Automating a Cabin Retreat

Their major goal was automation: They wanted to be able to control home systems from within the home or remotely. Their home is a showcase for the log home company that built it, and the couple reque 8/07/2006 4:00 AM Eastern

Automating a Cabin Retreat

Aug 7, 2006 8:00 AM

The following information is courtesy of the 2005 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers' Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit or call (800) 669-5329.

2005 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Winner
Designers Choice Awards: Best Integrated Home
Level V ($400,001-$600,000)

Contractor: Home Waves

The homeowners are a retired couple in their 50s who enjoy outdoor activities during the day and relaxing indoors around the television at night. They wanted the home to serve as a weekend retreat for them and for family and friends. They have children and grandchildren that live in the area and visit frequently. Their major goal was automation: They wanted to be able to control home systems from within the home or remotely. Their home is a showcase for the log home company that built it, and the couple requested that special care be taken to have all systems integrated in such a way that they would not distract from the home’s overall ambiance.

Special considerations
One of the major concerns in automating a log cabin is that, when working with logs, there is minimal framing to run wires through. Installed thermostat systems included humidity control systems critical to maintaining the wood throughout the home. The installers worked extensively with other trades to overcome several issues in hiding home systems and wiring. Having not been involved in the home until just before sheetrock, special care had to be made to retrofit wiring into special locations without interfering with existing log work.

The project focused on the installation of multiple high-definition viewing areas and related video distribution. Distribution of high-definition video was important to the homeowners. The home has many different viewing locations and multiple high-definition runs so they can watch high-definition from any of the screens.

Another important element in the installation was lighting control. The lighting control system gave the couple the ability to control every light in the home connected to the system. Many different scenes were created and programmed, such as Arrive Home or Leaving at Night.

The homeowners also wanted to be able to use touchscreens at key points in the house. From these touchscreens they are able to view and control the front gate to their home. A DVR and web server allow for camera and Internet viewing and recording of all activity.

Because this home is a weekend retreat, the ease of use and intuitiveness of the user interfaces was critical. All of the systems in the home were integrated so that they could all be controlled from all the interfaces.

Easy, quick access to a variety of music sources—including satellite music, music server, multiple tuners, and DVD—on easy-to-use interfaces was also important to the homeowners. A distributed audio system was installed, giving the homeowner the ability to listen to various forms of music in different rooms at the same time. For example, in the billiards room they can tap into the music server, while at the same time, in the kitchen they can be enjoying their favorite satellite radio stations.

Equipment List
1 Ademco Relay Module #4204
4 Ademco 2-Way 4-Button Remote w/ Pack #5804BD
1 Ademco Wireless Receiver #5883
1 Ademco Internet Monitoring Module #7845i
1 Ademco 4-Camera DVR #AHDR-4
1 Channel Vision Webserver #W4000
2 Channel Vision 50in. Structured Panel
2 AMX Viewstat Thermostat
4 AMX 4in. Color, Wall Touchpanel #AXD-CP4/A
1 AMX Mounting Kit for NXD-CV17 #MB-TP17
2 AMX 8.4” Wireless Touchpanel #MVP-8400
2 AMX Modero Viewpoint Battery Pack #MVP-BP
1 AMX Docking Station #MVP-DDS
1 AMX Table-top Station #MVP-TDS
1 AMX Netlinx Integrated Controller #NI-4000
1 AMX Modero Breakout Box #NXA-AVB
2 AMX Netlinx Shell #NXC-MHS
2 AMX Netlinx ICSNet Hub Card #NXC-NH
1 AMX 17in. Wall-mount Touchpanel #NXD-CV17
1 AMX 16x16 Stereo Audio Switch #PLB-AS16
5 AMX 8-button Mini-softwire Panel #PLK-MSPB
2 AMX Rack Mount Kit #PM-RAC
1 AMX ICSNet Terminator #PM-TERM
2 AMX Modero Power Supply #PSN6.5
2 Hughes TIVO #HD-250
2 Channel Vision Telephone Module #CO512
5 Hunt Color Camera w/IR #HTC-79G
2 Integra DVD Video/Audio Player #DPS-8.3
1 Integra Rack Mount Kit for DPS-8.3 #IRK-080-3
1 Integra Network Audio Server #NAS-2.3
1 Integra Receiver #DTR-7.4
1 Integra Receiver #DTR-8.3
2 JVC 4-head S-VHS VCR #HRS3901U
1 Kenwood Sirrus Satellite Tuner #DT-7000S
2 LG High-def Satellite Receiver #LSS 3200A
1 Linksys 802.11B/G Wireless Access Point #WRT54G
4 Middle Atlantic 2-Space Panel #BL2
2 Middle Atlantic Skirted Wheelbase #CBS-ERK-20
2 Middle Atlantic 44-Space Rack #ERK-4420LRD
2 Middle Atlantic 44-Space Rear Rail Kit #ERK-RR44
2 Middle Atlantic Lacing Bar #LBP-1A
2 Middle Atlantic Power Strip #PD-1220C-NS
5 Middle Atlantic Custom Rack-mount Kit #RSH-2A
1 Monster Voltage Stabilizer #AVS2000
3 Monster Interlink 400 Mkii #I400MKII
1 Monster Interlink Datalink 100 #IDL100-1M
1 Monster Interlink Lightspeed 100 #ILS100-1M
2 Monster Power Center #MP HTS5100
1 Monster Power Center #MPHTS2600
1 Monster Video Cable w/RCA #SV1R-1M
3 Monster Audio Interconnects #ULT I1000-4
1 Monster Video Cable #ULT V1000 CV-4
8 Monster Z200i Balanced #Z200i X-S1M
2 DLink Hub Router
2 Channel Vision 4-input Modulator #E4200
1 Channel Vision 1-input Modulator #E1200
2 Elan VID Sensor
1 Elan CR Sensor
1 Viewsonic 27in. LCD #N2700
1 Peerless Wall Mount for 27in. LCD #LCFL VS27
1 Peerless Articulating Mount for LCD #LCL-100
1 Peerless Tilting Wall Mount for LCD #LCWL VS27
1 Runco 50in. Plasma #PL-50HDX
1 Runco 60in. Plasma #PL-61CX
1 Runco Livelink DVI Cable –75ft.
2 Runco Video Processor #Vivix II
2 Snell In-wall Surround Speaker #AMC 550
3 Snell In-wall Theater Speaker #AMC 800
3 Sonance 12 Ch. Amp #1250 MKII RMF
2 Sonance Acoustic Enclosure #Cinema 1/2
1 Sonance In-wall Sub #Cinema Sub
1 Sonance In-wall Sub System #Cinema 2Sub
2 Sonance Enclosure for Subs #Cinema 2Sub
2 Sonance In-wall Speaker #Cinema Ultra 2 Surround
3 Sonance In-wall Speaker #Cinema Ultra II LCR
2 Sonance In-ceiling Theater Speaker #Ellipse 2.0
2 Sonance Acoustic Enclosure #Ellipse Enclosure
4 Sonance Cabinet Speaker #Mariner 100B
4 Sonance Cabinet Speaker #Mariner 200B
1 Sonance Power Amp #Sonamp 2120 TRMF
1 Sonance Stereo Amp #Sonamp 260 RMF
4 Sonance Outdoor Speaker Enclosure #Soundhenge III Granite
1 Sonance Single Stereo #Symphony 621SSTR
2 Sonance In-wall Speaker #Symphony 621T
4 Sonance In-wall Speaker #Symphony 622T
2 Sonance In-wall Speaker #Symphony 623T
2 Sonance In-ceiling Speaker #Symphony 623TR
2 Sonance 2-way In-wall Speaker #Symphony Extreme
2 Sonance 3-way In-wall Speaker #Virtuoso 830D
2 Sonance 3-way In-wall Speaker #Virtuoso 831D
4 Sonance In-wall Speaker #XT
1 Spaun Multi-switch Amp #C-1114
1 Trek Sirius Antenna #SIR6
1 Visionart Frame and Art for 50in. #50in. Premier
2 Panasonic 2-space Panel
3 Zenith High-def Satellite Receiver #HD SAT520
1 Vantage Master Controller #MC
3 Vantage Slave Controller #SC
1 Vantage RS-232 Station #Q-RS232S
13 Vantage Faceplate #FP1XMO

Time and Expertise Worksheet
Task Hours
Client Interviews 26
Electronic Design and Engineering: 82
Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 280
Project Management: 115
Pre-wire/Rough-in: 445
Trim-out: 380
Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 60
Programming: 382
Final Installation and Calibration: 541
Client Instruction: 16
Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 24
Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 48
Project Management by Others: 0
Total Hours to Complete: 2,399

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