What's New: Audio Technology

Available in 4in., 6in., and 8in. sizes, the SoundTube CM-EZ loudspeakers are designed for rapid, easy installation in ceiling applications. Mounting material thicknesses ranging from 0.25in. to 1.75 9/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Audio Technology

Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Charissa Young


Available in 4in., 6in., and 8in. sizes, the SoundTube CM-EZ loudspeakers are designed for rapid, easy installation in ceiling applications. Mounting material thicknesses ranging from 0.25in. to 1.75in. may be accommodated by SoundTube's proprietary fixed-wing, constant-tension mounting system, which also provides for rapid installation. All units feature sealed-can enclosures and a pressure-fit grille with a tap switch offering easy access to power settings, which include 25W, 70.7W, 100W, and 8Ω.
▪ SoundTube |


The Anchor Audio MiniVox public-address system is capable of delivering 108dB of intelligible speech from one small, self-contained portable sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge. The UHF microphone has a range of 250ft. from the receiver. The system weighs 5lbs. including its wireless receiver, and it is powered by nine C-cell batteries.
▪ Anchor Audio |


The Parasound NewClassic series for custom installations now includes the Model 2100 stereo preamp. The Model 2100 includes seven line-level inputs, one of which can be switched to a phono input with correct gain and load impedance for both MM and MC phono cartridges. Additionally, it features a front-panel input jack for MP3 players with an automatic 12dB gain offset to match the volume level of an iPod with other source components. The preamp also includes analog bass management and creates a sub-out channel with a low-pass filter that is continuously adjustable from 40Hz to 140Hz.
▪ Parasound |


The Beyerdynamic IMS 900 in-ear system, with its SE 900 stereo transmitter and TE 900 stereo pocket receiver components, features 16 pre-programmed UHF frequencies that offer an easy setup and quick sound check. The SE 900 transmitter accommodates up to eight channels per frequency range without interference and includes LEDs for audio levels, combo inputs, and headphone output with volume control. The TE 900 receiver is equipped with a mono/stereo switch and volume and balance control, allowing for instantaneous alterations to the mix, as well as two RF signal antennas to prevent signal dropouts.
▪ Beyerdynamic


The L-Acoustics Soundvision 1.4 3D sound design program incorporates prediction data for the new Kiva system and allows for new coaxial point-source systems to be powered by L-Acoustics' new LA-series amplified controllers. The software retains enhancements from the previous version, including dual-core processor compatibility and the implementation of temporal mapping, speaker grouping, and subwoofer visualization.
▪ L-Acoustics |


The Wisdom Audio Constrained Layer Fiber Composite (CLFC) woofer is designed specifically for the company's new Sage-series high-end architectural audio systems. The woofer provides a narrow-profile, shallow, high-performance solution for an enclosed in-wall cabinet. Working in conjunction with the Sage series' new planar magnetic drivers, the woofers achieve higher sensitivity, higher achievable SPLs at lower frequencies, tighter control, reduced coloration, and improved controlled directivity.
▪ Wisdom Audio


The Tannoy V Series is the natural choice for the design system engineer in acoustically critical applications — such as theaters, acoustic music venues, and houses of worship — providing premium audio performance, vocal intelligibility, and optimum coverage. In addition, it provides accuracy that reinforces the performance while remaining unobtrusive to the audience.
▪ Tannoy |


The Strategy Series II models FAP42T and FAP62T coaxial ceiling loudspeakers from Atlas Sound satisfy the needs of owners, architects, contractors, and consultants by delivering true, high-fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and easy-to-install system. These high-performance systems are perfectly suited for many business music and public-address applications. Both models offer compact profile enclosures and wide dispersion for use with low ceilings.
▪ Atlas Sound |


The EQM131 from Atlas Sound provides basic system equalization for sound-masking or general public-address applications at an affordable price. The 1RU EQM131 is easily connected to any system via rear-panel balanced TRS and XLR jacks. Unbalanced RCA connections are also provided for use with -10dBV equipment. Front-panel-mounted LPF/HPF and level controls are provided along with a switch for +/-6dB or +/-12dB operation and 31 sturdy 20mm filter slide controls.
▪ Atlas Sound |


With a 3,200W peak power output, the Peavey SP FH folded-horn subwoofer was designed for demanding low-frequency sound-reinforcement applications. The sub uses an 18in. Low Rider Black Widow loudspeaker with a 4in. voice coil and Kevlar-integrated cone. Ideal for use in large concert productions, the SP FH registers a focused frequency response from 30Hz to 300Hz and 1,600W of program power. The unit has a nominal impedance of 8V and built-in casters for easy transport.
▪ Peavey |


The X2 XDR95 multichannel 24-bit digital wireless system is purpose-built for live musical performances — from studio to stage, clubs to arenas. The system features proprietary companderless TruDigital format and new Q-DiversityPlus (anti-jamming) technology for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection with a 300in. operating range. A 24-bit A/D converter at the XDT4 body-pack transmitter captures the full dynamic range of incoming instrument, line-level, or microphone signals, and then transfers them in digital format on two separate RF carrier frequencies (odd samples on one, even samples on the other). The XDR4 receiver decodes the signals back into analog audio via a 24-bit D/A converter.
▪ X2 Digital Wireless Systems


TOA Electronics' new F-1000-series and F-2000-series loudspeakers feature two-way bass-reflex design and a high-impact polystyrene enclosure with a 4in. or 8in. low-frequency driver and dome tweeter for use in restaurants, retail, and audiovisual applications. Model options include 70.7V transformer or low-impedance, black or white enclosures, and indoor or weather-resistant versions. All models in the rapidly expanding loudspeaker lineup include a versatile wall/ceiling-mount bracket for easy installation.
▪ TOA Electronics


The Auralex Acoustics SonoSuede system — consisting of HT and Pro models — offers a wide range of decorative options. The SonoSuede Pro system features four 16"×48"×2" back-beveled panels predominantly used for corner trapping, and eight 16"×48"×1" rectangular-shaped back-beveled panels to cover 64 square feet. The SonoSuede HT system consists of four 16"×48"×2" thick back-beveled panels and eight trapezoidal-shaped square-edged panels (measuring 16"×48"×1") to cover 54 square feet.
▪ Auralex Acoustics |


The AES digital version of the Whirlwind Qbox, the AESQbox, generates AES audio from built-in microphone, tone generator, or external audio-input jacks. It decodes AES digital audio and plays it through built-in speaker, line out, or headphone jacks. It operates on battery power or on an included external power supply.
▪ Whirlwind


The Point Source Audio CO-7 microphone is a premium-quality electret condenser ear-worn flexible boom microphone designed for high-SPL voice reinforcement. The CO-7 has an omnidirectional polar pattern and provides for a maximum SPL of 135dB. Standard terminations fit most Shure and Sennheiser body-pack systems. Other connectors are available by request. The CO-7 has a retail price of $399, and it is available in beige, tan, and cocoa colors.
▪ Point Source Audio


The Micropods from Audix consist of a 6in., 12in., or 18in. gooseneck with an M1250 or an M1280 microphone attached. Both these mics are immune to RF, which allows you to use them freely without picking up any interference. The Micropods are normally used with the ATS10 heavy-duty, shock-absorbent base, which is great for public speaking.
▪ Audix |


The KEF XQ series product range incorporates the newest technology upgrades with stylish, elegant finish options. The speakers offer the KEF Uni-Q array with a sophisticated elliptical dome tweeter and a patented Uni-Form flat surround midrange driver for clear vocals and a commanding soundstage throughout the room. Also added in this series is a protective crown-waveguide for smoother and more extended high-frequency response.
▪ KEF America |


QSC PowerLight 3 series amplifiers offer a choice of DSP with remote control and monitoring via BASI, or straightforward analog input operation. The 8,000W-model PL380, operable between 20Hz and 20kHz, combines a pair of 4,000W Class-D amplifier channels with a QSC PowerLight power supply to serve up more than twice the audio horsepower of any previous 2RU PowerLight amplifier. Models PL325 and PL340 in the series are designed for use in lower-power applications. Both amplifiers share the same feature set as the PL380. Every PowerLight 3 model has the capacity to double long-term average power without dumping hot air into the rack, and every model is built in the same chassis size. Other features shared across the line include detented gain controls with 1dB increments and three selectable input gains of 1.2V, 32dB, or 26dB.
▪ QSC |


The Audix MicroBoom is an innovative solution to stage- or platform-mic positioning. Whether it is for choir, theatrical production, or presentation, you can now strategically place your microphones without having to permanently hang them. The MicroBoom is a 50in. carbon-fiber rod that can be used with any condenser microphone in the Micros series. It weighs just 2.5oz., and it can be adjusted to almost any position necessary for use on almost any miking application.
▪ Audix |


Sunfire's new HRS subwoofers feature newly designed High Back-emf drive units and proprietary Tracking Downconverter amplifier technology for cool-running operation. They also feature the company's Frequency Filtration Design (FFD), which provides a minimum of 20-percent improvement in overall bass detail. All three HRS models feature a 1,000W amplifier along with 50 percent more voltage and higher output than competitive models. The HRS-12 model employs a 12in. driver and should be used in rooms measuring 400 square feet and larger. HRS-10 features a 10in. driver for use in rooms measuring from 150 square feet to 400 square feet, and the HRS-8 has an 8in. driver for use in rooms up to 150 square feet.
▪ Sunfire |

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