New Products: September 2007

QVS VGA swivel adapter and connector, Bosch Communication Systems loudspeaker, Digit Professional LCD monitors ... 10/17/2007 6:56 AM Eastern

New Products: September 2007

QVS VGA swivel adapter and connector, Bosch Communication Systems loudspeaker, Digit Professional LCD monitors ...

VGA swivel adapter and connector
VGA swivel adapter and connector

QVS has developed a new line of VGA swivel adapters and cables. According to the company, the swivel VGA connector rotates up to 360 degrees without affecting the cable's performance. Wired with three coax and four twisted-pair conductors, these cables are compatible for PC & RGB applications. Designed to allow users to get closer to the wall on wall-mount applications, the swivel connector also helps to reduce cable stress by saving device ports from constant wear and tear. The swivel line is available in lengths of 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and port savers come with male to female connectors on the ends. Price: N/A. For more information, contact QVS at 800-344-3371 or at

Dynacord Variline

The new Dynacord Variline range from Bosch Communication Systems delivers acoustic performance and multi-functional hardware accessories for fixed or mobile applications. The VL262 full-range cabinet features dual neodymium 6.5-inch woofers and a 1-inch compression driver mounted to a CAD-optimized 90 x 40 horn that rotates. The unit's compact footprint, maximum output (125 dB SPL), and 300 watts continuous power handling make it suitable for high SPL applications where space is limited. Coupled with Dynacord Power-H remote control DSP amplifiers, FIR presets which optimize performance, the system produces linear-phase and equal magnitude response over the operating bandwidth of 90Hz to 20kHz. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Bosch Communications Systems at 952-736-3935 or at

LCD monitors
Digit Professional

Digit Professional introduces the ProDVX Osprey MPC metal Panel PC with touch screen. Targeting digital signage, information kiosks, video systems, and industrial automation applications, the product is available in four different display sizes: 12, 15, 17, and 19 inches. Featuring a rugged metal housing and waterproof display front, the Osprey MPC is only 2.2 to 2.4 inches thick. A variety of inputs and output ports provide peripheral connectivity, and its operating system supports WinXP Pro, XPe, and Windows NT 4.0/2000. Offering a high-brightness TFT LCD as well as built in audio speakers, the series incorporates resistive and surface wave touch technology. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Digit Professional at 734-677-0840 or at

QSC Audio Products

Offering three models, ranging in size from 2,500 to 8,000 watts, QSC Audio Products has unveiled the PowerLight 3 series of amplifiers. Offering a choice of DSP with remote control and monitoring via BASIS or analog input operation, the lightweight, 2RU lineup facilitates networked functionality or none at all. Each PowerLight 3 model offers high input voltage and selectable sensitivity, which can be adjusted via a series of rear panel switches with color-coded LED indicators. The 8,000-watt model, the PL380 combines a pair of 4,000-watt Class-D amplifier channels with the company's PowerLight power supply to offer more than twice the audio horsepower of any previous 2RU PowerLight amplifier. Within the PL380 circuitry, reactive “back EMF” from the loudspeakers is recycled into the power supply to help promote an efficiency rating of 85%, according to the company. Models PL325 and PL340 share the same feature set as the PL380, albeit matched to upgraded versions of the company's most advanced linear, Class H amplifier platform. Increased power supply capacitance in both amps is responsible for boosting 2-ohm power ratings to approximately 2,000 watts per channel in model PL340, and 1,250 watts per channel in the PL325. Price: PL380, $2,735; PL340, $1,633; and PL325, $1,253. For more information, contact QSC Audio Products at 800-854-4079 or at

Short-throw projector

According to the company, the BOXLIGHT CP755ew projector from BOXLIGHT Corp. has the shortest throw of any comparable product with a throw ratio of 1.0~1.2, allowing a 100-inch diagonal image from 6.5 feet away instead of 10 to 12 feet using standard projectors. Offering 3,000 lumens, the CP755ew enables users to unplug the unit and go, thanks to built-in battery-powered fans. Other features include 3-D comb filtering, auto brightness detection, auto keystone correction, and 120% zoom. Price: Less than $2,300. For more information, contact BOXLIGHT at 800-762-5757 or at

Desktop videoconferencing system

The HDX 4000 series from Polycom is a desktop video conferencing system that offers the company's UltimateHD experience, including HD voice, HD video, and HD content-sharing capabilities. The system works with Polycom's conference room and telepresence video systems as well as other standards-based, IP video conferencing systems, supporting any video collaboration application, including those that require the optimal HD video, voice, and content clarity for natural communication and collaboration across distances. Designed to fit on an executive desktop as a personal system, at a small table, or in a small conference room, the system supports up to four people on camera. The HDX 4000 features: an integrated 20-inch 16:9 display that can double as a PC monitor; a built-in HD camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability; integrated dual HDX microphones, high-fidelity speakers and subwoofers; an HDX video conferencing codec; and a stand with an integrated keypad. Available in two models, the HDX 4002 (HD 720p system) and the HDX 4001 (SD 480p system) offer optional network interfaces for access to ISDN or satellite networks. Price: Starting at $7,999. For more information, contact Polycom at 800-POLYCOM or at

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