Interactive Home Theater Integration

The client’s home is a 43-room, 16,000-square-foot residence. The homeowners’ vision was for a totally interactive house that integrated the following systems: audio/video distribution, HVAC, lig 5/21/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Interactive Home Theater Integration

May 21, 2007 12:00 PM

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The following information is courtesy of the 2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Designers' Choice Awards. For more information on how to become a member of CEDIA, or information on its awards program please visit or call (800) 669-5329.

2006 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Winner
Designers' Awards: Best Intergrated Home
Bronze Technical Design, Level V (Over $800,000)


The client’s home is a 43-room, 16,000-square-foot residence. The homeowners’ vision was for a totally interactive house that integrated the following systems: audio/video distribution, HVAC, lighting, security, access control, pool/spa control, telephone, and Internet/networking.

The overall goal was to provide an interface to all these disparate systems that allowed all members of the family to use them. Additionally, the system would simplify the burden of managing a large home including secure access to the home control system over the Internet.

A network of eight Crestron processors is the hub that ties together all other components. The installation is housed in five racks in a dedicated room with its own air conditioning system. Adjacent is a second room for the Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system and the Bosch security system. System control is via eighteen touch panels, two keypads, ten wireless remote controls, Crestron e-control web interface, and a voice-prompted telephone dial-in menu.

There were many challenges on a project of this size and scope and with working very creative homeowners. Challenges included: designing a system and wiring a house that was “future proof” and wouldn’t restrain the customer’s creativity down the road; fulfilling the homeowners’ philosophy of “any source, anywhere” (in addition to a Kaleidescape video server, the homeowners wanted the ability to view DVD players located throughout the house to be viewable in any other room with a TV); and making such an extensive system easy to use for the homeowners and their three children.

The Gramophone team uses a highly structured approach to all its projects, including this one. The process begins with their sales executive gathering requirements from the homeowner. These requirements are formulated by their engineering staff into a design that is “signed off” by the customer. Their installation department then coordinates with the builder to wire the home and install all equipment in several phases during the home’s construction. In parallel, software for the control systems is developed and the user interface is reviewed with the customer. Ongoing reviews with the customer, extensive testing, and tight coordination with the builder and design engineer help to discover problems early and resolve issues quickly.

The five most used functions of the system and how they benefit the client:
1. Audio/video distribution: This family of five makes extensive use of the music distribution system throughout the 43-room house, and video distribution was installed in the seven rooms with TVs, two rooms with projectors, and a dedicated theater.
2. Security system: With 12 cameras, three driveway sensors, and electronically controlled, exterior door locks, the system provides peace of mind and convenience. For example, the security system can be armed and all doors to the house locked from any touchpanel. Additionally, when a car approaches the house, the event is announced over the intercom and the appropriate camera is displayed on all touchpanels.
3. Centralized control: All lights, thermostats, and the A/V system can be controlled from touchpanels throughout the house. Turning off a TV or light left on in a far room of the house can be conveniently accomplished from any touchpanel. This is of great value to the homeowners when trying to keep up with their three children.
4. Caller ID: Telephone caller-ID information of all incoming calls is displayed in a large, easy-to-read font on each touchpanel, which eliminates the homeowners running to the phone for unwanted calls.
5. Intercom: The Crestron intercom system, integrated into the touchscreens, is essential for the family to communicate in this large home. For example, calling the family together for dinner is a simple task compared to running throughout the home to track everyone down.

Equipment list

  • 4 B&W 703 loudspeakers
  • 3 B&W ASW750 subwoofers
  • 2 B&W CM 2 stand-mount/bookshelf loudspeaker system
  • 2 B&W DM601 loudspeakers
  • 2 B&W HTM7 loudspeakers
  • 1 B&W LCR60 S3 loudspeaker
  • 6 B&W Signature 7NT loudspeakers
  • 3 B&W LCR600 S3B loudspeakers
  • 1 B&W ASW700 subwoofer
  • 2 Crestron PRO2 professional dual-bus control systems
  • 5 Crestron CP2E compact control system with Ethernet
  • 5 Crestron CNAMPX-16X60 16-channel multi-room amplifiers
  • 5 Crestron CNX-PVID8X4 video distribution switchers
  • 10 Crestron CNX-RMCLV room control boxes
  • 4 Crestron CNX-BIPAD8 Cat-5 audio distribution processors
  • 10 Crestron ML-500 handheld RF remote controls
  • 1 Crestron C2N-TXM XM satellite radio tuner
  • 2 Crestron TPS-5000 Isys 12in. tilt touchpanels
  • 1 Crestron TPS-5000L Isys 12in. lectern/wall-mount touchpanel
  • 2 Crestron TPS-3000 Isys 6.4in. tilt touchpanel
  • 14 Crestron TPS-3100L Isys 6.4in. lectern/wall-mount touchpanels
  • 4 Crestron C2N-SPWS300 300W Cresnet power supplies
  • 2 Crestron CNX-PBVR4 Cat-5 balanced video receivers
  • 1 Crestron WPR-48 waterproof handheld remote
  • 1 Crestron C2N-IADS30X24 intercom audio distribution switcher
  • 2 Crestron CNX-B12 12-button designer keypads
  • 16 Crestron CHV-THSTAT heating/cooling and humidity thermostats
  • 17 Crestron CHV-RTHS remote temperature and humidity sensors
  • 11 Crestron CNRFGWA-418 418MHz one-way RF receivers
  • 1 Escient Fireball E-120 music server
  • 1 Escient Fireball MP-100 music server client
  • 5 Fujitsu P50XHA30WS plasma TVs
  • 4 Hughes HR10-250 high-definition satellite receivers
  • 5 Integra DPS-5.5 DVD players
  • 1 Integra DTR-6.5 receiver
  • 1 Kaleidescape KSERVER-2000 video server
  • 2 Kaleidescape KPLAYER-2000 video server client
  • 1 Kaleidescape KREADER-2000 video server reader
  • 1 Lexicon LX-7 amplifier
  • 1 Lexicon MC-8 surround sound preamp
  • 1 Lutron Homeworks HWI-PO-120 lighting processor
  • 1 Lutron Homeworks H-RFP-2P RF lighting processor
  • 5 Marantz SR9300V receivers
  • 1 Minuteman E1500 UPS
  • 5 Mitsubishi HSU-748 S-VHS VCRs
  • 2 Monster Cable AVS2000 voltage stabilizers
  • 4 Monster HTS 5100 MKII PowerCenters
  • 5 Monster HTS 3600 MKII PowerCenters
  • 1 Panasonic KX-TAW848 KSU telephone
  • 1 Runco VX-2c DLP Projector
  • 1 Runco CL-510LT Projector
  • 2 Samsung SIR-S310W standard-definition multi-satellite receivers
  • 1 Sharp LC-20S2US 20in. LCD TV
  • 1 Sharp LC-22SV6U 22in. LCD TV
  • 1 Sony CDP-M555ES CD Jukebox
  • 1 Sony VPL-HS20 projector
  • 1 Sony KDF-42WE610 42in. WEGA RPTV
  • 8 Sound Advance SA2B flush-mount speakers
  • 3 Sound Advance ICC equalizers
  • 5 SpeakerCraft 6.5DT in-ceiling speakers
  • 11 SpeakerCraft DT8 Five ceiling speakers
  • 30 SpeakerCraft AIM8 DT Three in-ceiling speakers
  • 5 SpeakerCraft MT8 Two Speakers
  • 4 SpeakerCraft Wide Coverage Rox speakers
  • 6 SpeakerCraft WS720 speakers
  • 1 Stewart SNDQ082HFHWX screen
  • 1 Stewart EMHVC131HFHB123 screen
  • 1 Stewart BRIC-4WSN masking control
  • 1 Stewart LX092HFHB2025 screen
  • 1 Teac TR-D2000 dual AM/FM tuner
  • 2 Totem Dreamcatcher subwoofers

    Time and Expertise Worksheet
    Task Hours
    Client Interviews 135
    Electronic Design and Engineering: 120
    Proposal and System Documentation Preparation: 80
    Project Management: 179
    Pre-wire/Rough-in: 386
    Trim-out: 519
    Shop Time for Racking and Testing: 246
    Programming: 1355
    Final Installation and Calibration: 420
    Client Instruction: 16
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by your Company: 0
    Interior Design and/or Architecture by Others: 1500
    Project Management by Others: 5400
    Other time: builder's interior designs, drawings done on paper: 0
    Total Hours to Complete: 10356

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