What's New: AV Technology

CABLE The XB201DBM, part of Gepco's X-Band line, is an extra-flexible, high-bandwidth microphone cable with a double braid shield for added noise rejection 3/01/2007 7:00 AM Eastern

What's New: AV Technology

Mar 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon


The XB201DBM, part of Gepco's X-Band line, is an extra-flexible, high-bandwidth microphone cable with a double braid shield for added noise rejection — ideal for recording studio facilities or live sound venues. The XB201DBM achieves a wide frequency response and RF/EMI noise rejection by using a gas/polymer dielectric significantly reducing the capacitance, as well as cabling the pairs with a tight and precise twist. As with all cables in the X-Band series, the XB201DBM features Gepco's flexible and durable G-Flex compound.
▪ Gepco |


Liberty Wire & Cable's new QuickLinx 23 and 25 AWG Mini RGBHV cables feature efficient solid-center conductors. The 23 and 25 AWG cables are ideal for serial HD applications, and they offer premium performance for all analog video applications. Their solid-center construction improves signal distance transmission and frequency response by 15 percent over typical stranded-center conductor cables. The solid-center conductors are also fully compatible with Liberty's ConnecTec termination system. In addition, Liberty's one-piece BNC and RCA connectors enable installers to realize times savings up to 60 percent on a typical cable installation.
▪ Liberty Wire & Cable


Sencore's updated ACP6500 calibration software saves setup time by automatically finding the serial port to which the user's VideoPro video generator is connected and making the selection. The updated software also features an added delta RGB measurement interface in the automatic and manual white balance procedures, as well as additional profiled models, bringing the total up to more than 50 models. New enhanced navigation allows users to move quickly from screen to screen, and a redesigned photometer interface provides a robust interface and improved performance.
▪ Sencore |


Sencore's MX399 provides multiple microphone connections to the new SoundPro models SP395 and SP495 for testing, adjusting, and documenting the acoustically averaged frequency response. The multiplexers are used in home theaters, churches, banquet rooms, meeting rooms, clubs, or any other venue in which great sound in the least amount of time is a requirement. They allow users to measure the averaged output of two, three, or four attached XLR microphones, or monitor individual microphones for gain equalization. The MX399 is battery operated and comes equipped with batteries, three standard measurement microphones, and XLR microphone cables.
▪ Sencore |


Intelix's VGADA-2 is a multi-function 1×2 distribution amplifier that supports composite video, S-Video, HD component video, VGA, analog audio, and digital audio. The standalone amplifier is configured for distributing a single VGA signal to two outputs. With the addition of the Intelix universal breakout adapter kit, the VGADA-2 is transformed into a multipurpose distribution amplifier. Multiple units may be linked for scenarios requiring more than two outputs. The unit supports HD resolutions up to 2048×1536 and 400MHz.
▪ Intelix |


ITS Enclosures' Viewstation enclosure protects plasma or LCD displays 32in. and larger. The products are designed to work in indoor and outdoor applications and to protect displays from theft, vandalism, and the elements in venues such as airports, hotels, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, universities, and convention centers. The Viewstation offers pole-, wall-,ceiling-, or custom-mounting options. It comes standard in silver, but can be custom painted to match a décor or a company color scheme. Easily installed by two people, the ViewStation can be maintained by just one person.
▪ ITS enclosures


The HDMI-X HDMI fiber-optic extender from RapcoHorizon Company is designed for high-definition multimedia in applications including video wall systems, large LED sign boards, medical imaging equipment, home theater, and TV broadcast. The extender offers contractors the necessary gear within a convenient, tightly knit, and ready-to-use HDMI installation kit. The turnkey pro AV product is DDC line-compliant and meets HDCP standards, and includes an HDMI transmitter and receiver, as well as an external 12V power supply adapter. Additionally, HDMI-X allows easy transmission of uncompressed digital video and audio up to 100m and can also be applied to WUXGA format.
▪ RapcoHorizon Company


Chief's new line of mounting solutions for medium-sized flatpanel TVs includes fixed and tilt mounts, swing-arm mounts, table stands, ceiling mounts, table stands, and numerous accessorites. The line of products accommodates screens for flatpanel sizes from 10in. to more than 65in. Mounts include the Fusion series' MSR fixed and MTR tilt wall mounts for a low-profile solution; the Reaction series MWR and MWH single-arm wall mounts with Centris technology for effortless fingertip movement of the screen with more than 20in. extension; and the MCS Single ceiling mount with the integrated security Q-Latch system.
▪ Chief |


Lowell's ACSPR-RPC1-2009 120V AC power panel features remote control with surge suppression and auto-reset over/under-voltage protection. The surge suppressor provides GSA Grade A — Mode 1 — Class 1 endurance along with UL1449-2 and ANSI C62.41 surge suppression compliance. The unit's remote power control (RPC) circuitry allows for on/off switching by external DSP timed events. Termination blocks on the rear are provided for remote triggering and on/off functions. Three un-switched outlets (one front, two rear) are available, along with six switched in the rear. An integral override is included for life safety system applications where fire code mandates an alarm interface.
▪ Lowell Manufacturing


Peerless Industries' new OneMount flatpanel wall mount for LCD and plasma screens provides installers with one product that accommodates screens measuring 23in. to 84in. and weighing up to 250lbs. The versatile design offers landscape (23in. to 84in.) or portrait (23in. to 50in.) mounting options. The modular unit is composed of three interlocking wall plates that can be used in one-, two-, or three-plate configurations, depending on screen size. The mount incorporates a wide range of viewing angles with a continuous, one-touch tilt mechanism which provides +15/-5 degrees of tilt.
▪ Peerless Industries


Lowell Manufacturing's ACSPR-2009-VTE and ACSPR-1509-VTE 120V AC power panels feature surge suppression and over/under-voltage shutdown protection. They are ETL-listed 20A and 15A panels respectively, each with five switched and four unswitched outlets. The surge suppressor provides GSA Grade A - Mode 1 - Class 1 endurance along with UL1449-2 and ANSI C62.41 compliance. It defeats surges up to 72,000A using Lowell's Triple Clamping Redundancy (TCR) technology and provides excellent EMI/RFI filtering. Lowell's over/under-Voltage Tolerance Envelope (VTE) circuitry with auto reset is designed to turn all receptacles off when line voltage exceeds 140V or drops below 100V for circumstances such as extended power line surges or brownouts.
▪ Lowell Manufacturing


Gepco's RGB250S series of miniature HDTV component video cables offer superior electrical specifications and ease of termination for use in a variety of video applications such as digital signage, multimedia, and monitors and projectors. The cables feature subminiature 25-gauge solid coaxial elements, providing 3GHz bandwidth; a low-loss gas-injected dielectric; and solid-copper conductors for lower attenuation and simplified connector termination. The cable's flexible and low-friction outer jacket is easy to strip and install.
▪ Gepco |


The Advance AT2C-42JFS addition to Da-Lite Screen's audiovisual cart line handles televisions and monitors up to a 20in. diagonal with a 18"×24" top shelf and adjusts from 32in. to 42in. high. The cart features a slide-out keyboard tray and two flip-down shelves. The AT2C-42JFS features a locking storage cabinet with ventilation slots and a black powder-coated finish. A six-outlet surge-protected electrical assembly is included.
▪ Da-Lite Screen |


Neutrik's Right-Angle Silent Plug is the ideal solution for switching an instrument under load without creating the pops or squeals typically associated with plugging and unplugging a cable from an instrument or amplifier jack. A two-pole, right-angle 1/4in. professional phone plug fits into any 1/4in. stereo or mono jack. The Right-Angle Silent Plug features gold-plated contacts, red coating, chuck-type cable retention and the integrated “Silent Switch,” which is hermetically sealed and, due to its “REED technology”-based design, offers lifetime durability.
▪ Neutrik |


Configured in Christie's North American factory, the new TVC-1100 and TVC-1200 meet customer-specific performance and input and output requirements. The TVC-1200 boasts an advanced video processing architecture, providing high-quality video and the ability to display up to 16 simultaneous videos per display channel. At its core is Christie's MasterSuite 4.1 software, the industry's only display wall management software available in eight languages, according to the company.
▪ Christie |


Neutrik's XXR colored coding rings now expand to fill space between the rear boot and front shell/housing of systems for a more secure and durable fit. Designed for use with the company's XX series, the XXR rings provide faster and easier connections for audio and instrumentation applications. Available colors include black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, and white for easy identification between XLR cable ends and panel mount receptacles.
▪ Neutrik |


Peerless' new line of SmartMount flatpanel TV carts is designed for 32in. to 60in. screens weighing up to 150lbs. Incremental tilt and vertical screen adjustment make the carts simple to position at a perfect viewing angle to reduce screen glare. The SR model carts include either a metal shelf or a tempered glass shelf for AV component storage, plus an internal cable management system to ensure a clean and clutter-free appearance. The carts are UL listed for safety and equipped with 4in. non-marking casters to maximize maneuverability over various floorings and through doorways.
▪ Peerless |

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