What's New: AV Technology

The handheld T4 universal system controller from Remote Technologies (RTI) serves as the company's flagship wireless touchpanel for high-end entertainment systems. The controller provides 9/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New: AV Technology

Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Charissa Young


The handheld T4 universal system controller from Remote Technologies (RTI) serves as the company's flagship wireless touchpanel for high-end entertainment systems. The controller provides complete access to all of the functions of home theaters and other multicomponent audio/video systems. It uses a touch-sensitive, full-VGA color LCD that provides full control over any size system with a graphics-based interface that is intuitive enough for anyone to pick up and use.
▪ Remote Technologies (RTI)


The PathFinder matrix switcher family from FSR is a ground-up development aimed at bringing a new level of performance to matrix switching. PathFinders are available for composite, S-Video, HD component, and RGBHV. The stereo audio option provides balanced and unbalanced stereo audio switching with independent input trim control and output volume control. The PathFinders are available in sizes from 8×8 to 16×16, including 12×8 and 16×8.
▪ FSR |


The Neutrik EtherCon Cat-6 series offers a rugged patch-cable solution including metal housing for RJ-45 cable connectors that protect the connector against mechanical load. The cable is equipped with Neutrik's chuck-type strain relief with a separate push-pull locking mechanism to prevent accidental unplugging. Developed to meet the rising requirements of data volume, transfer rate, and bandwidth, it is perfectly suitable for Ethernet applications — especially in harsh, demanding environments.
▪ Neutrik


The iPure AV2400 power conditioner from Leveler Protective Technology not only controls voltage completely, but also dissipates excess amperage without diverting any energy to ground. The power conditioner features noise and surge filtration that treats all AC power lines — line, neutral, and ground — simultaneously. The device is designed to deliver pure, constant power to sensitive electronics, eliminating 99 percent of AC line noise. The iPure can also improve by 30 percent the power efficiency of electronics systems, providing increased electrical capacity and making more power readily available for big AV component demands.
▪ Leveler Protective Technology


Designed to fit the industry's top-selling projectors weighing up to 75lbs., the PDS Plus universal projector mount from Premier Mounts is a direct response to requests for a very low-profile universal mount with dedicated mount features. Ideal for retail, corporate, hospitality, and education applications, the PDS Plus is designed to meet precise projector positioning and ease of installation. The mount has four-axis tilt and rotational adjustments, and it features the Lock-It security system.
▪ Premier Mounts


The new Spectrum series of motorized screens from Elite Screens comes with a choice of a white case and a 4:3 aspect ratio for the commercial/office demographic or a black casing for a (16:9) home theater format. The material is matte white (1.1 gain) with a built-in infrared receiver and 12V trigger. A hardwire three-way wall box is included along with an IR remote and extended “Eye” receiver for recessed-ceiling installations. After-market accessories such as RF and IR universal learning remotes are also available. Other features include simplified direct power connection, an internal RF receiver, and a two-year warranty.
▪ Elite Screens |


Altinex AVSnap software is an easy-to-use AV design and control software for consultants, sales engineers, system designers, installers, and AV integrators. Combined with Altinex MultiTasker, this software can provide a customized graphical user interface to control any equipment through RS-232 or TCP/IP ports. AVSnap operates as a standalone program, fully compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista. AVSnap allows AV system design, documentation, presentation, and control all in one easy-to-use application.
▪ Altinex |


Dnp's new Supernova Core screen is the latest complement to a line of high-quality screens allowing projection even in brightly lit environments. The Supernova Core is an easy-to-assemble, frame-mounted version that provides all the benefits of Supernova Screen technology in an easier-to-install format. Available in a wide variety of sizes up to 120in., Supernova Core comes complete with an attractive black velvet frame.
▪ Dnp


The Gefen 1:8 HDMI Cat-5 distribution amp distributes any HDMI source signal to any eight HDMI displays, allowing for an easy extension of each display over Cat-5 cables up to hundreds of feet in distance.
▪ Gefen |


The NI-3100 NetLinx integrated controller from AMX is designed to meet the advanced control and automation requirements within a large area or between multiple rooms. It integrates up to 31 distinct control ports, a front-panel programming port, and Ethernet and AXLink connectivity — all in a 2RU enclosure. It includes 64MB of onboard RAM and 128MB of CompactFlash.
▪ AMX |


The DD-D110 DVI distribution amplifiers from Aurora Multimedia allow one digital video source to be split into multiple digital displays. The built-in amplification function enables DVI signal distribution without signal loss. Source based on the single-link DVI standard. The patented optical-conversion technology enables noise-free and high-resolution (UXGA) extension up to 328ft.
▪ Aurora Multimedia


RTI's new XP-8 high-end control processor automates the operation of electronic systems in homes and office buildings. The combination of a fast MPU, realtime/multitasking operating system, and unlimited expandability make the XP-8 the perfect solution for large-scale and complex projects. The system incorporates a powerful 32-bit, 200MHz XScale processor and 32MB of non-volatile Flash memory for faster response and advanced command storage.
▪ Remote Technologies (RTI)


The Wireworks MMB8D cabling system is an ideal solution for problems involving interfacing DB25 analog and digital connections to XLR connectors. The MMB8D MiniStageBox can be rackmounted or used as a rugged standalone interface. Offering true AES/EBU 110Ω rugged jacked cable combined with Neutrik Black/Gold connectors, the versatile MMB8D is available in various gender combinations with either analog or digital wired DB25 connectors mounted on the rear, or with a 4ft. tail for in-rack direct connection.
▪ Wireworks |

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