What's New: Audio Technology

LOUDSPEAKER SLS Loudspeakers' new CM141CC small-format loudspeaker is intended for high-quality background music playback in settings such as retail, 3/01/2007 7:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Audio Technology

Mar 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon


SLS Loudspeakers' new CM141CC small-format loudspeaker is intended for high-quality background music playback in settings such as retail, restaurants and hospitality, and home theater surround-sound applications. The 5in.-square compact loudspeaker is equipped with SLS' high-performance PRD100 planar ribbon transducer for accurate high-frequency presentation up to 40kHz. The PRD100 is mounted coaxially with a hi-fi quality 4in. polycone woofer. Delivering 110-degree sound coverage, its sleek design is available in high-gloss white or black. The speaker includes a wall-mount bracket and barrier strip inputs.
▪ SLS Loudspeakers


Beyerdynamic's Revoluto microphone station is designed for use with the MCS-D 200 conferencing system, using patented line-array technology to provide superior sound reproduction without the use of a gooseneck microphone. The station's omnidirectional pattern allows speakers to move around without affecting the volume or sound quality. The Revoluto features a multi-capsule design for redundancy with no loss of pickup. All stations are equipped with two LEDs, which alert the speaker when he or she is out of range of the microphone. The station also features the NetRateBus network, which provides transmission of fully digital audio as well as data management via the conferencing system's cable run.
▪ Beyerdynamic


Danley's SH-25 high-output loudspeaker is seamlessly arrayable both horizontally and vertically. The new loudspeaker delivers 10dB more output than its sibling the SH-50, with 25°×25° beamwidth. The SH-25 is composed of a single 1in. tweeter, four 4in. mids, and eight 6.5in. woofers to cover the frequency spectrum evenly from 80Hz to 18kHz. When four of the 28"×28"×42" units are packed together, the low end drops smoothly to 50Hz. Sensitivity is rated at 104dB, and maximum output reaches 140dB.
▪ Danley Sound Labs


Architectural Acoustics' Prolinx DSP audio processing, routing, and control system supports I/O matrix configurations from 12×12 to 96×36. The heart of the system, the Prolinx DX, can operate as a self-contained system at 12×12 I/O, or users can increase the number of inputs/outputs to 96×36 by connecting additional EX and/or DX units. Built on 32-bit parallel Anaolog Devices Sharc processors, the Prolinx DX has 1320 MIPS allocated to input and output processing and an additional 400 MIPS of processing reserved for signal generation, frequency analysis, and general communications.
▪ Architectural Acoustics


SLS Loudspeakers' 8290 multipurpose portable PA loudspeaker is suited for applications such as multimedia installations, public speaking and speeches, and house and stage monitor usage. The loudspeaker's full-range, passive, high-quality, dual-8in. design incorporates a compact multi-angled cabinet with maximum sound pressure levels. Established as a solution for professional applications that require the highest sound quality and intelligibility, the 8290 is equipped with SLS' PRD500 planar ribbon driver, which is contained within a 90-degree die-cast aluminum waveguide. Its dual 8in. woofers provide increased control in the vertical plane.
▪ SLS Loudspeakers |


Listen Technologies' LR-P11-216 FM single-channel in-ear receiver provides discreet, indiscernible in-ear monitoring designed for use with products such as Listen's 216MHz FM transmitters. The in-ear receiver is ideal for applications where unseen cueing is essential, such as speeches, interviews, and stage performances. Its ergonomic shape allows for comfortable wearing even over extended periods. The unit operates over a range of 49.2ft. to 820.2ft. from the transmitter, permitting the user to move about freely while still hearing cues clearly.
▪ Listen Technologies


Crest Audio's flexible CV-20 live-sound mixing console is designed for applications such as front-of-house and monitoring. The console is available in 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56 mono input configurations, with four-band sweepable EQ and fully parametric mid-frequency control on each mono input. Standard on all CV-20 frames are eight stereo input channels consisting of four mic-line channels and four dual-line channels with the same full assignment capabilities as the mono input channels, plus eight VCA masters, 12 aux masters, eight subgroups, and separate left/right/mono controls that can be fader reversed to allow fader control of the aux masters.
▪ Crest Audio


TOA Electronics' new WM-5270 dynamic handheld wireless mic is optimized for vocal and speech applications, operating in the 692MHz-to-865MHz band with up to 64 available frequencies. It provides 10 hours of transmitter operation from a single AA battery and includes a low-battery indicator light. Other features include a channel selector switch and built-in antenna. A microphone clip, carrying pouch, and screwdriver are all included with the microphone.
▪ TOA Electronics


TOA Electronics' DA-500F-HL and DA-550F multichannel digital amplifiers operate at 85 percent efficiency and consume almost one-third less power than conventional analog amplifiers. Lightweight and only 2RU in size, the new amplifiers are ideal for multi-zone distributed speaker systems and professional sound applications. The new DA-500F-HL can drive both high- and low-impedance speaker loads with four channels of 500W at 70V or 550W at 8V. The low-impedance model DA-550F provides four channels of 550W at 4V or two channels of 1100W at 8V in bridged mode.
▪ TOA Electronics

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