What's New: Audio Technology

The Williams Sound PPA R1600 FM remote loudspeaker picks up the broadcast of an audio service wirelessly from any Williams Sound transmitter operating at 72MHz to 76MHz and plays it back through 16 u 11/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Audio Technology

Nov 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin


The Williams Sound PPA R1600 FM remote loudspeaker picks up the broadcast of an audio service wirelessly from any Williams Sound transmitter operating at 72MHz to 76MHz and plays it back through 16 user-selectable FM channels. The loudspeaker is ideal for an office, nursery, a cry room, a rehearsal room, or any remote location where the participants need to listen to or monitor the audio service. When used with the Williams Sound T35 transmitter, the R1600 can pick up a broadcast up at a distance of up to 1000ft. The unit can be set on a flat surface, mic stand, or installed on a wall or ceiling with the provided brackets.
▪ Williams Sound


Soundcraft has developed an EtherSound interface card for its Vi4 and Vi6 digital live-sound consoles. The card is designed to fit into the Vi series' local rack or stagebox, and it allows up to 128 channels of audio (64 inputs/64 outputs) to be connected to the rack via a single Cat-5 connection. A second Cat-5 connection allows daisy-chain or redundant-ring topologies. The latter allows for the network to remain uninterrupted in case of a broken cable. Digigram control software can be used to route signals between EtherSound-enabled devices over a standard Ethernet network.
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The VizionWare VZ-S5100 5×1 HDMI switcher and digital audio synchronizer provides five user-adjustable HDMI inputs, each of which offers programmable lip-sync correction with audio delay ranging from 0 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds in 2-millisecond increments. The switcher/synchronizer is designed for maximum-length cable runs, delivering 1080p at the longest lengths possible with current technology, according to VizionWare. It features bidirectional RS-232 and IR control, and rackmount capability for use in whole-house, home theater, or commercial AV setups.
▪ VizionWare |


The Wireworks AESX series of digital cable assemblies feature Neutrik XX-series XLR connectors for improved signal integrity and mechanical enhancements. The new line of cables includes both single-pair and eight-pair 110Ω AES/EBU digital cable assemblies. The single-pair cords provide two digital signal paths and are available in lengths of 10ft. to 100ft., while the eight-pair multi-cables allow for 16 digital signal paths configured with XLR fanouts on each end. Two application-specific models are available: studio select featuring 26-gauge conductors for added flexibility in 10ft.-to-50ft. lengths, and Road-Tough assemblies featuring extra-low-loss 24-gauge conductors and a super-durable cable jacket in lengths from 10ft. to 250ft.
▪ Wireworks |


Aviom's new MH10f Merger Hub with fiber is designed to merge and distribute A-Net datastreams and facilitate audio networking with Pro64-series products. The network hub features 10 bidirectional A-Net ports — eight with EtherCon RJ-45 connectors and two with SFP slots. The 10-port hub supports parallel connections in a Pro64 audio network with integrated fiber-optic connectivity. In Pro64 systems running in auto mode, the device creates a single network stream, which is redistributed through all 10 ports to ensure that all 64 audio channels are available throughout the network, regardless of the physical location of any audio input or output.
▪ Aviom |


Nine new wall-mount Cat-5 balun models have been added to Niles Audio's lineup. They are normally used in complementary pairs with their component balun counterparts to convert a wide range of signals to balanced circuit topology. This enables conventional audio and video signals to be transmitted over long runs of low-cost Cat-5 cabling. Each balun in the series is designed with a specific signal application in mind. Because they feature passive circuitry, the wall-mount and component baluns can be mixed and matched to provide solutions for virtually any installation.
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