A System Fit for a Sports Enthusiast

The client, a high-tech entrepreneur, demanded that Engineered Environments install a system that was state-of-the-art and of premium quality. He wanted a top-of-the-line, integrated control system t 7/05/2006 4:00 AM Eastern

A System Fit for a Sports Enthusiast

Jul 5, 2006 8:00 AM

The following information is courtesy of the 2005 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers' Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit or call (800) 669-5329.

2005 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Winner
Designers Choice Awards: Best Intergrated Home
Level VII ($1,000,000-1,750,000)

Engineered Environments

The client, a high-tech entrepreneur, demanded that Engineered Environments install a system that was state-of-the-art and of premium quality. He wanted a top-of-the-line, integrated control system, sparing no expense. As a “type A” personality, the client wanted to, at a glance, be able to detect the open/close status of windows, doors, and shades, monitor temperatures, see active lighting scenes, and observe where audio and video sources are playing.

The installed system complements the client's multifaceted personality. To satisfy his movie-watching needs, Engineered Environments set up high-definition video distribution of satellite and cable programming, as well as the client's own movie library, throughout the house. To match his sports aficionado lifestyle, the client can watch multiple sporting events simultaneously in his theater, with the ability to easily swap multi-window display formats and send audio to the window of choice with the touch of a button.

The project, like all high-end integration projects, had its share of special considerations and challenges. The client was detail-oriented, so every aspect of the home’s construction and Engineered Environments' installation was scrutinized to the nth degree. The system installation and performance had to meet the client's standards and satisfy his tastes, which included creating a user interface that was intuitive enough so that it could be used without instruction.

As a home in the city, space for equipment was severely limited. To further complicate matters, the client requested that all technology, except the TVs and touchpanels, be hidden from view to maintain the streamlined look of his urban home. Custom square fabric speaker grills were used, at the request of the interior decorator, for the all in-ceiling speakers. And since the client was highly sensitive to noise, cooling fans were made virtually inaudible.

To accommodate the client’s electronic systems requirements, an AMX control system with a total of 14 touchpanels was used to integrate 14 audio zones, 13 flat-panel TVs, lighting control, climate control, security/fire system, surveillance cameras, motorized window treatments, and electric strike locks. High-definition video and digital audio were distributed via matrix switches to every audio zone and TV in the house. A RGB Spectrum Quadview processor combined with advanced AMX programming provided the optimal solution for the sports junkie’s need to view multiple sporting events in HD simultaneously in his theater.

To address the construction and client-related challenges on the project, the Engineered Environments' team made a special effort to work closely with the contractor and design team to coordinate all design and installation details. Similarly, Engineered Environments maintained a close relationship with the client throughout the process to ensure that his needs were being met every step of the way.

Equipment list

  • 3 ADA BOEQ bass equalizers
  • 1 ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach II preamplifier
  • 2 ADA PBA-2000 bass amplifiers
  • 6 ADA PF-2501 stereo amplifiers
  • 2 ADA PTM-1260 12-channel amplifiers
  • 1 ADA Quadritune four-slot multi-tuner
  • 2 AMX AXD-CP4 4in. touchpanels
  • 7 AMX MVP-8400 8.4in. wireless touchscreens
  • 5 AMX NXT-CV12 12in. video touchscreens
  • 7 AMX NXI NetLinx controllers
  • 2 APC Smart-UPS 1400 battery back-ups
  • 4 Aprilaire 8870 communicating thermostats
  • 4 Active Thermal Management System 1 ventilation systems
  • 1 Audio Control Architect 700 12-channel amp/equalizer
  • 2 Autopatch 1Y-16 composite video matrix switchers
  • 1 Autopatch Modula 32x32 balanced audio switcher
  • 2 Bay Audio BeBop monitors
  • 4 Bay Audio JAM in-wall subwoofers
  • 1 Bay Audio JAM Sub II subwoofer
  • 11 Bay Audio JMi in-wall monitors
  • 2 Bay Audio JTi in-wall speakers
  • 4 Bay Audio 865 6.5in. ceiling speakers
  • 11 CAT 4.0Sub MBX Miramar 12in. aluminum subwoofers
  • 9 CAT 8.0 Tiburon theater speakers
  • 3 Canton Ergo F Flat speakers
  • 1 Chief Manufacturing PWS-2022 plasma mount
  • 1 Europlex 3GS security and access control system
  • 1 Extron CrossPoint 300 84 8x4 matrix switcher
  • 1 Extron DA2 RGBHV HD distribution amp
  • 1 Extron SW4 RGBHV A 4-input RGBHV switcher
  • 4 Fujitsu P42HHA10WS 42in. HD plasmas
  • 4 Furman PL-Pro power conditioners
  • 3 Furman ASD-120 power distributors
  • 8 Furman PM-Pro power conditioners
  • 1 Gyyr DSP9C 9-camera multiplexer
  • 2 Holovision 401 gate entry systems
  • 4 Hughes HR10-250 HD satellite receivers with TiVo
  • 2 JVC HR-S5901 S-VHS VCRs
  • 1 Kalatel GBC-PI-950-P3 pinhole camera
  • 1 Kaleidescape KBASESYS movie server and player
  • 1 Kaleidescape KPlayer movie player
  • 1 Lutron Patch Panels
  • 1 Lutron Homeworks lighting control system
  • 10 Lutron Sivoia motorized shades
  • 11 Middle Atlantic AXS equipment racks
  • 1 ReQuest Multimedia Fusion Pro 160 audio server
  • 1 ReQuest Multimedia Fusion Zone 160 audio server
  • 1 RGB Spectrum Quadview plus HD video scaler
  • 2 Runco PL-50HDX 50in. HD plasma monitors
  • 1 Runco DLP Projector
  • 1 Samsung LTM-1525 15in. LCD TV
  • 3 Silent Witness V60BC4 outdoor color cameras
  • 3 Sony DVP-NS715P DVD players
  • 1 Sony DVP-NS999ES DVD player
  • 1 Sony KLV-26HG2 26in. LCD TV
  • 4 Sony SAT-HD300 HD satellite receivers
  • 3 Sony SCD-C555ES 5-disc SACD changers
  • 5 Sony STR-DA4ES ES theater receivers
  • 21 Sound Advance SA2B invisible in-wall speakers
  • 1 Spaun SBK 5502NF satellite distribution amplifier
  • 3 Spaun SMK 5581 cascading multi-switches
  • 1 Stewart 4-way Screenwall Electrimask
  • 4 Terra CA.10.2S outdoor speakers
  • 1 Viewsonic VA520 PC/video monitor
  • 1 WizKid WZ8L8-B104 color camera

    Time and Expertise Worksheet
    Task Hours
    Client Interviews 14
    Electronic Design and Engineering: 378
    Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 80
    Project Management: 655
    Pre-wire/Rough-in: 780
    Trim-out: 463
    Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 360
    Programming: 192
    Final Installation and Calibration: 235
    Client Instruction: 16
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 0
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 0
    Project Management by Others: 0
    Other time: builder's interior designs, drawings done on paper: 0
    Total Hours to Complete: 3173

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