Fiber at InfoComm 07

New innovations and applications for fiber technology in the AV industry were even more ubiquitous on the InfoComm show floor this year than ever before 6/27/2007 4:00 AM Eastern

Fiber at InfoComm 07

Jun 27, 2007 8:00 AM

New innovations and applications for fiber technology in the AV industry were even more ubiquitous on the InfoComm 07 show floor this year than ever before. Following is a look at new fiber products and initiatives coming out of last week’s show in Anaheim, Calif. Watch coming issues of this newsletter for detailed interviews with industry leaders, case studies, and podcasts on the rise of fiber technology.

Communication Specialties Debuts HDMI/DVI Converter

The Communications Specialties Model 2100 converter, released at the show, was designed specifically to expand the company’s Scan Do HD’s input capabilities. The new device offers converts VGA or component video to HDMI/DVI using no scaling. Users can simply connect the cables and set the input type to instantly feed the Scan Do HD clean, uncompressed, and unscaled VGA or component video.

The new converter also connects the VGA video signal from a PC or the YPbPr signal from a DVD player or similar device to the HDMI input or DVI input of a plasma display or an LCD screen. It will also output to a DVI interface using the included HDMI-to-DVI cable. The unit takes advantage of HDMI’s ability to embed stereo audio in the same cable with video; however, audio is not supported on the DVI interface. It supports up to 1600x1200 at 60Hz VGA input or up to 1080p input.

The Model 2100 features a switch for input format selection (PC-RGB or Component-YPbPr) and is compliant with HDMI specification 1.0.

“DVI is clearly the computer video medium of choice today. However, we knew our customers would have older legacy computer systems that only offered VGA”, says John Lopinto, president and CEO. “We needed to deliver a broadcast-quality product that allowed those customers to take advantage of the Scan Do HD’s impressive capabilities. We have delivered that with the Model 2100 VGA to DVI converter.”

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More News and New Products from the Show
Furman Sound has made a series of short online videos discussing AC power problems and solutions available for free download at The videos provide installers and customers alike with the opportunity to learn about AC power management through dynamic content such as real-world installation examples, active product demos, and 3D modeling of Furman’s products and circuitry. Visitors to Furman’s booth at InfoComm 07 received a free copy of the DVD. Read on at the Briefing Room …

Aviom introduced its new 6416Y2 A-Net interface card at the show. The new card provides inputs, outputs, and control—all on a single card—and interfaces between Yamaha consoles and mix engines and Aviom’s industry-standard Pro16 personal monitor mixing system. Read on at the Briefing Room …

Intelix released its AVO-V3PT-F balun for transmitting high-definition component video and control signals up to 500ft. over standard unshielded twisted-pair cabling such as Cat-5 or Cat-6. The AVO-V3PT-F features three gold-plated RCA connectors for distributing component video (YPbPr) and one spring tension connector for routing control signals including IR, DC control, logic control. Read on at the Briefing Room …

For more fiber news, visit the cables archive of Sound & Video Contractor’s Briefing Room today.

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