Technomad Amps Get Rugged

Technomad Associates rolled out the PowerChiton at InfoComm, a series of compact, durable and weatherproof power amplifier modules. 6/18/2008 9:09 PM Eastern

Technomad Amps Get Rugged

Technomad Associates rolled out the PowerChiton at InfoComm, a series of compact, durable and weatherproof power amplifier modules.

Technomad Associates, which makes weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems, this week rolled out the PowerChiton at InfoComm (booth C3613), a series of compact, durable and weatherproof power amplifier modules. The company also debuted a commercial version of its military player/recorder called Schedulon.

The PowerChiton is fuse-protected and capable of powering a four-ohm load to drive a pair of loudspeakers. It uses a single passive radiator for amplifier cooling and eliminates all moving parts in the module to minimize failure points. It's optimized for the Technomad Vienna-16, Noho C and Berlin weatherproof loudspeakers, but company officials said the PowerChiton modules could be used with any two-, four- or eight-ohm loudspeaker.

The PowerChiton offers Ethernet, twisted pair and wireless interface options. Each module can be used with standard distributed line-level audio but has available expansion options to enable it for use within an Ethernet network, RDL twisted-pair installations, or FM wireless distribution systems.

The PowerChiton modules should begin shipping in early July and are available in three sizes: 130, 250 and 500 watts. Each module comes standard with mounting feet for installation. Optional accessories include pole mount adaptors and specialized hardware to install the modules on the back of Technomad loudspeakers. The company told PRO AV the high-end models would run about $1,500.

In addition, Technomad showed off its new Schedulon, an automatic MP3 player and recording system for themed entertainment, music playback, simulated environments, and commercial security applications. Schedulon is akin to Technomad's popular SuperConductor player/recorder used in military and homeland security applications, but it also offers flexible scheduling and recording features.

The system provides instant playback of up to 99 knob-assigned, user-loaded audio files from a password-protectable, front-panel screen, and allows automatic playback on a user-defined schedule based on an internal clock or synchronized network time server. Operators can interrupt automatic messages and play a knob-assigned siren or emergency announcement from an internal sound library in critical situations.

"The Schedulon gives operators the freedom to flexibly schedule and record sounds that match the environs of the venue or installation site," said Rodger von Kries, vice president of Technomad. "For commercial security, the Schedulon can interface with audio distribution equipment to trigger alarms and pre-recorded emergency messages over PA loudspeakers, serving as a powerful message repeater and campus-wide alert system. Although manual operation is a benefit for instant playback of audio, the scheduling feature ensures operators are not tied down to monitoring the playback operation."

Users can control or program the unit through a Web browser or through the dial interface on the front of the system. It comes with 1GB of USB flash memory that plugs in behind secure metal plate. The memory holds all music and scheduling information and can be unplugged, duplicated, and then moved to other Schedulon systems.

Company officials said Schedulon would cost about $1,800. It can also be purchased as part of a Technomad Turnkey PA system, which includes Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers, cables, mounting brackets, a dynamic microphone with cable, and a 6RU rack enclosure featuring a two-channel amplifier and a six-channel mixer.

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