Thru-Black) switching, the system can switch among nine inputs that include three-wire universal video inputs on RCA connectors, two computer graphics video inputs on 15-pin HD connectors, and two HDMI inputs. There is also a USB input for uploading JPEG images and installing firmware updates. Kramer Electronics. 888-275-6311.

New at InfoComm '09

The PixiePlus AV device controller from SP Controls is a control system that mounts into a single-gang wall box with a Decora form factor. Providing up to eight customizable control buttons, the system comes with a standardized control interface that works with projectors, monitors, display devices, and other AV devices. There is one serial port and one infrared port, to which multiple emitters can be linked so that multiple serial devices or IR devices can be controlled in parallel. IR can be learned and replicated through the unit's onboard learning algorithm, the company says. Serial control requires a separate programming tool in order to enter RS-232 codes. SP Controls. 650-392-7880.

New at InfoComm '09

The nTouch Series of control interfaces from MediaMatrix by Peavey consists of touch-screen, interactive controllers designed to remotely control audio systems that have been designed in MediaMatrix NWare software for the company's NION platform. The nTouch 180 and nTouch 60 feature full-color, resistive touch-screen panels that measure approximately 7 inches and 2.4 inches, respectively. Both panels display and control projects hosted on a MediaMatrix NION or nControl processor. MediaMatrix. 601-486-1293.

Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more

New at InfoComm '09

Electrosonic's VN-Quantum Connect multi-image display processor supports a variety of input and output combinations for integrating and scaling multiple video and graphic images onto one or more displays. The VN-Quantum Connect can size and place up to 128 windows anywhere across multiple displays via its control software and supports connected analog or digital inputs to WUXGA and outputs to 1920x1080p, including SXGA+. It also supports a combination of up to 84 video inputs, 14 RGB or DVI inputs, and 14 independently processed outputs. Electrosonic. 818-333-3602.

New at InfoComm '09

MediaPointe's new VIDi 10 digital network streamer adds flexibility to the company's VIDi line, the company says. Providing HD 1080i AV streaming for IPTV, the VIDi 10 is well suited for use in hotels, universities, airports, corporate boardrooms, and other areas that utilize HD digital signage, streaming telepresence meetings, medical, military surveillance, houses of worship, and other applications, according to MediaPointe. MediaPointe. 805-480-3700.


The new QMOD-HD HDTV Modulator from Contemporary Research converts PC-driven HD VGA and Component signals into an HDTV digital cable channel. According to the company, the QMOD-HD is a cost-effective solution for distributing digital signage and HD subscriber sources using existing broadband coax cabling in sports, retail, and entertainment facilities, corporate offices, colleges, schools, and houses of worship. The QMOD-HD accepts HD VGA and Component analog video plus digital or stereo audio, converting the inputs into a 720p/1080i MPEG-2 digital media stream. The unit then formats and amplifies the signal as a QAM digital cable channel. Contemporary Research. 972-931-2728.


The Isys TPS-17G-QM from Crestron, announced earlier this year, is a 17-inch G-Series touch panel with dual video, RGB, and HDTV displays. Its widescreen display offers an extra-wide viewing angle, while QuickMedia (QM) connectivity provides simplified system design and installation, says the company. In addition to QM connectivity, the touch panel's QM-TX transmitter functions like the IMC module in the company's TPMC-15/17 models to connect conventional AV sources and PCs. The QM-TX transmits signals up to 450 feet on a single Cat-5e cable. Crestron Electronics. 201-767-3400.

New at InfoComm '09

Avocent's Emerge MPX1550AP HD Access Point allows AV pros to deliver IP-based audio/video extension solutions for large-scale venues with multiple floors or buildings, such as universities, theme parks, hospitals, and airports, says the company. When combined with Avocent IP wired/wireless MPX1550 HD transmitters and receivers, the Access Point extends audio, video, serial, and IR signals from a source to distributed display devices. The Emerge MPX1550AP HD Access Point supports HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and YPbPr video formats. Audio support includes HDMI and unbalanced analog. Serial and IR pass-through allow control of source and display devices, while central management is through an on-board Web server. Avocent. 954-746-9000.

Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more

New at InfoComm '09

The GefenTV Digital Audio Processor integrates high-definition video systems and existing amplified audio systems using a single HDMI source for plug-and-play connections, says the company. The processor accepts one HDMI input and offers two outputs: one passes through to the HDMI display or projector, one decodes the audio for a direct connection to existing audio systems. The audio can be output in either digital or analog format, with the processor capable of up-sampling, down-sampling, decoding Dolby, and passing through high bit-rate formats. Gefen. 818-772-9100.

New at InfoComm '09

The ZM-24 transceiver module from Remote Technologies is among the company's new two-way enabled devices. The ZM-24 can receive and transmit signals at 2.4 GHz to create a self-healing wireless mesh network. According to the company, this configuration creates a bidirectional communication link between ZigBee-enabled RTI control processors and handheld remote controls. With the ZM-24, feedback, such as song metadata or volume level from supported devices, can be viewed on the remote control. Multiple ZM-24 transceiver modules can be widely deployed to provide control of large areas. RTI. 952-253-3100.


Furman is rolling out its new P-2400 AR and P-2400 IT systems, the latest additions to the company's Prestige Series of power conditioners. The P-2400 AR is a 20A rack-mountable voltage regulator/power conditioner with Furman's True RMS Voltage Regulation Technology. It provides 120-volt output (+/- 5 volts) from any input voltage ranging from 97 volts to 137 volts, the company says. As a power conditioner, the P-2400 AR features the company's SMP/LiFT/EVS technologies for pro-level protection and linear AC noise filtration. The P-2400 IT is a 20A rack-mountable, symmetrically balanced power conditioner, offering more than 80 dB of common-mode and more than 50 dB of differential-mode noise reduction. It also provides isolation from line, neutral, and ground, as well as the same pro-level technologies as the P-2400 AR. Furman. 707-763-101.

New at New at InfoComm '09

The HaiVision Barracuda compact H.264 encoder supports SDI, S-video, and Composite video inputs, and addresses various IP video users by supporting such features as HiLo Streaming. The Barracuda is compatible with industry-standard set-top boxes, and now integrates with the recently acquired Video Furnace System 5, the company's end-to-end H.264 IP video solution with InStream desktop player. The Barracuda comes as a standalone appliance or in a 4RU rack-mount chassis for up to 21 Barracuda mini-blade encoders. HaiVision Network Video. 877-224-5445.


Alcorn McBride is showcasing its new DVM-8400HD Digital Video Machine HD video player, offering 30 Mbps maxiumum playback rate in a compact chassis with no moving parts. Video can be copied and stored directly on CompactFlash cards or transferred via USB or Ethernet. The video clips can be triggered via contact closures, play lists, real-time schedules, RS-232, Ethernet, or GPS-tracked geographical zones. A front-panel knob and display provide status and access to configuration options. The DVM-8400HD can be mounted in racks, under tables, behind monitors, or in other areas, according to the company. Alcorn McBride. 407-296-5800.

New at InfoComm '09

The DIDO LT Video Wall Processor from Aurora Multimedia lets integrators design videowalls with up to 64 monitors. On-screen menus ease setup, and input and output resolutions can be customized to match the displays' optimal settings. Image-enhancing capabilities include motion adaptive de-interlacing, low-angle direction interpolation, color correction, and image zoom and shrink. An event scheduler allows special effects to be scheduled locally and between DIDO units. Aurora Multimedia. 732-591-5800.

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