What's New: AV Technology

Communications Specialties' Pure Digital Fiberlink 7250 series transmits RGB resolutions up to UXGA and stereo audio over two single-mode 5/01/2006 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New:
AV Technology

May 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon


Communications Specialties' Pure Digital Fiberlink 7250 series transmits RGB resolutions up to UXGA and stereo audio over two single-mode or multimode fibers. Each fiber may be connected to either input on the receiver unit without affecting system operation. In addition, there may be up to a 65ft. difference in length between the two fibers. The system is compatible with display devices supporting up to UXGA (1600×1200) resolutions, plus HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p (RGBHV format only). The fiber-optic system requires no adjustments, equalization, or de-skewing. It uses all-digital processing and transmission, operating at 1310nm wavelength.
▪ Communications Specialties
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The Hybrid Audio and Data Multipair cable, the latest addition to Link's eurocable line, provides strength and flexibility for portable applications, while maintaining exceptional electrical properties. The cable is designed to facilitate audio drive rack and data signals and features 12 and 24 individually jacketed, shielded audio pairs with two integral Cat-5 UTP Ethernet cables for data and/or digital audio transmission. Each analog pair consists of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wire, with an aluminum/mylar foil shield and jacket, and the Cat-5 consists of four data pairs (24AWG) and overall tape. Available in 1,000ft. lengths on wooden reels.
▪ Link USA |
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Communications Specialties' new Fiberlink 6610 visible-light-source, fiber-optic test device enables convenient on-site testing of fiber networks. It provides a visible 650nm laser output that can be used for identifying fiber breaks and individual fibers within fiber bundles. It works with single-mode and multimode fiber and provides output via a universal adapter. Two AA batteries provide up to 30 hours of operating power.
▪ Communications Specialties
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Communications Specialties' 2006-2007 Edition, Volume 8 product catalog and technical resource CD includes detailed information on the entire line of Pure Digital Fiberlink all-digital fiber-optic transmission systems, plus the families of Scan Do scan converters and Deuce video scalers. Also included are product manuals, CAD outline drawings, bid specifications, TECHnique application notes, and the popular EduGuides on fiber optics, scaling, and scan converter technologies.
▪ Communications Specialties
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Communications Specialties' Fiberlink 6620 three-wavelength light source offers a laser output at wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm and VCSEL output at 850nm. The light source operates with either single-mode or multimode fiber and provides output via ST connectors. An 8.4V rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of operating power. A standard, non-rechargeable 9V may also be used.
▪ Communications Specialties
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Polycom's QSX 2.0 webconferencing appliance is designed for quick and easy content sharing via the Internet. The upgrade allows users to instantly share a live view of a computer screen with remote locations over the Web, or with other locations using QSX or Polycom VSX videoconferencing products. To use the appliance, users simply connect their computer to the QSX VGA cable. The QSX user interface provides a convenient informational screen that shows presenter/viewer locations and connection information, as well as the web address and login information for remote participants. At remote locations, up to 10 participants can view a QSX-enabled computer screen from any standard web browser.
▪ Polycom |
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Communications Specialties' Fiberlink 6615 optical power meter measures the power of optical signals at 850nm, 980nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm wavelengths. It can be used to measure the power of an optical signal reaching the receiving end of a fiber-optic cable, generated either by a transmitter unit or by a light source such as the 6620. The 6615 functions with both single-mode and multimode fiber, with either ST or FC connectors. Three AAA batteries provide up to 360 hours of operating power.
▪ Communications Specialties
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Hitachi Software Engineering's StarBoard FX-63 and FX-77 interactive whiteboards offer larger image areas, faster tracking speed, and a powerful feature set. The whiteboards feature screen sizes of 63in. and 77in., respectively, for installation in classrooms, meeting rooms, and training facilities. Customizable function buttons eliminate the need for constant use of onscreen menus, and a customizable toolbar further enhances speed, flexibility, and ease of use. Available in a choice of USB wired or Bluetooth wireless configurations, the FX series offers seamless integration with new or existing equipment, including computers, LCD projectors, and data scanners. Completing the series is the FX-82W, the company's largest interactive whiteboard, with a widescreen 16:9 display aspect ratio and a generous 82in. diagonal image area.
▪ Hitachi Software Engineering America
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Hitachi Software's easy-to-master StarBoard Software enables users to run and annotate computer applications directly on the company's FX series whiteboards using the supplied pen device. The wireless two-button pen device functions as a mouse to operate the PC or as a pen to annotate and edit documents, which can be saved as editable screen shots in StarBoard Software or as Windows software applications. The software features screen/voice recording functionality that enables StarBoard sessions to be recorded during classes or meetings for later playback. The hyperlink feature allows users to embed WAV movie files in StarBoard presentations, and other new features make importing text significantly easier.
▪ Hitachi Software Engineering America
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Hitachi Software's StarBoard BT-1 tablet further enhances audience interactivity and collaboration. The handheld Bluetooth accessory enables wireless remote operation of the FX series whiteboards, allowing presenters to move about the room while making presentations. Up to four of the tablets can be connected to each StarBoard system and passed around the room, enabling audience members to control and contribute to the presentation.
▪ Hitachi Software Engineering America
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Like the standard MidSize series video patchbays, Switchcraft's MVPM monitor circuit series offers outstanding performance in high-density panels. A single row of isolated single jacks allows signals to be monitored without interrupting the signal path. Panels are available in 1RU, 1.5RU, and 2RU versions. All meet SMPTE 292 specifications.
▪ Switchcraft |
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Switchcraft's grouped MidSize RGB series video patchbays offer outstanding performance in high-density panels. The jacks are conveniently grouped into RGB, RGBS, and RGBHV layouts for separating component video signals. Panels are available in 1RU, 1.5RU, and 2RU versions.
▪ Switchcraft |
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Switchcraft's expanded line of Studiopatch patchbays now includes two new configurations: the 9625 version, consisting of 96 patch-points to DB25 rear connections, and the 96DL version, which offers 96 patch-points to Cannon DL rear connections. These versions, and the original 6425, use the EZ Norm jack for quick normalling changes from the front of the patchbay. All patchbays have bussed grounds for phantom power.
▪ Switchcraft |
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Caddy Pyramid pipe and equipment supports from Erico dramatically reduce installation time for pipes, conduit, and other equipment located on roofs and below raised floors. They replace more labor-intensive support methods, including wood blocks, straps, clips, and steel foot plates, which can seriously damage roof membranes. All Caddy Pyramid models consist of a polyethylene foam block that absorbs shock and vibration but that does not absorb water. A metal cover offers protection from weather, with an electro-galvanized finish for corrosion protection. The new supports provide for numerous mounting options and clamping positions and support 50lb., 150lb., 300lb., and 600lb. loads.
▪ Erico |


Polycom's UDS2100 Vortex Ethernet interface can be installed in an equipment rack along with a collection of Vortex devices and allows TCP/IP access to a Vortex installation, enabling remote management and control over an Ethernet connection. The interface's two nine-pin RS-232 ports may be used simultaneously. The unit supports DHCP and static IP addresses and up to six simultaneous TCP/IP sessions for multiple points of control of the Vortex installation. A built-in, web-accessible command log with time stamps stores commands, Vortex acknowledgments, and any error messages.
▪ Polycom |
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Thousands of recorded presentations by experts of all kinds are captured, archived, and made publicly available on Sonic Foundry's website. The site focuses on offering expert information on video, audio, and graphics, and now features advanced search capabilities. Other Mediasite products include EX server and Mediasite Building Block for Blackboard. The EX server allows large enterprises to centrally store, secure, manage, and monitor rich media content for easy access, and Mediasite Building Block for Blackboard integrates Mediasite with the Blackboard Learning System course management system.
▪ Sonic Foundry |
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Thomas & Betts' Kindorf Angler pipe and conduit clamp now comes in additional sizes, up to 4in., as well as a Rigid version to custom-fit rigid conduit and standard pipe sizes. It is available in gold and silver finishes and compatible with both 1 1/2in. and 1 5/8in. strut systems. The Rigid series offers a load rating range of 600lbs. to 1,200lbs. An innovative tab design extends the bolt at a 30-degree angle, providing easier access to the bolt in cramped spaces or in side-by-side installations. Other timesaving innovations include a patent-pending, keyhole-shaped opening in the strap that eliminates the need to unscrew the bolt prior to installation.
▪ Thomas & Betts |


Multidyne's DTV-4200 4-channel SDI and audio fiber-optic multiplexer supports the transport of four SDI and 16 audio or eight AES/SPDIF channels over one fiber or wavelength. The multiplexer offers an optical budget of up to 30dB for single-mode. It features built-in SDI frame synchronizers; 10-bit video with an SNR greater than 68dB and a signal-to-quantizing noise ratio of 69dB; and video bandwidth of 7MHz for support of NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and video with diplexed audio carriers at 4.5MHz, 5.8MHz, and 6.4MHz. The modular unit plugs into the Hydra series three-slot 1RU tray or the 10-slot 3RU tray.
▪ Multidyne
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rp Visual Solutions' plotVizible plot table makes spreadsheets, one lines, layouts, schematics, and flowcharts easier to examine in situations where collaboration is required. Documents and drawings that were previously viewed vertically can now be viewed and studied horizontally. The customized unit allows the user to select the projector and is available in screen sizes ranging from 36in. to 80in. and aspect ratios of 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9. The projector's image is displayed onto a mirror management system and then onto the screen.
▪ rp Visual Solutions
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Altinex's DS801-110 transmitter is designed as a wall installation to transmit RGBHV or component video and audio over UTP cable and offers a female 15-pin HD input with native plug-and-play compatibility. A 3.5mm stereo audio jack aids input, which is converted to mono audio prior to transmission. The DS801-111 receiver accepts computer video- and audio-encoded twisted-pair signals and provides video equalization for cable runs up to 300ft. These additions to Altinex's Intera series of wall-mount Designer Solutions are compatible with the entire Altinex Twisted-Pair product line.
▪ Altinex |
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APWMayville's PowerOptions family of power strips and power distribution units includes vertically mounted zero-U designs (14 outlets and 20 outlets) and isolated-ground rack-mounted models (12 outlets). All designs offer power input options including twist lock, straight blade, and convenient flexible BX-conduit for hardwired installations. Unique brackets fit power strips into the full range of Stantron rack sizes, reducing the number of parts the integrator must order and inventory. PowerOptions receptacles can also be rotated 90 degrees to accommodate transformers that would otherwise block adjacent outlets on the power strip.
▪ APWMayville


Hannay Reels' new catalog provides complete information and updated specifications on its most popular audio/video cable reels, including Hannay's newest line of cable reels designed to simplify setup and teardown in AV production applications. The catalog highlights cable reels specifically engineered for recording facilities, television and radio production, live events, and mobile broadcast. Each reel is constructed of durable non-reflective black metal and offers ergonomic carrying handles for easy one- or two-person transport. All AV reel models are stackable for maximum transport and storage efficiency.
▪ Hannay Reels |


Harris' Videotek TVM-840 multiformat SD-SDI video and audio signal analyzer serves as a waveform monitor, a vectorscope, a gamut display, and an audio monitor, and provides picture and timing displays of each SD-SDI input. New options include MPEG data analysis, RGB 4:4:4:4 dual-link functionality, multiple-picture thumbnails, Teletext, and patented Videotek Alarm and Data Search functionality. The MPEG-2 data analysis module with decoder is available in all TVM and VTM series models, enabling instrument analysis of one MPEG-2 transport stream at a time and providing an onscreen display that shows confirmation of video and audio content. A display is generated showing important program information like associated audio services, program number, source, channel number, video, audio, and language.
▪ Harris |


Cabletronix's CT-CCT-BFR1 is a ratchet compression tool with a universal adapter and adjustable plunger for F-type, RCA, and BNC compression connectors on RG6 and RG59 coaxial cables. The CT-CCT-BFR2 is a linear-compliant compression tool for use with F-type, RCA, and BNC compression connectors on RG6, RG59, and RG11 coaxial cables. Both tools support Cabletronix compression connectors (CT-BNC59C and CT-RCA59C) as well as third-party compression connectors.
▪ Cabletronix |


Da-Lite's new Advance Fixed Plasma Stand accommodates flat-panel displays measuring up to 50in. diagonally and weighing up to 100lbs. Square tubing uprights support the mount, which offers 30 degrees of tilt. Arc welds ensure a sturdy base. The stand is available in heights of 60in., 72in., and 84in.
▪ Da-Lite Screen Company
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Crestron's new TPS-4L touchpanel packs a bright, high-contrast 3.6in. active-matrix color touchscreen with vibrant 16-bit Isys color graphics and 10 white backlit pushbuttons in the space taken up by a common light switch. Its interface features a high-contrast screen easily viewable at almost any angle, even in daylight, in a discreet 3.6in. flush-mount display. Ten engravable backlit pushbuttons offer instant access to frequently used functions, such as channel selection and volume control. The touchpanel is compatible with standard Cat-5 Ethernet and Crestron's QuickMedia (QM) transport, which transmits AV signals and 10/100Base-T Ethernet over a single Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable.
▪ Crestron |
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illbruck acoustic's willtec acoustic foam now comes in natural gray to eliminate visual discrepancies between the exposed interior color and the exterior color if the products are cut, broken, or marred. The foam serves as the core material in illbruck's wall panels, baffles, ceiling tiles, multilayer composites, and HVAC duct liners. Products include the Sonex series of baffles and panels, Prospec foam, Composite, and Pipelagging. willtec is made from lightweight, Class 1 fire-rated melamine foam. It can be exposed to constant temperatures up to 300 degrees F. It will char but not ignite at temperatures up to 1,120 degrees F.
▪ illbruck acoustic


The new PRE200 dual-zone AV preamp from Phoenix Gold's AudioSource Division features main- and second-zone capabilities, video switching circuitry for composite video inputs and outputs, and support for six audio and video sources. Numerous additional options include a 12VDC trigger input and output and independent infrared control for both zones. Buffered inputs are provided for six audio and video sources. Separate audio and video outputs are provided for main zone, zone two, and record output from the main zone. A choice of composite or S-Video is available for both inputs and outputs. Additional features include Shelving Tone controls and a Tone Bypass function, along with onscreen display of the source being monitored.
▪ Phoenix Gold International


Nexus Audio Systems' T-2 dual tuner combines an XM Satellite radio and an AM/FM tuner in a compact chassis. It is designed to communicate through the Nexlink connection via Nexus' C-6 AV controller, which in turn displays all of the tuner information, including channel name, artist, and song title, on the K-8 or K-22 keypads. The T-2 features audio-grade components in its output circuitry and a highly regulated toroidal power supply.
▪ Nexus Audio Systems


Buffalo Technology's TeraStation Home Server is now available in capacities of 1.6TB (HS-D1.6GL/R5) and 2TB (HS-D2.0GL/R5). Until now, Buffalo only offered a 1TB version of the product. The new consumer-targeted storage includes media server software from Mediabolic, which allows users to manage and distribute digital content to multiple PCs or network entertainment devices on the home network. The DLNA-certified NAS devices ensure seamless compatibility and interoperability among DLNA-compliant home digital devices including televisions or home stereos. The storage system includes four USB 2.0 ports, a built-in USB print server, and a file server.
▪ Buffalo Technology

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