Bretford Manufacturing Netbook42-CT

Bretford Manufacturing launched the Netbook42-CT, a new cart that vertically stores 10/18/2010 5:47 PM Eastern

Bretford Manufacturing Netbook42-CT

Oct 18, 2010 9:47 PM

Bretford Manufacturing launched the Netbook42-CT, a new cart that vertically stores, charges, and protects up to 42 netbook computers. Primarily for education environments, the Netbook42-CT incorporates a sophisticated power-management system, or brain, that decreases heat and electrical stress while proportionally distributing power to the netbooks to preserve battery life, and only requires a single power outlet for use. The new cart features a small 32"x26" footprint to fit in tight spaces, and cable management to keep 42 netbook computers and cords neatly managed and stored in the back. Overcharging a laptop battery is the number-one way to reduce its usable life. The brain in the Netbook42-CT eliminates this issue by charging the computer batteries evenly and reducing power before they become overheated. With the brain, no manual switching or timer is required. It redistributes power every 3 minutes, not only to ensure consistent charging but also to keep the netbooks cool, thereby allowing them to charge faster. The brain also senses when the laptop batteries are almost charged, and it automatically decreases power, which extends battery life and saves energy. Price: $3,605

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