What's New: Video Technology

NEC Display Solutions claims its new 40in. LCD4020 and 46in. LCD4620 LCD displays feature the world's thinnest bezels at 0.61in. and 0.65in., 6/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Video Technology

Jun 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Charissa Young


NEC Display Solutions claims its new 40in. LCD4020 and 46in. LCD4620 LCD displays feature the world's thinnest bezels at 0.61in. and 0.65in., respectively. The new displays also feature a 1360×768 resolution with a 1200:1 contrast ratio; 10-millisecond response time; and Ambix+ technology, which supports both digital and analog inputs with a DVI-D connection. The displays also incorporate NEC's exclusive Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), more than 20 features and functions developed specifically for digital signage.

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The Adtec Digital Display Mate player provides AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 high-definition and standard-definition file playback from 4GB or 8GB solid-state storage, IP stream decoding, and automatic scaling of a diverse range of sources using advanced scalar algorithms to match monitors up to 1080i. The included MediaControl application allows users to manage media and schedules on the player and control the playout. The compact device is easy to conceal on a plasma or LCD in the optional DisplayEnvelope mount.

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Hall Research Technologies' two new decoders, CC-101 and CC-101 Pro, capture closed-captioning text (CC1 through CC4) and overlay it on the video output for digital signage applications. The units can also display user-defined text anywhere on the screen, either played back from memory or received through a serial port in realtime. Both units provide composite and S-Video inputs and outputs; the CC-101 Pro version also provides PC (VGA) video as well as progressive component video (YPbPr) outputs.

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The Ovation MD 4000 series HD-ready switcher from Echolab is designed to help ease the transition to HD video production and support SD video formats in fast-paced live applications. Each switcher in the multidefinition line provides full-function keyers on each M/E, downstream keyers, and flexible opportunities for partner product control. The switcher gives users the ability to store images and load them into frame buffers with alpha channel support to bring lower-thirds and full-screen graphics to life.

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The new MAS-6200 multipurpose video switcher/scaler from FSR provides high-quality scaling and switching and optional audio, plus a built-in keyer to allow computer-generated text to be superimposed upon a video background. With six inputs and two outputs, automatic incoming resolution detection, and computer resolutions to 2048×2048, the MAS-6200 is perfect for boardroom and house of worship presentation systems. If audio is required, the MAS-6200A has a built-in 4×1 stereo audio switcher.

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Chyron's new ChyTV HD 100 video graphics information display system features high-definition output with realtime data and clip playout in both landscape and portrait modes, ideal for any large-size digital signage application. The system enables users to produce high-quality 3D dynamic text and effects and 3D animated objects that can be easily changed on the fly in realtime. It uses the ChyTV Tools utility to manage content and projects and easily integrates with a wide variety of external devices, including barcode scanners, motion and proximity detectors, and scent and lighting systems.

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Sharp's new 65in. professional LCD monitors operate in landscape (PN-G655U) and portrait (PN-G655RU) modes to meet the growing demand for dual-mode applications. They feature a full 1920×1080 2-megapixel high-definition resolution and a 1500:1 contrast ratio and use Dual-Fine Engine technology to show both computer and video content in high definition. The monitors also offer a full complement of input and output connectors to show all types of content, from DVD to varying PC resolutions up through 1920×1080 native mode, from both analog and digital (DVI-D) sources for all types of presentations.

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