What's New: Video Technology

The new FL7000U is Mitsubishi’s first ultra-bright 1080p HD projector for commercial, home theater, and education installations. Projecting 5000 lumens with a 1000:1 contrast ratio 2/01/2008 7:00 AM Eastern

What's New: Video Technology

Feb 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Mitsubishi FL7000


The new FL7000U is Mitsubishi’s first ultra-bright 1080p HD projector for commercial, home theater, and education installations. Projecting 5000 lumens with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, the FL7000U uses three 1.1in. 3LCD inorganic panels. It is ideal in larger rooms that require full high definition (1920x1080) for HD video or applications such as medical imaging, CAD/CAM designs, and geospatial mapping. It includes a DVI connector with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter for a wider range of HD connectivity options, and it is available in a black or white outer cabinet. br />▪ Mitsubishi |


Vizio has introduced the 60in. VP605F and 50in. VP504F plasma HDTVs, featuring full high-definition performance and a contrast ratio up to 30,000:1. Both flatpanels include HDMI v1.3 inputs, and independent RGB adjustments allow users to fine-tune color settings. The VP504F features an integrated Silicon Optix REON HQV chip for sharp and detailed imaging, plus advanced noise reduction that removes noise and artifacts caused by signal compression from cable and satellite providers. The chip can process two full channels of HD or SD, which allows users to achieve full resolution with picture-in-picture images.
▪ Vizio |


Runco is expanding the brand's Video Xtreme line of 1080p DLP projectors with the introduction of its VX-22i. It features CineWide with Autoscope, which reproduces 2.35:1 CinemaScope movies with full vertical-screen image height, eliminating useless black bars. The VX-22i joins the line of Runco 3-chip projectors, and it features an integrated, all-digital controller with HDMI connectivity for optimum compatibility with a broad range of source components. Additionally, the VX-22i high-definition projector is certified by the THX Certified Display program.
▪ Runco |



The new VL-64TP miniature color dome camera from Speco Technologies is tamper-resistant and weatherproof. It features 420 lines of resolution with a low-light sensitivity of 1 lux, and a 2.9mm lens. Its metal base and polycarbonate dome allow it to withstand blows from a 10lb. sledgehammer. Although the VL-64TP is available with a wall-mount adapter, when it is ceiling mounted, the camera (which also comes in white) is fully adjustable both horizontally and vertically.
▪ Speco Technologies


Extreme CCTV has released the EX85, which combines dual-CMOS megapixel sensors, IP Infrared Imaging (I3) design, and Black Diamond night-vision technology. The result is a highly advanced level of imaging performance for critical security applications. By day, the EX85 produces the detail of 3.1 million color pixels, while the high-fidelity performance of its night vision extends up to 420ft. The EX85 incorporates Bit-Reduce technology, helping to stabilize networks by minimizing bandwidth requirements, and the camera's outdoor enclosure is field-proven for reliability in the harshest environments.
▪ Extreme CCTV |

The new Aavelin SignMate provides digital signage solutions for smaller spaces. This new product from MagicBox brings all of the power of the Aavelin AV 400P into a new, compact design — perfect for mounting behind displays. Recent upgrades to the EZ Stream Software option allow the SignMate to dynamically pull data from EMS Software solutions such as PeopleCube, Dean Evans, and Delphi. With Ethernet support built in, SignMate can turn any display into a dynamic, networked resource for easy, frequent updates and even emergency notifications.
▪ MagicBox |

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